Title: Drunken Flirting

Author: Twilight Walters

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Spoilers: Rain King (slight reference)

Summary: A late night out with the girls leads to a very drunken Agent Scully, add a little Mulder to the mix and remove those pesky inhibitions then 'hey-presto' a wonderful recipe.

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Drunken Flirting

By Twilight

Washington, DC Night Club Entrance 12.30am

The tall, dark and handsome man passed the entrance of the busiest nightclub in DC, pausing momentarily as he thought wistfully 'Most people out, at this time of night, are out to have fun. Me... I'm just craving insight into the human psyche.' He banished the thought from his head 'I need to get out more.'

He felt a firm grasp on his shoulder as the small red head spun him on the spot before wrapping her arms around his waist and cuddling into his chest.

"Dee... Not again, hon!" A second woman exclaimed closely following her friend. Turning to the man in question she apologized. "I am so sorry, she been accosting every man who even slightly resembles a guy she works with tonight... She's a little drunk." She offered the last as an explanation, while she shook her head at her friend.

"So I can see." He responded before looking down at the women that had her face comfortably snuggled into his chest. "Hey, Scully." he stated in a low whisper as he smiled.

The intoxicated women looked up into his hazel eye's "Hey, Mulder." She replied as her friends jaw dropped, nearly hitting the floor.

"You're Agent Mulder." She exclaimed shocked.

"Guilty." Mulder replied as he tried to extend his hand to her, the women around his waist squeezed him tightly and nuzzled closer rendering the task impossible. He allowed his arms to rest around his partner's shoulders enjoying this unexpected embrace. "And you are?" he enquired.

"Oh...I'm, uh..." she hesitated impressed and distracted by the man's physical presence "Ellen...Ellie." she corrected herself.

Mulder felt rather then heard Scully chuckle into his chest before she glanced at her friend. "Told you he's cute... and sexy."

"Dee!" Ellie chastised her friend for making such a bold statement and embarrassing her as Mulder almost choked on her statement.

Surrendering to his impulse he allowed his arms to fall lower on his partner encircling her waist, reveling in her very unscully like behavior. "How much has she had to drink?" Mulder asked, noting how at ease she felt in his embrace, her normal stiff and ridged scullyness gone.

"Too much." Ellie replied instantly then added "but not enough to get her this drunk. Mind you, it has been a while since she's indulged."

Mulder heard the accusation in Ellie's voice even though she didn't verbalize her thought 'Can't indulge with us when she is always out of town with you'
Ellie, realizing her friend was not about to move, started conversationally. "So you are Fox Mulder... Dana's told me a lot about you."

"I plead the fifth." Mulder stated in a mocking tone as he looked down once again to his partner, she was drawing loose circles with her fingertip at his lower back, the sensation was driving him to distraction.

"It's not 'all' bad." Ellie assured him "She told me how passionate you are..." seeing the blush tinge at his ears she added "...about your work, and how you watch each others backs. Although she does think you are too over protective."

"Ell... you'll get me into trouble." Dana pleaded, displaying no intention that she wanted to leave Mulder's arms.

Ellie noted Fox Mulder's reactions to her words, he seemed a little uncomfortable but she was merely repeating to him what Dana had told her on countless occasions. He seemed completely at ease with the closeness of having her in his arms though, this was a little surprising to her. She knew that the partner's relationship had never crossed any physical boundaries but now she wondered 'Was it you being hesitant Dee?'

"What else has she told you?" Mulder enquired subconsciously wondering about the sexy comment.

"She told me you are a nice guy, that you are loyal to a fault and that you care for each other deeply. And that she trusts you completely, she is always emphasizing how much she trusts you. You sound like an ideal man too me."

Mulder felt relieved. He always imagined that Scully must really bitch about him away from the office with all the wild goose chases he took her on. He gave Scully a tight squeeze but said nothing.

"Anyway best let you get back to it, come on Dee." Ellie stated as she extended her hand to her friend.

"No... I don't want to go." Scully pouted reminiscent of a school girl who didn't want to go to chem. class.

"Dee?" Ellie questioned as she heard another female voice behind her and turned.

"Ell... Could really do with your help here." The third women stated as she struggled to control three other drunken women.

Ellie turned back to Mulder's bewildered face "We are the designated drivers." she answered his gaze as she looked again to Dana who was now lightly stroking her partner's chest with her fingertips. "Uh... Mulder..." Ellie asked hesitantly "Could you take Dana home for me? We kinda have our hands full and it will be much easier then trying to pry her from you." She added giving him a pleading look.

Scully pulled lightly on Mulder's shirt so he would lean down to her level then she purred into his ear "What do you say Mulder? You wanna take me home?"

Mulder squeaked his reply to Ellie "Sure."

Ellie noted his obvious discomfort and felt a little sorry for the man, half worried what she had gotten him into. "Thank you. I really appreciate this. I know she is in safe hands." She nodded her gratitude to Mulder before turning back to Dana. "You... Just remember who you are... Special Agent Dana Scully." Ellie stated as though her friend may have forgotten her own name.

"Oh..." Scully whined "I don't like her, she's so reserved." She was pouting once more.

