The Prior of the Ori

"Hallowed are the Ori."

Cameron Mitchell, Teal'c, Samantha Carter, and Vala Mal Doran stared at the Prior from behind their hiding places with utter shock and horror.

"What the…?" Mitchell hissed.

"Oh my—" Carter started.

"You traitor!" Vala yelled, standing up. "You filthy, ugly, stupid, idiotic traitor!" she bellowed, an edge in her voice. Cameron grabbed her arm.

"Vala…" he warned. She jerked away, storming up to the Prior.

"How could you, Daniel? 'Hallowed are the Ori'…. Since when? It's the Ori! The Ori who killed me! The Ori who kill just because people won't worship them! The Ori! How could you become a Prior!"

Daniel only smiled…not a Daniel smile, though. A Prior smile.

Behind Vala, Cameron stood.

"Vala, we don't know if he did this willingly…" he hissed, but was cut off by Daniel.

"A being cannot be turned to a Prior unwillingly. This was my choice."

Cameron looked to Daniel, his gut twisting with a swirl of emotions. Okay, this was a problem. Vala gave a screech of rage and ran to Daniel, fists raised.

"Vala!" Cameron called, afraid Daniel would do something but Vala slammed into him and Daniel did nothing. Angrily, Vala burrowed her head into Daniel's chest and beat him with her fists, sobbing.

"How could you?" she raged hoarsely.

Daniel ignored the woman sobbing into his cloak and met Cameron's hurt and confused stare. He smiled again and then looked down to what was visible of Vala's head.

"Adria wishes to speak to you," he told her. Calming ever so slightly, Vala raised her head to gaze into his now-white eyes.

"What?" she whispered. Daniel smiled at her and Vala thought she could see a remnant of the real Daniel. His free arm wrapped around her waist and he looked back at Cameron, Sam, and Teal'c.

"Hallowed are the Ori," he declared and then he and Vala vanished.

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