The End of the Beginning

By the time the Chaos Saurer and the remaining Death Wraiths had reached the city of Guygalos all the citizens had been removed and defensive forces mounted. This time Imperial Zoids made up the bulk of the forces, the Republic nearly completely crushed by the first assault of the Chaos Saurer. It was decided that the aerial Zoid forces would not lead the attack, as ground forces were able to do far more damage. Instead, flight capable Zoids would be used as support units. The strategy for the Peace Paladins was to corner the Death Wraiths and keep them out of the main battle, allowing the ground forces to face the Chaos Saurer unopposed.

Crow had thought this plan to be a good one, giving credit to Herman for his ingenuity. He and Drake were sitting out of sight when the call came. "All forces prepare, the Chaos Saurer is closing in!" Herman's voice said over the intercom. Crow sat forward in his cockpit, booting up his Zoid's main control system as he prepared for the final battle. Beside him Victor and the other Peace Paladins began mobilizing as well. The other Attack Arachs had been deployed with the defense forces this time, allowing for maximum damage against the regenerative Chaos Saurer.

"Drake, let's finish this!" Crow yelled. Drake roared in his metallic voice and boosted up, turning to a bolt of pure energy before melding with the Stealth Dragon. "Mobilize Paladins, its show time!" the boy ordered. In a flash the Peace Paladins took off, springing from their hiding place behind a rock face. Over head the Chaos Saurer flew by, the Death Wraiths just now coming into view behind it. Craven smirked at the sight of his arch enemy.

"The odds are in our favor, seven against six," Juliet said, "but they have superior Zoids, which help balance it out. Good luck everyone, I'm proud to have met you all."

"Same here" Crow said.

"Ready to meet your end village boy?" Craven asked in his sinister raspy voice.

"My name's Crow" Crow said, rage building as his rival approached him.

"So, Herman thought you weaklings would stand in our way huh? Fat chance" Craven said. The Psychosaurer's Charged Particle Converter began taking in energy as the Genosaurers bent forward and locked down their feet. "We'll finish you in one final attack!"

"Attack everyone, you know the strategy!" Crow ordered. The Paladins split in all directions, moving in sync with each other as they came in from both sides in a guillotine maneuver. The Genosaurers tried to turn before they fired but without unlocking their feet they couldn't bend far enough. The Psychosaurer boosted backwards and fired its Max Charged Particle Gun, sending a wave of charged particles at Crow. The Max CPG split and went in all directions, aiming at every Paladin at once.

In the sky Juliet and Nicholas easily evaded the oncoming attacks with a simple evasion technique but Crow was having some trouble. "Guys, I can't shake it off, help!" Crow begged. The CPG followed the Stealth Dragon as it danced through the skies in an effort to evade it. Crow closed his eyes at the last second when he realized it was hopeless, preparing for the worst.

"Don't give up yet kid!" Juliet's voice yelled. The Raynos flew over Crow's Zoid at max speed, the shockwave throwing the Stealth Dragon out of the way of the attack. Crow sighed in relief and quickly got back into the battle. The other Paladins had managed to dodge the Max CPG with the old jump to the side at the last minute move.

"Megalo-Max!" Gabriel roared. The Dibison grunted as golden energy gathered at the base of its cannon array. With a swishing sound the cannons fired their stored energy all at once, sending forth the Megalo-Max. Like the Max CPG the Megalo-Max split and targeted all enemy Zoids at once, even bending and twisting to attack. The golden beams of power slammed into the Genosaurers one by one, hitting each target in a different area. Craven simply boosted out of the way and charged toward the Paladin of Dominance, unsheathing the Psychosaurer's blade-like claws. Unable to match the Saurer's superior speed, the Dibison charged forward as well, firing with its cannon as it moved. The Psychosaurer and Dibison met with a massive crash. The claws of the Psychosaurer pierced the enemy Zoid's chest while the twin Crasher Horns of the Dibison stuck into the Saurer's belly.

Craven pulled his Zoid's claw out of the Dibison's chest and pushed it aside. The other Death Wraiths had suffered significant damage, but were still in the fight. Crow winced at the loss of the Dibison but Gabriel had done a great deal of damage and survived, both good things. The Stealth Dragon blasted the Psychosaurer with anti-Zoid shells as it came down upon it from above. Crow's Zoid tackled the Saurer to the ground and began beating its saurian opponent with its tail club.

Ace and the Green Horn charged one of the least damaged Genosaurers, firing with its Vulcan Laser guns as it went. The Death Wraith inside the cockpit fired the Zoid's Grappling Hook Arms, catching the Green Horn by the leg and causing it to collapse. As the Genosaurer began to reel in the Green Horn Juliet struck from above, shooting with her tri 30mm beam cannons. The Genosaurer locked down its feet and bent forward just as its back exploded and it toppled over in defeat, too damaged to continue. "Thanks Juliet!" Ace exclaimed.

Scar and his opponent, a highly damaged Genosaurer, squared off momentarily before activating their boosters and charging each other headlong. The Whitz Wolf and Genosaurer exchanged gunfire from their back mounted weapons as they closed in. With a loud scraping metal sound the Whitz Wolf sprang forward, baring its claws and cutting into the Genosaurer. An extra boost at the end added additional impact damage and the Genosaurer began short circuiting. It flailed around helplessly on the ground as the Whitz Wolf pulled its paw out of the Saurer's chest.

