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Summary: Katelyn and Austin Westlake are sent to like with their grandparents after parents have financial trouble. Grandparents ship them off to Waverly Academy. Austin is reluctant, but Katelyn is ecstatic. Her boyfriend, Tyler Najimy, had been sent there about 6 months ago, half-way through Somophore year. This will be the first time she'll have talked to him in person since them. But once she sees him, how long will the happy high last?


chapter 1


"Kyle! Hurry up!" 16 year old Katelyn Westlake shouted at her older brother, Kyle, as he slowly ambled up the steps of Waverly's front office after her. She was already at the top, more ecstatic then he had ever seen someone who was about to start school. Katelyn jumped slowly from foot-to-foot, her mid-back length medium brown hair swaying as she moved. Her golden brown eyes were gleaming with excitement, and her plump pink lips were parted in a wide soon-to-be-permanent-if-she-doesn't-give-it-a-rest type of smile.

"Calm the fuck down, Kate. Jesus. We're starting SCHOOL. SCHOOL. How can you be so excited about that?" he grumbled as he came up beside her.

Katelyn just beamed. "Because, I'm finally going to be able to see Ty-"

"Tyler again. I know, I know. But please, can you hold off the excitement until you see him? It's kind of annoying." Kyle finished as he held open the door and followed Katelyn inside. She nodded enthusiastically and followed him up to the desk.

"How may I help you?" an old lady with gray hair so coated in hairspray it looked like it'd snap off if you touched it. She was wearing a maroon blouse and navy-blue ralph lauren pants and a gold name tag that read ; MRS. TULLINGTON.

Kyle stepped closer to the desk. "Yes, uhm, my name is Kyle Westlake, and this is my little sister Katelyn Westlake. We're new students here."

Mrs. Tullington typed something into the laptop. "Kyle Westlake. Junior?"

"Senior. I'm 18."

"Okay, Mr. Westlake. You're in Richards dorm. Room 312. It's four buildings down on your right."

"Thank you." Kyle said as he turned to go, but Katelyn reached out and grabbed his arm.

"Kyle, don't leave me!" she hissed. Kyle sighed and turned to wait for her.

"And Ms. Westlake...you're in Dumbarton dorm. Room 303. It's a few buildings away from Richards. 7th building, on your left."

"Thank you, Mrs. Tullington." she said politely as she picked up the handles of her two suitcases and slung her duffle bag over her left shoulder. Once Kyle had re-gathered his luggage they headed off towards Dumbarton. A lady was standing out front, holding a list. She looked up as Kyle and Katelyn approached.

"Name?" she asked, staring directly at Katelyn.

"K-Katelyn Westlake." she stammered. No one ever spoke to her so harshly before.

"Westlake, Westlake, Westlake...room 303."

"Thanks, I'm aware. C'mon, Kyle." Kyle stepped forward to follow her but the lady with stringy auburn hair put her arm out to stop him.

"No boys allowed aside from visiting hours!"

Katelyn looked like she was going to cry. "Please, m'am, he's my brother. He just wants to make sure I settle in okay."

The lady looked unsurely at Kyle. He had the same coloured hair as Katelyn, but his was shaggy, and his eyes were green. They had the same lips, nose, and facial structure though, so she must've decided they looked alike. "Fine. No more than half an hour." she snapped before letting them aside.

Once they found room 303 Katelyn tentatively knocked on the door, while Kyle stood a few feet away, as to not 'accidentally'see something he shouldn't. A few moments later a tall girl with sleek blonde hair wearing a light pink cotton tube dress answered it, a short girl with curly brown hair wearing a tight green t-shirt and a white pleated miniskirt was standing behind her, as was a girl with flaming red shoulder-length hair wearing a blue tank top and jeans, they must've arrived a few days earlier. "Yes?" the blonde girl asked with mock-sweetness.

Katelyn's eyes narrowed. She had enough rudeness. "This is room 303, right?"

