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The Green Organoid

Crow's ocean blue eyes fixated on the pair of Zoids ahead of him. His tall, athletic build helped him to balance on the hover board under his feet. The golden sun bathed his face in its warm glow, revealing his handsome features. His nose was short and petit, his cheeks skinny and his lips slim. Up ahead was the long lost battlefield he often visited to clear his head and today was no different. Except that is that this time more then just ruined Zoids were here, up ahead he saw two combat-ready Heldigunners. The iguana-like Zoids were painted in desert camouflage, but the fact that they stood on a dark brown rock face gave them away.

Crow noticed the pilots hop out of their Zoids and head toward the ruins their Heldigunners were parked near. He himself had investigated the ruins many times, using the scrap parts he found to fix and modify his hover board. He turned his board off and hid behind the ruins of an old Stealth Viper as he watched the pilots disappear inside the ruins. The boy left his board behind and crept toward the ruins, dodging many the corpse of a fallen Zoid on his way. He silently made his way through the broken metallic entrance of the ruins, disappearing inside the darkness.

"Do you see it anywhere Jack?" a voice in the darkness asked.

"No, there must be a switch or something in here that opens up a secret room," another voice said, "come on, we've recovered at least a dozen of these by now. You should have these ruins figured out by now, idiot." Crow crept closer to the voices, listening as the pilots felt around for some button on the wall and picking up a pipe he felt on the ground. He saw a red button flash and a door slide open ahead, revealing a lighted room beyond it. "See Skoal, I told you there was a-" but the pilot's voice was cut off when Crow struck him across the back of the head.

"What are you do-" the one called Skoal began before Crow did the same to him. These guys were up to something, and for now they were more useful to Crow unconscious until he could figure it out. Trained in stealth combat by his father, the boy had perfectly utilized the darkness to overcome two possibly superior opponents. He smiled and walked into the lighted room, carefully glancing back to ensure the men were still on the ground.

As he investigated the room further he spotted a green tube connected to the ceiling and floor by two control panels. The boy gazed at the entrancing color of the lime green liquid inside for a moment before starting to push a few buttons around the tube. Suddenly an alarm blared and the room started flashing red as the tube began cracking. Steam and liquid poured out of it until the glass couldn't hold anymore, exploding open and pouring out its contents.

When the liquid had washed out a small, metallic creature fell to the floor. "What the?" Crow whispered, standing over the creature. It resembled a Zoid, only on a much smaller scale, with large bat-like wings and a draconic appearance. The Zoid's olive green color further fueled the fact that it resembled a dragon. Suddenly its eyes flickered open, showing off their lime green color as they looked around.

"No!" Crow heard the one called Jack say, "He's released the organoid!" The "organoid" as he called it stood up and roared a defiant challenge at the boy.

"Calm down buddy," Crow said calmly, looking back to see Jack rising, "I'm not going to hurt you." The boy held out his hand, letting the creature sniff it momentarily before turning to face the rising man.

"Look here kid," Jack said, "you don't know what you've just gotten yourself in the middle of, just get out of here and I'll let you live." Crow immediately detected a hint of deception in the man's words and just stood his ground, holding the pipe he had found out in front of him in a defensive position. Jack snickered and drew a pistol from its holster at his side, Crow scolded himself for not realizing the man was armed before. The man steadily raised the gun as his partner came to and joined him. "Sorry kid, nothing personal, just taking care of business" Jack said.

Crow heard a roar behind him and felt himself being lifted into the air. The organoid had grabbed his shirt and now held him by it. The boy watched as boosters on the backsides of the creature's legs popped open and charged with green energy. With another roar the organoid blasted forward, head butting the gun wielding pilot and continuing on out of the room and toward the light of the outside. The creature carried him far outside, toward the Zoid graveyard outside. Crow heard a few gunshots being fired behind him and cringed.

