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He re-read the note and grinned, his back turned to Kel so she could not see. "Kel, you might like to see this."

"What now?" Kel crossed the threshold without noticing the emerald shield that sprang up silently behind her. Dom banished all trace of a grin from his face.

Kel read the note. "Dear Kel and Dom, So glad you found this note. Unfortunately, you won't be getting out of this room until you stop being difficult and tell each other how you feel. (And, Kel, using the Yamani mask is cheating.) We have been watching you watching each other for nearly six years and, though it might be highly amusing to watch –Lord Raoul and Buri think it is beyond hilarious, by the way- it is starting to get on our nerves. (Owen just thinks it is jolly. I ask you! What of the glories of poetry and variation in adjectives- never mind.) We have therefore decided to nudge, or rather shove, you into action, and we don't really care how long it takes. Although Yuki and I would like our bedroom back before midnight. Midwinter Luck, Neal, Yuki, Raoul, Buri, Alanna, George, Aly, Owen, Margarry.

P.S. Aly was watching you from outside your window, Kel, just so that you know.

P.P.S. When you do get out, we are in Lord Raoul's study."

"I'm going to kill Neal! And Yuki! And Lord Raoul! And Buri! And Lady Alanna! And Baron George! And Aly! And Owen! And Margarry! But Neal most of all, damn his entrails and send him to the Black God!" Kel yelled, after exhausting her vocabulary of Yamani, Tortallan and Scanran curses.

"I'm not," Dom said unexpectedly.

"Why? Wait... you read the note... What? Why?" Kel said slowly, comprehension escaping her, but gradually being dragged out. The same blush that had so traitorously visited her in the stables came back. It seemed totally resistant to a previously emotion-proof Yamani Mask.

"This is why," Dom replied, and kissed her.

It wasn't as if Kel minded, so Dom kissed her again.

"What do you think?" he asked, when he'd finished, and grinned at Kel, who had somehow made it into his arms quite without knowing how she got there.

"I think I might not kill Meathead after all," Kel whispered, and after those words there was no talking for quite a while.

Kel and Dom married a year later, and a year after that their eldest daughters were born. The twins Rihanna and Joann, who were to become a knight and a Rider respectively- in fact, Joann became a Group Leader and later second-in-command. Their only son, Luke, eventually joined the King's Own, and the youngest, Helena, was the only member of the family with the Gift and would, later in life, become head healer. But I believe that Kel and Dom deserve some privacy, and that is why this story ends here, so abruptly, although it goes against the grain.

The fact that there is a sharp object in the vicinity of my larynx has nothing whatsoever to do with it.