Prologue: Dancing On The Stars

I know I'm stubborn but I can't help but wonder; if I just sat here, if I sat here long enough, then would you come and join me? Would you break every rule in Heaviside to just come and sit here with me? Could we just forget the world with its cruel twists of fate? After everything we'd been through, why did it have to end like that? I promised I would always keep you safe, but I didn't did I? You survived the most powerful evil force of this world only to be stolen from our tribe in a split second. I know I couldn't have saved you, but a part of me will always wonder, always think I could have done something. But I couldn't have stopped you. I just wish it could have happened differently. I need you. Why won't you come, save me from myself? You told me you would come home, but where are you? You told me one day you would dance in this Junkyard again. Maybe you'll come back as a new cat one day, but you won't be you. You'll be different, you won't remember, you won't even remember me. And no one can even begin to fill the hole inside me, the void in my life where you used to be. When are you coming back Tux? When are you going to dance here again? You won't remember your lion, we both know that. It's like I said, you'd only be a shadow of what Quaxo, Mistoffelees, was to me. Did you achieve your dream Tux? Of dancing on the stars? I dared to dream that when you did you would come back to me. May Everlasting Cat grant me one wish and may it be that we will be able to dance side by side again. What I would give for one of your teases now, one of your grins. I don't even mind if you set my tail alight again, just come back. I'll chase you from here to Heaviside and back again if I have to. Where have you gone?