The blonde girl's mouth popped open at Katelyn's sharp attitude. "Yes." she spat back, "why?"

The red-haired girl stepped forward. "Callie, christ shut the hell up." she told the blonde girl. "Are you the new room-mate?"

"Yes. Apparently I am. My name is Katelyn Westlake"

"My name is Brett, this is Jenny, and that's Callie."

Callie's mouth formed an ''o'' shape as the girls stepped aside to let Katelyn in. She threw her duffle bag on the empty bed and dropped her suitcases. "Kyle! It's okay, come in."

A few seconds later Kyle walked into the room, and the three girls gasped. "How the hell did you Angelica to let your boyfriend in?"

Kyle and Katelyn looked at each other in horror. "Boyfriend! HIM! NO WAY! He's my BROTHER, he just came to make sure I settled in alright. I haven't even seen Tyler yet."

"Ohhh, he's your brother.." the blonde haired girl cooed, glancing flirtatiously up at Kyle, who squirmed awkwardly.

"Uh, Kate..I'm gonna go now...I'll come back during visiting hours..whenever that is."

"..between sports and dinner." the short curly haired girl batted her eyelashes up at him.

"Uh..yeah..thanks. Bye." Kyle said as he walked down the hall.

After Kyle left Katelyn set to work preparing her bed. She yanked out a set of light purple sheets and and made her bed. Then she pulled a hot pink duvet out and put that on top of her matching light purple pillows. At least her bed was done. Then she put all her clothes in her drawers and shoved the left overs back in the suitcases and pushed them under the bed. After everything was put in proper places and her silver laptop was unpacked she laid down on her bed. "So what do you guys do for fun?" she asked, rolling over on her side to face her new roomies. Callie, who doesn't normally act nice towards new room-mated right away, decided to be nice to this girl. She seemed very assertive, the type of girl who could turn everyone against you if she wanted to. She couldn't have been more wrong, but it's not like Katelyn could tell her that. Or that she would. She deserved respect, so if rude roomies wanted to be nice, she'd let them.

"Well..we hang out with the guys-" Callie began.

"Guys..Tyler! OOh, I totally spaced."

"Is Tyler your boyfriend?" Jenny asked.

Katelyn nodded with a smile. "Yep. And the best part is, he doesn't even know I'm here."

"Tyler who?" Brett asked.

"Tyler Najimy. We've been dating for almost 2 years. He left school in the middle of last year. I've only talked to him on phone/IM/and stuff like that since then. This'll be the first time I've seen him in person since the day he left."

"Oh, yeah we know Tyler. He's pretty hot." Callie mused, twirling hair around her finger.

"Yeah." Katelyn smiled. Tyler WAS hot. He had cocao coloured hair, light skin, permanantly pink cheeks, and cerulean blue eyes. He was buff and had nice abs. "So do you know where he is?"

"Yeah, what time is it?"

"4:38." Jenny said, glancing at the slim pink watched around her wrist. "Isn't he on Brandon and Easy's soccer team. They're friends, right?"

Callie nodded. "Yeah, we can go wait for him to get off practice and surprise him. We usually wait for Brandon, who's my boyfriend, and Easy, who's Jenny's anyway. Then we come back here for visiting hour and then walk to dinner together. Want to come?"

"They have teams going already? School doesn't officially start for another 3 days." Katelyn said, quizically.

"Yeah, but some teams have try-outs in August, so the boys usually come a week early. So do you want to go wait?" Brett asked

"Sure!" Katelyn smiled. "Just lemme change real quick." and with that she reached into her bag and pulled out her favorite white tanktop, that fit her perfectly, and a mid-thigh length jean skirt. She quickly yanked them on, brushed her hair, applied some more lipgloss and mascara, pulled on her pink shrug and black sandals, and followed the girls to the field, trying not to appear to excited. Afterall, she just met these girls about half an hour ago. They were being so nice, she didn't want to scare them. As they approached the field the boys became clearer and clearer.

