Washington DC Basement Office 03:16pm

As Dana Scully approached the basement office she felt light of heart, it wasn't often that she was in the confidence of a work colleague, well except Mulder, but he was much more then just a work colleague and now she thought about it, so was Walter Skinner. He had been their ally more then their foe.

Standing at the office door she observed her partner pacing back and forth across the small office absorbed in his thoughts, she wondered briefly what could possibly have happened in the short time that they had been apart.

"Mulder?" she asked as she stepped into the office demanding his attention. Mulder said nothing but crossed the office in a few easy strides closing the distance between them before gently taking her hands in his, pushing her suit sleeves back as he did so.

'Oh...' she realized 'That's what's wrong.' She looked to her wrists for a moment observing how much worse the bruising appeared under the fluorescent office lighting. Mulder cradled Scully's dainty hands in his inspecting her bruises. It would have been all too easy for her to withdraw her hands from him, he wasn't gripping them at all but she realized a move so severe would exhibit to him a lack of trust, instead she relaxed and allowed her posture to soften.

"It's nothing Mulder." She reassured him but his attention did not faultier "...really I'm fine." She kicked her self mentally as soon as the comment left her lips, Mulder hadn't believed that statement from her in years, she couldn't even remember when she had started using it as a defensive mechanism. She knew how much he hated that phrase but he did not even seem to stir, he was oblivious to her words.

Mulder turned her hands in his gently, handling her as though she was made of fine porcelain that could easily break. He studied the bruises seeing they stretched around both wrists, meeting at the underside as an accumulation of four deeper bruises, finger marks, he realized.

"Really it's nothing." Scully stated very aware of his fixed gaze as he continued to be struck mute. "I probably just did it when I was drunk." She offered up the possible scenario to try and void the matter.

"I did it." Mulder confessed in a whispered whimper never averting his eyes. "I am so sorry. I didn't realize...I didn't mean to but I hurt you!" His voice was low and guilt ridden, full of self incrimination.

Her soul ached for him. He looked so remorseful and withdrawn. Her heart constricted as she saw the inner turmoil etched into his facial features. "It's not your fault Mulder." She stated calmly. "You had every right to defend yourself." Predicting his reaction she dropped her eyes to their hands to evade his questioning look.

"..." Mulder was speechless and unable to form a coherent thought.

Scully continued in a hushed voice. "I came on a little strong, I apologise." Her head was now hanging low.

"You were drunk." Mulder stated as though it might explain everything. "Your inhibitions were lowered."

Scully released an awkward laugh "My inhibitions were non existent, Mulder." She corrected him. "I guess I just thought...with all the innuendo that flies around between us..." she paused feeling her cheeks begin to flush.

"Innuendo?" Mulder questioned as he raised an eyebrow, she did not look to his face but she sensed his expression.

'Oh God... please don't tell me I've been imagining all the sparks between us all this time.' her face turned now to a dark shade of crimson.

Mulder enjoyed her reaction to his question, the normally reserved and professional Special Agent Dana Scully MD was blushing like a school girl. He could not recall ever seeing her blush before. Following her glaze he looked back to their hands, her hands still encased in his, he was mortified at the damage he had caused her unintentionally. Lightly he touched one of her wrists causing her to flinch in pain before she could control her reaction.

"I'm so sorry...I didn't realize that I had..." his words trailed off as he was unable to find the words to excuse what had happened.

"It's not you fault," she quirked her head to the side slightly still not raising her lowered eyes. "Trust me."

Mulder studied his partner intently before he asked "I thought you said you didn't remember anything?"

Sighing she replied "I remember everything, Mulder." Mulder's hands now gripped hers slightly in an intimated gesture of reassurance.

"So you lied?" he teased.

"I willfully participated in a campaign of misinformation." She giggled slightly as she tried to disperse some of the built up tension by using Mulder's own words "...I was just trying to save myself some embarrassment...It didn't work." She smiled warmly before her voice became serious "...It never occurred to me that you might not reciprocate my feelings..."

He looked to their hands once more as her words began to sink in, at some point his thumb had started to caress the sensitive skin between Scully's thumb and finger in soft circular motions in a less then platonic manner. "What makes you think I don't reciprocate your feelings?" Mulder asked softly as he lifted her chin and leaned down to place a gentle chase kiss on her lips.

Scully was startled and confused by his action, she looked to his eyes bewildered. "Last night?"

"Last night, Agent Scully, you were very drunk. I couldn't take advantage of you like that. I have wanted to make love to you for sooo long, I couldn't have stayed with you last night knowing you might awaken with regrets. I can handle never expressing my love for you physically, but to have you once then be denied you again - that would kill me." He stated honestly amazed at how easily his words were leaving his mouth. He was amazed at her shocked expression 'Surely you knew?'

"I...I..." she was unable to find the words 'actions speak louder than words' she realized as she pulled him down into a scorching passionate kiss. Their mouths locked feverishly, their tongues dueling as they experience their first kiss, both exploring each others mouths with curiosity.

'We shouldn't be doing this here.' Mulder thought to himself 'When did I become the rational one...No we shouldn't be doing this here.' He pulled away from her sharply emitting a whimper of protest from Scully. "Skinner?" Mulder stated.

Scully's lips turned up in the corners, a look Mulder now associated with the 'flirtatious' Scully. "What? A threesome?" she purred noting the desire he had in his eyes, she knew it wasn't her words that invoked his response but the way she said them.

"No..." he smirked trying desperately to regain his self control but finding it was so much harder now she was in complete control of herself. "What will Skinner say, interoffice dating and all that?"

Scully nearly laughed aloud "Trust me, Mulder, I don't think that will be a problem." She returned her mouth to his, this time meeting no hesitation. One last thought slipped into her mind before the euphoria washed over her rendering all other thought processes impossible 'God, I have a lot to thank Ellie for.'

The End

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