Ellie shook her head at her friend in disbelief, it had been a long time since she had seen her friend this wasted. In truth, not since college. "Well, then be Doctor Scully?" she offered her friend the compromise.

"No. She is 'so' dull and 'so' boring." Scully stated oblivious to Mulder chuckling into her hair. "I wanna just be Dee." She added as she returned her full attention to stroking Mulder's chest.

"Well then, just remember who 'he' is?" Ellie cautioned her.

Scully smiled knowingly and stated "He's Foxy Mulder." Mulder swallowed hard at her words.

Ellie threw her hands up as a sign of surrender smiling and looking once again to Mulder. "Just remember, whatever she says or does, she is 'very' drunk."

Mulder nodded his understanding "I promise I will look after her." Mulder's attention was drawn to the women still located at the nightclub entrance. "Umm..?"

Ellie followed his glaze to two women now rolling around the floor in fits of laughter. "Uhh.." Ellie rasped then turn back to Mulder "Thanks again. Call you tomorrow Dee." She stated as she fled to the side of the other designated driver.

"Right." Mulder commented as he turned Scully in the direction of his car. "Lets get you home." He tightened his grasped around her waist for support as she slipped her hand into his jeans back pocket then squeezed his ass lightly. Mulder stopped mid step and looked down at the petite red head. "Scully?"

She looked up into his eyes with a seductive smile on her face as she fluttered her eye lids "Yes Mulder." She slurred.

He shook his head in disbelief. "I am seeing a whole new side of you tonight."

"And maybe I'll let you see even more." She replied as he jostled her to the car.

Mulder bit his lip hard at the prospect, thinking to himself in a positive affirmation 'Self control, self control, self control.'

Ellie looked at the retreating silhouettes of the two 'work' colleagues noting Dana's hand was now groping Mulder's ass happily. 'Oh...Dee,' she thought absently 'If only you could be this relaxed without alcohol.'


Mulder finally getting Scully to his car, stopped and mused. To the casual passerby they would have appeared like any normal couple, little did they know. He leaned her against the side of the car to fumble with his keys and only just managed to catch her before she slipped down to the floor. She laced her arms around his neck for support. It would have been all too easy for him to lean down and kiss her in such close proximity but he resisted as he looked at her questioningly.

"I'm tired." She defended herself as she giggled. He lifted her into the passenger set of his car and begrudgingly unhooked her arms from around his neck. She looked into his eyes as her eyelids become heavy and whispered "My knight in shinning armour."

He was unable to suppress the smile this brought to his lips as he walked around to the drivers side of the car. Never before had he seen his strong and confident partner as a damsel in distress. He settled into his seat as he cast a glance her way, her head was lulled to the side facing him and her eyes closed. He smiled to himself as he leaned over her to grasp her seatbelt. Suddenly feeling the soft warm lips of his partner at the nape of his neck, he jerked away so quickly that he nearly hit his head on the car roof.

Clipping her belt in place, he looked into her eyes to find her staring back at him innocently before she whispered "Thank you, Mulder."


George Town Dana Scully's Apartment 01.07am

The drive had been relatively easy, although at one point Mulder had nearly reared them off the road completely, after feeling Scully's hand find his thigh and start traveling in an upward motion. He had simply stated to her "That's not a safe thing to do in a moving vehicle." so she had behaved the rest of the way.

As they existed the elevator, Scully leaned on Mulder for support. He wasn't sure exactly how much she was walking or how much he was carrying her but he suspected that she didn't need as much help as she was letting on.

They had talked intermittently in the drive about her evening out and how much fun she had had catching up with her friends.

"You didn't tell me you were going out with your friends?" Mulder question her, feeling intrigued but disappointed that she had neglected to share her plans with him.

"Didn't want to get my hopes up, incase something came up." She replied honestly.

'Have I done that to you before?' he wondered, he was often inclined to forget that Scully had other things in her life then just him and The X-Files. She was young, attractive and passionate; of course she would make social plans, which she would then have to cancel when he called her in the middle of the night with the latest smoking gun case.

They came to a stop outside her apartment door. "Do you have your keys?" Mulder asked nonchalantly.

Scully's lips turned up in a mischievous grin as she said "No...Guess you'll have to take me back to your place?"

Mulder's breath caught in his throat at the reappearance of the flirtatious Scully. He smiled back at her unable to control his facial muscles as he reached into his pocket. "Good job I have my key with me." He declared easily as he unlocked the door.

"Can't blame a girl for trying." She purred as she gave him a saucy wink.

Mulder ushered Scully into her apartment and guided her to the couch. "Lets get some coffee into you." He headed for the kitchen and grabbed two mugs from the cupboard before flicking the kettle on.

'This is pay back.' Mulder thought silently 'Pay back for all those time you have flirted mercilessly with her... sweet ... sweet payback.' He was so absorbed in his thought that he did not hear her approach but suddenly she was close behind him snaking her arms around his waist.

Turning into her embrace, she began pulling his shirt from his jeans before trailing her fingers over his lower abdominal muscles, causing his pupils to dilate with pleasure. "Scully..." he rasped "What are you doing?"