Victor opened fire on two of the three remaining Genosaurers, his special anti-Zoid equipment tearing up their heavy armor. The Genosaurers boosted to either side of the Attack Arach and closed in. Unsure of which one to target, Victor opened the missile launchers lining his Zoid's legs and fired half of his missiles at each. The first Genosaurer was completely engulfed in explosions by the attack but the other managed to out maneuver the dummy missiles and close in. The Genosaurer stomped down on the cockpit of the Attack Arach, sending an electronic pulse through it. Victor cried in pain. A few shots from behind the Genosaurer caused it to turn around, the Whitz Wolf waiting to face it. Scar smiled and boosted forward.

The final Genosaurer faced off against the Green Horn and Raynos as they attacked, firing its back mounted pulse laser cannons. The shots hit Juliet's Zoid, forcing her to call off her attack, but bought Ace enough time to close in. The Green Horn's Crasher Horn pierced the Genosaurer's underbelly. Ace used his momentum to drive the horn far into the Saurer and toss it aside like a rag doll.

Craven, seeing he was now alone, doubled his efforts to throw Crow's Zoid off. The Stealth Dragon tried desperately to hold the Psychosaurer down but the saurian Zoid was too strong, finally wrestling the Dragon off of it. The Saurer got to its feet and began charging the Max CPG as the other Paladins closed in. "I've had enough of your petty attempts to defeat me! Max Charged Particle Gun!" Craven roared. The attack blasted forward and only split at the last second, catching its targets by surprise. Each Paladin gasped as their Zoids were slain by the Max CPG. Crow watched the scene in horror, the Stealth Dragon reacting to his rage by charging straight into the Psychosaurer with a head butt.

Crow's world blacked out as rage consumed his every thought and he lost control of his body. In his altered state the pilot thought of nothing but attacking, swiping at the Psychosaurer with his Zoid's tail and claws. Craven nimbly dodged the wildly aimed attacks, keeping his cool against his raging opponent. The Psychosaurer shot out its Grappling Hook Arms and caught the Stealth Dragon by its throat, the saurian Zoid roaring in its opponents face. Craven cackled as he charged up his Zoid's most devastating weapon. Crow blindly continued his rage induced attack, the Psychosaurer barely able to hold its opponent steady.

At the last second Drake abandoned the Stealth Dragon, grabbing Crow as he went, and flew out of the way as a stream of charged particles consumed the cockpit of the Stealth Dragon.

Guygalos roared into action as the Chaos Saurer entered its city limits. The ground forces, led by a platoon of Genosaurers and the one remaining Dibison, opened fire as soon as the behemoth entered their sight. Colonel Payne sat in the cockpit of his ruby red Genosaurer and began preparing to fire the Charged Particle Gun. Waves of bullets struck the Chaos Saurer in a predetermined spot, the Saurer's chest. Colonel Payne and the other leading Zoid pilots yelled as they fired their ultimate attacks in a familiar attack pattern. The attack opened up the Chaos Saurer's chest, revealing its glowing core. "Aim to kill!" Herman commanded from his Dibison.

"Roger that, fire at will!" Payne ordered. The Genosaurers and Herman's Dibison began charging their attacks just as the Chaos Saurer charged its SCPG. The ultimate attacks all fired at once, meeting half way in between the Saurer and its opponents. The clashing energies pushed back and forth, both surging forward or faltering backward at any moment. Then finally the defense forces' Zoids ran out of energy and the SCPG overwhelmed their attacks. The blast consumed both the Dibison and Genosaurers as it struck the ground and sent a massive shockwave through the ground, resulting in a powerful tremor.

The tremor shook the defense force Zoids all around the Chaos Saurer, causing them to fall to the ground. While the Zoids tried to recover from both the attacks and the loss of their two major commanders the Chaos Saurer opened fire on them with every weapon it had. The massive twin beam cannons fired, the mortar cannon array sent explosive projectiles through the air and missiles launched from the tail of the demon Zoid. Countless Zoids fell left and right as the Chaos Saurer continued its campaign of terror through the streets of Guygalos uncontested.

Suddenly the air forces swept down, dropping bomb after bomb and firing numerous missiles all at once. Explosions covered the body of the Saurer as it marched through Guygalos. The Chaos Saurer roared in defiance and aimed its SCPG at the sky, blasting many Zoids away in an instant. The remaining air force tried for one final attack on the Zoid core of the Saurer, most valiantly sacrificing themselves by just crashing right into the chest of the Chaos Saurer. The efforts were unsuccessful though, as when the smoke cleared only one Zoid stood above the rest and that was the Chaos Saurer. It shook off the attack and charged up a final SCPG aimed for the Emperor's Palace.

Craven showed up just in time to watch the show. A stream of charged particles struck the palace, instantly turning it to nothing but flames and rubble. The Chaos Saurer roared in pleasure at the sight. The last thing to fall to the ground and burn away in flames was an Imperial flag, signaling the end of the Empire in all its glory. The cockpit to the Psychosaurer opened and a red energy gathered around Craven, lifting him into the air. The Chaos Saurer took control of Craven through its psychic powers.

"The world is now mine to rule. None shall stand in my way any longer, for I am to be your new God, I alone am your savior and your executioner. All hail your master, all hail the One. Bathe in my glory and be consumed by my madness children. Planet Zi as you know it is now under my control and you will all bow to me!" Craven shouted. The Chaos Saurer roared one final time and sent a beam of charged particles at the surviving Zoids below, proving its ultimate dominance over them.

To Be Continued in The Organoid Chronicles II: the Resistance

A/N: If you like the ending please tell me, I wasn't super confident that my readers would react positively to it since it isn't your usual heroic ending. The next Organoid Chronicles will be out soon and will reveal the fate of Crow and the other Paladins. It will take place 10 years into the future, in a post apocalyptic Zi torn by war, destruction and corruption. Hope you like it!