The organoid spread out its wings, de-activated its boosters and landed softly on the Stealth Viper the boy had hidden behind before. Then the creature dropped him in the open cockpit. "I can't pilot this thing," Crow said, "its trashed." Suddenly the organoid bathed itself in green light and rocketed into the air as a bolt of pure energy. It roared and slammed into the head of the Stealth Viper, disappearing as it melded with the Zoid. Crow watched in awe as the blue colored cockpit was revived, the systems buzzing to life. The body of the snake-like Zoid was immediately repair by a wave of green power, revealing its pure white paint job. The Zoid hissed in the air as the Heldigunners from before sprang to life, charging toward it.

Having a small amount of experience in piloting, Crow turned the Stealth Viper to face them. "Damn it!" Skoal yelled, "he's discovered the power of the organoid!"
"Get him!" Jack ordered. The Heldigunners split up, attacking the Stealth Viper from either side. Crow struggled to figure out the controls of the Zoid as the lizard types opened fire, shots slamming into the side of the Stealth Viper. Out of nowhere the snake-like Zoid turned its head, returning fire with the dual 40mm machine guns mounted on either side of its head. The shots pelted the ground all around Jack's Zoid, causing the pilot to veer his Zoid to the side to dodge them. The other Heldigunner snuck around the back of the Viper, biting into its metallic tail. The Viper hissed and began thrashing its tail back and forth, slamming the attached Zoid against the ground again and again.

Next Crow finally took hold of the Stealth Viper's controls, figuring them out as he watched the buttons and levers move themselves. The boy used the Viper's tail to throw the Heldigunner over its head and opened fire on it midair. The Heldigunner's armor was ripped apart by the repeated fire and the Zoid landed on the ground in near ruins. "My combat system's frozen!" Skoal yelled.

Jack's Heldigunner hissed a challenge at the Stealth Viper, charging forward and pinning the Zoid down with heavy fire. Crow pushed a blue button on the main controls, listening as the steam vents all along the Stealth Viper opened and watching as a pure white fog rolled out. "Where'd he go?" Jack asked, looking around for the Viper as he opened fire.

"Right here!" Crow yelled, firing a missile from the center box of the Stealth Viper's body. The rocket slammed into the ground under the Heldigunner, the explosion throwing it upwards. Crow followed up the maneuver with a lash of the Viper's tail, sending the Heldigunner flying into its partner.

"Retreat!" Jack growled, "we have to tell the boss that the retrieval mission was a failure!" Crow watched as both Zoids scuttled away as quickly as they could. He had just won his first Zoid battle. The Stealth Viper bent down, opening its cockpit as Crow jumped out. The boy watched as a familiar bolt of energy shot out of the Zoid and landed next to him, the organoid taking its place.

"Wow, that was great!" Crow yelled excitedly, hugging the dragon-like creature. The organoid just stood solemnly. "Guess this means we're stuck together huh?" the boy asked. The organoid growled slightly, but nodded its head. "How about I call you Drake?" Crow asked. The organoid roared in approval.

An hour later, back at the Waterfall Colony . . .

Crow's dad stood, looking over the organoid standing in front of him. His dad was a relatively short and stocky man, with black, spiky hair that matched Crow's. Drake stood perfectly still as the man poked and prodded him. "Yep," his dad said, "this is definitely an organoid. You say you found it and the Stealth Viper in those ruins you're always nosing around in huh?"

"Well, the Heldigunner pilots opened the room but technically I was the one who found him" Crow explained. His dad shook his head in acknowledgement of the statement.

"Where the pilots Imperial or Republican?" the man asked.

"Definitely Imperial," Crow said, "they were wearing Imperial uniforms. But I thought the war was over, why would they be so ill intentioned if they were actually soldiers?"

"I don't know, that's what I'm wondering about" his dad said, grabbing his chin as he thought it over. Suddenly the sound of explosions caught their attention and Crow turned to see where they were coming from. Another explosion near the edge of the colony rocked the ground as a large tavern was blown to pieces, rubble and dust flying everywhere. "Come on boy, looks like the village is under attack! It's our job as pilots to defend it!" Crow's dad yelled, running out of the house and toward his parked Zoid. Crow chased after him, with Drake in toe. His father's Zoid was a Zaber Fang, a tiger-like Zoid with a multitude of weapons and saber-tooth like fangs for close combat.

