AN - Another drabble. I know, I know. I'm working on something longer, though, so don't worry your pretty little head.

It was Elphaba Thropp's birthday, and she was not pleased.

She felt trapped, suffocated.

She had never liked birthdays anyway.

Especially hers.

Living in the Thropp household, Elphaba never got anything, much less noticed. Nessa. It was always Nessa who got everything. Maybe a crippled girl was easier to pay attention to. At least, that's always Elphaba told herself.

Now she was all alone. Who was to pay attention to her now? She didn't care. She liked being alone better.

Elphaba felt like killing someone. Running into the streets and screaming until she was hollow. Something that would make her feel better. She hated being alone, and she had to face it.

The rain fell outside her window, just like the day she had been born. Did the past always manage to find ways to repeat itself? Elphaba came to the conclusion that she had too much time on her hands.

Oh, how I need a hero, someone to come and save me from myself.