Okay, here's what I personally think should happen in the season two finale. It's basically a one-shot. I'm really not going to go into that much detail, it's going to be short. I hope you like it, beware of fluff! It's a Kataang fic, check my pen name. Anyways, please read!

"I see something!" Sokka yelled, pointing in the sky.

"What?" Toph exclaimed. "I-I can't feel any vibrations in the ground. Not any that would be close enough for you to see, anyway."

"No…" Sokka said, barely above a whisper, "It's….it's…the hot air balloon we designed back at the Northern Air Temple…There's no way…"

Suddenly, more hot air balloons appeared, all with the Fire Nation Emblem on them. In the distance, some of the fire nation tanks became visible.

"Everyone needs to remain calm!" The King of Ba Sing Sei called, as the towns people along the wall started to panic. All of the warriors who were not benders readied their weapons. All of those who were benders prepared for battle.

The first hot air balloon came close enough to recognize the face of the person on it. The girl on it, specifically. Azula smiled and waved at the great Earth Kingdom city, with a look of mockery on her face not unlike the triumphant look of a housewife when she sees a mouse running straight into a trap that it won't come out of.

"All right, I want the divisions one, two, and three of Earth Benders to attack the Hot Air Balloons from the sky! Then I want divisions four and five to attack the tanks! All of the rest of the divisions in reserve! Before anything I want the foot warriors to move in and attack what they can! Let's go!" The lead General shouted.

All of the warriors ran out on to the battlefield, Sokka and Suki led the way. Sokka had been taking more lessons from her since then, but had thankfully been wearing a uniform more male oriented.

"Come on, Aang, we've got to go!" Toph yelled. Aang had been lingering, but started to run off on to the battlefield, following Toph, who was already firing boulders at the tanks while running. Katara grabbed Aang's hand.

"Aang! You can't go!" She cried.

"Katara, I have to we can't win unless I go! Remember the Siege of the North? We've got to stop this ambush as soon as possible!" Aang protested, pulling away. Katara held firmly on to his hand.

"But you can't! You just got lucky at the North Pole, some of these Fire Benders could kill you with one blast, the world can't loose you!" Katara yelled.

"But I've got to…"Aang's words slowly stopped as Katara pulled him into a kiss. Time seemed to slow down. The whole world seemed to be muted. For one moment, there weren't brave men and women already dying on the battlefield. For one moment, the two were in perfect harmony, forgetting all else existed. Suddenly, reality came back to life as they broke apart.

"I-I-uh…" Aang tried to say.

"I'm going with you," Katara said, smiling. Holding hands, Air and Water rushed on to the field, putting out fire and defeating the uncontrolled element. There was nothing more to be said.

Did y'all like it? I hope so, it was my first Avatar fic ever. I know this sounds weird, but the final part was actually part of a dream the other night, it was really weird. Anyways, please review! Okay, whatever, now go defeat Voldemort, join the Chinese army, discover a magical land through a wardrobe, swim through the entire ocean with a fish who can't even remember her own name, drink lots and lots of rum, or steal the Declaration of Independence, but most importantly, have a nice day!