"There's Easy." Jenny giggled, pointing out a tall boy with messy almost-black brown hair.

"There's Brandon." Callie smiled, pointing out a boy with perfectly groomed shaggy dark blonde hair.

"And there's Tyler." Brett pointed Katelyn's boyfriend out to her. He looked hotter then she remembered. His shaggy hair was a bit longer, his eyes were sparkling, and his cheeks were flushed from running after the ball. And he grew a few inches as well, making him almost a foot taller than 5'5 Katelyn.

The girls sat on the bleachers, waiting, with Katelyn unvisible in the middle of the circle. About half an hour later the boys began to pile off the field. Katelyn could see Easy and Brandon coming over, Tyler close behind. "Hi, girls." Easy smiled cockily at them. Jenny blushed as he bent down and kissed her. Katelyn sucked in her breath, hoping he wouldn't say anything about her.

"Hey Easy." they chorused.

"So did you girls get the new room-mate yet? I heard you were supposed to get her today."

All three girls looked up at Tyler, who shifted uncomfortably under their teasing gaze. "Oh yes...she's actually right here." Callie smirked, moving aside so they had a clear view of Katelyn, who was looking at the ground.

Tyler dropped his water bottle. "K-k-Katelyn?" he asked, a dopey smile beginning to form on his face. Katelyn looked up nervously. She blushed and nodded.

"Hey, Tyler." she said quietly, a smile flickering across her face.

He began to walk towards her. Suddenly Katelyn jumped up, practically tackling him with her hug. "I missed you so much." she said into his shoulder.

"I know, I know. I missed you too. It's so nice of you to come visit me." he whispered, stroking her long hair.

"Actually, I g-" Katelyn began before Tyler kissed her. Finally they let go of each other and turned back to the others. Brett, Callie, and Jenny smiled kind of awkwardly, while Easy and Brandon just stared, open-mouthed at their friend.

"Uh..." Easy began, scratching the back of his neck.

Tyler grabbed Katelyn's hand. "Uh, guys...this is Katelyn. My girlfriend."

"That's her?" Brandon asked.

Tyler nodded. "Yep."

"I didn't picture her that way." Easy said.

"Oh, and how did you-" Katelyn began before Brandon cut her off.

"Yeah, I thought she'd be..uh..not as..pretty..as she is."

Katelyn smiled awkwardly and looked at the ground. Callie smacked Brandon on the arm. "Brandon, don't make her feel awkward, she just got settled in half an hour ago. We don't want her going home already."

Tyler glanced at Katelyn sideways. "Settled in?

Katelyn grinned. "Uh, yeah..about that..I kinda go here now." she said hurriedly. Tyler's mouthed opened in surprise.

"That's awesome!" he smiled, wrapping an arm around her waist. "But if you don't mind my asking...why?"

"Well, mum and dad went..bankrupt, and were deemed ''un-fit'' parents, so we went to live with nanna and grandpa in Westchester. They decided two teenagers were too much to handle, so they called this place, got us spots, gave us credit cards and all of our clothes, and shipped us up here this morning." Katelyn said kind of quietly. "It was kinda a big shock."

Tyler squeezed her hand. "Wow." Katelyn nodded.

After a few moments of silence Brett jumped up. "Why don't we all go back to Dumbarton for visiting hour?"

"It doesn't start for like, an hour and a half." Brandon pointed out. Brett rolled her eyes.

"Well, we need showers..so we'll go do that, change, and come at 6:30. Is that alright, Ms. Messerschmidt?" Easy asked. Jenny slapped him on the arm playfully.

Brett smiled tersely. "That's fine, boys."

"Alright, see you girls in a little while." Tyler said as he hugged Katelyn and left towards Richards with Easy and Brandon.

The girls turned and walked back to Dumbarton. "Well, this'll be a fun year!" Jenny smiled, clapping her hands together.

"It should be." Katelyn said.

"It better be." Brett yawned.

"It will." Callie promised.