Rating: M

Pairings: RaigaxRanmaru (From the "Curry of Life" arc)

Warnings: Child molestation, yaoi/slash

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 133

Disclaimer: Please see my profile for details.

A/N: Well, hello. This is my first, my "maiden voyage" fic. I thought I'd enter with a bang, with a little … controversy.


Pain. That was all he could register.

Blinding, white-hot pain.

No, not white pain, red pain. Red like his eyes, like the blood that stained the sheets as he curled in on himself, tears streaming down his cheeks. It felt like he was being torn apart from the inside out. It hurt so much, but …

The body above him gave a satisfied grunt, and there was hot cum mixing with his warm blood. The pain was still there, and he found even more blood on his lip where he had bitten it. The blood had mixed with his tears, creating a salty mess on his face not unlike the mess below.

… But even though he was hurting and crying, Ranmaru was also smiling.

He and Raiga were truly two in one.


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