She gave him a coy, yet mischievous smile "I was going to give you an anatomy lesson." She whispered seductively "Followed by a full physical." She licked her lips absently in anticipation.

Mulder bit his lower lip to suppress a longing groan from escaping his mouth. "You, Agent Scully, are drunk." Mulder exclaimed, more for his benefit than hers. She giggled happily into his chest, it was a sound he had never heard from her before tonight but he secretly hoped he would hear it again. As her hands began to roam his body once more he turned her sharply and marched her from the kitchen saying "No coffee for you. You are going to bed!"

"Why Agent Mulder..." she purred "I thought you'd never ask."

'Self control, self control, self control' Mulder repeated his mantra to himself silently as his dick stirred to life at her words.

They reached the side of her bed and he pulled the cover back before she turned on him with hunger evident in her eyes. Her hands crossed over her body and lifted her black top clear away, before he could anticipate her intention, revealing her breasts to him, incased only in a very thin lacy black bra.

He gasped in delight at the sight before him unable to stop himself. She smiled, pleased at his approval. Now his dick was positively throbbing in his pants demanding the kind of attention that pure willpower alone was having trouble controlling.

"Scully. Bed." Mulder demanded pulling his gaze from the marvelous sight in front of him.

"Eager are we?" she purred, placing her hands on his torso.

"No." Mulder responded willing his self control to last "You. Bed. Alone." He stated unwilling to waste his energy forming a more coherent sentence.

"Mulder..." she purred "Don't you want me?" she added in a coo, she could see he obviously did want her. Her hands began their exploration of his body once more, trailing over his abdomen and up his chest, she lightly brushed her fingertip over his nipple and he gasped at the contact.

"I want you." She hummed "I need you... Make love to me." she continued lifting her hand to gently stoke his jaw, enabling her to capture his gaze. Though their mouths were not touching their eyes were locked in the most passionate kiss. She longingly looked into his eyes before allowing her hands to loop around his back so she could rake her nails down over his spine. He gasped with pleasure as his willpower slowly ebbed away from him. "You can do anything you want to me." She stated as her hands settled on his ass squeezing his buttocks firmly. "I'll do anything you want." She added with a giggle.

Her giggle brought him out of his hormone induced stupor. 'She's not herself.' He thought sternly. 'She is drunk.' He willed his ragged breathing back under control.

Scully's hands followed the line of his belt before she undone the buckle swiftly. "I'll be whoever you want me to be." She added as she stroked his dick through his pants.

Mulder whole body stiffened and he reacted instinctively by grabbing her wrists firmly and squeezing them hard as he jerked her hands away from himself roughly. He kept a tight grasp on her wrists as he looked into her eyes. "You are drunk." He reminded her harshly.

She was staring into his eyes as he strengthened his grip trying to control his wanton desire and lust. He had seen that look before. It was the same look she had given him on the case in Comity with the two girls and the planetary alignment, the look he had received when she had found him with Detective White. It was a look of bewilderment, shock and hurt but there was something else this time. Something he had never seen in her eyes before when directed at him, and he realized with a jolt, that it was fear.

He released her wrists immediately and her gaze with it. Her eyes went to her wrists, still in mid air as if suspended by an invisible force. "Sorry." He mumbled his apology but received no reply; she was entranced in the moment and unable to function. "Let's get you to bed." He said simply as he reached around her to unfasten her skirt, it fell to the floor effortlessly but she still did not move. She was still staring at her wrists in shock.

He swept her into his arms and held her to his chest for a brief moment in a silent apology before laying her on the bed and removing her high heeled sandals. He took in the sight of her in her delicate underwear before his brain had time to protest. She didn't utter a word as he pulled the comforter up around her shoulders and tucked her into bed. Her head lulled away from him, refusing to meet his gaze.

"Sorry." He repeated before he headed for the bedroom door and flicked the light off.

"Because I'm not a long legged, busty brunette?" She said in a whisper.

Mulder was barley able to hear his partner and was unsure if she was asking a question or making a statement. He decided not to answer either way and left her room leaving the door slightly ajar so he could return to check on her.

He heard the first sob as he settled on the couch, quickly followed by a second and a third. Desperately he fought the urge to return to her room and beg her forgiveness and explain. He desperately wanted to tell her 'why would I want some brunette when I have you.' He wanted to confess his love for her, but she was drunk and now was not the time.

He sat silently for twenty minutes listening to her sobs. Slowly the sobs became quieter and further apart until eventually they ceased altogether. He sat in silence for a further ten minutes before walking silently to the kitchen and taking a bottle of mineral water from the fridge then proceeding to the medicine cabinet, retrieving the Advil.

Mulder entered her room one last time silently and deposited two Advil tablets and the bottle of water on her bedside cabinet. She had turned since he had left her and was now laid on her stomach with her hair sprayed around her face. He gently brushed the stray strands back revealing her soft facial features, still streaked with wet tears. He wiped them away gently with his thumb as he caressed her face lovingly. He cursed himself mentally for once again having been the reason she had been reduced to tears.

"I'm so sorry." He whispered again as he leaned down and placed a delicate kiss on her forehead before leaving her alone in her apartment.


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