Crow hopped in the Stealth Viper, booting up all its systems. "Drake!" he yelled. The organoid roared and turned to energy once again, melding with the Stealth Viper as it and the Zaber Fang mobilized. The Zoids ran, and slithered, toward where the last explosion was. As they neared the site of the attack the attackers came into view. The Heldigunners from before flanked a much bigger t-rex-like Zoid. The Zoid had a pair of back and nose mounted cannons, its eyes glowing a sinister red. "A Genosaurer!" Crow's dad yelled.

"Citizens of the Waterfall Colony!" a raspy voice said over a megaphone. "Hand over the one with the organoid or suffer the consequences."

"I'm right here!" Crow screamed, opening fire on the Genosaurer. On queue his dad also began firing, using the impact cannon on the Zaber Fang's chest to rip at the Saurer's armor. The Heldigunners charged forward, double teaming the Stealth Viper as the Genosaurer and Zaber Fang squared off.

"Leave this village" Crow's dad said seriously, the Zaber Fang springing forward and biting into the Genosaurer's chest. The dinosaur-like Zoid grabbed the head of the Zaber Fang and pulled its teeth out of its chest, throwing the Zoid to the ground. Next the Saurer stomped roughly on the fallen Zaber Fang's midsection. Crow heard his father scream in pain as the Zoid malfunctioned, electricity surging through his body.

"No, dad!" he yelled. But a few shots from the Heldigunners reminded him he was in his own fight. The Stealth Viper spun around, lashing its tail at one of the Heldigunners. The lizard-like Zoid bounded out of the way.

"Don't think we're gonna fall to the same crap twice!" Skoal yelled. Crow gritted his teeth and pulled a lever next to him. The Stealth Viper threw itself into the air, coming down and burrowing into the ground. "You can't hide from us!" Skoal's Heldigunner opened fire on the mound of dirt left behind as the Stealth Viper approached it from under ground. The snake-like Zoid erupted from the soft dirt below the Heldigunner, picking the Zoid up with its head and chucking it to the ground. Crow finished the Zoid off with a frenzy of bullets to its cockpit.

The Zaber Fang tried desperately to get to its feet, met only by a swift kick from the Genosaurer that knocked it back to the ground. Then the Saurer locked down its foot locks, opened its tail fins and bent down, a gun barrel stretching out of its mouth. Crow's father stared in horror. A cloud of charged particles formed on the outside of the barrel as energy began building up. Then, in a flash of light the cloud formed into a beam of particles that slammed into the fallen Zaber Fang, enveloping it in blue and purple energy.

"No!" Crow yelled, the Stealth Viper slithering toward the Genosaurer and opening fire with its machine guns. But the Zoid didn't stop until all that was left of the Zaber Fang was a smoking crater. Suddenly the guns of the Stealth Viper quit firing and Crow couldn't move it. "Drake, what are you doing?" Crow asked, tears swelling up in his eyes. The organoid took control of the Zoid as the Genosaurer turned and began charging up another shot with its Charged Particle Gun. The Stealth Viper opened its steam vents and dug into the ground just as the beam of destruction would've destroyed it.

When the fog cleared the Stealth Viper was gone. Jack looked from side to side, seeing absolute nothing that showed any evidence of the Zoid's departure. "What do we do now Craven?" he asked. The Genosaurer turned toward the Heldigunner, a hooded face appearing on the Heldigunner's screen. The hood completely concealed the man's face but Jack could still make out Craven's blood red eyes as they glowed with the power that manipulated him.

"Kill everyone who might of saw us," Craven's raspy voice said, "then return to the base." Jack smiled deviously and turned to see a woman and her small children running by. Being a bad guy was way too much fun.

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