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Halloween neared and Dumbledore announced that a costume ball would be held in Great hall. The inner circle of the Freak Parade decided that this would be a fine day join in the fun. Instead of costumes, the six adults dressed in their best dress robes and everyone but Harry removed their glamours and/or voice changing spells. They went to the party together and Dumbledore accosted Harry almost immediately.

"Harry, this is a costume party, you need a costume."

"I have a costume and these five are part of it."

"Ok, I really don't get it, what are you?"

"I'm a necromancer of course, and these are my Inferi. I'm sure you recognize Mrs. Lovegood, the Potters, and my friends the Marauders."

"Harry, I really don't think this is an appropriate costume. It is very insensitive to your parent's friends among the staff and public. Not to mention I don't believe Remus Lupin to be dead. And including a likeness of Ms. Lovegood's mother is appalling. Surely you don't wish to traumatize her?"

"You mean Luna? No, she thought it was a great idea. And if the rest of these people can't see past a costume, they can go hang. We're here to have fun and be ourselves. You know the veil between the living and the dead is thinnest on this night."

For the most part, Harry's costume was a great success. There were a few problems, mainly when James, Sirius, and Remus tag-teamed Moody with private moments only they would know. The poor man nearly had to be carried from the hall when he pulled his wand and started screaming about ghosts and mind readers. McGonagall gave him a misty eyed smile when he explained his costume and complimented his charms work to make his friends appear older. The others snickered.

Hermione approached him not long after she left, "Harry, who are your friends? I'll admit it is an… interesting costume choice, but who did you find to play the parts? I don't see many of our friends missing aside from Luna."

"Oh, I recruited them from the Freak Parade for tonight."

"You brought the people who kidnapped you into a school full of children?"

"Yes, and sometimes if I was good, they chained me to the bed. Oh and she has this whip…"

His mother slapped him, "Hey, we really don't need to know some things young man."

"Harry, have you ever heard of something called Stockholm syndrome?" Dumbledore asked as he joined them.

"No, what is it?"

"It is when a kidnap victim or hostage begins to sympathize with his captors and may even begin to agree with them. It is a serious mental illness."

"Oh, no I don't think that is a problem here, there are entirely different reasons I love this group of nutjobs." Everyone but Luna looked mildly offended at being called nutjobs.

"Love? Oh Harry can't you see? They are trying to distract you from Voldemort and the war!" Hermione pleaded.

"It's sad that you and Voldemort are so similar. You both had hard childhoods and now you've fallen in with the wrong crowd. Don't worry my boy, I won't give up on you." Dumbledore looked sad as he said this, but a bright spark lit in Harry's eyes.

"That's it! I remember now, Voldemort and I have one other thing in common. Oh thank you professor, you may have just helped me win this war." He turned to the others, "We've got to get to work practicing our team work, I want to attack him soon, this has gone on too long."

"Meet you back at headquarters then so you can explain?" James asked.

"Go on, I'll say good-bye here and meet up in a few minutes."

Luna drew her portal in the air and the rest filed through. She gave Harry a quick kiss before she left.

"Harry I am afraid I cannot allow you to leave school grounds. Especially not to meet with a secret group like the Freak Parade."

"I would really like to see you try to hold me. I am not a child anymore Mr. Dumbledore. I am an adult capable of making my own decisions. Right now, my family is waiting for me."

"Family, no Harry, you have no family. This is all my fault, maybe if we had found out about Sirius' innocence earlier or if he had lived you wouldn't have wound up with them. But they are not your family Harry, you need to remember that."

"You are right. This is all your fault. They have given me everything I have ever wanted in life, everything that you denied me. Sirius and Remus should have raised me, but instead you overrode my parent's wishes. You tore my family from me, and they gave it back."

"The blood protections…"

"Were all a lie. It wasn't my mother's love that saved me that night Dumbledore. It never was. How many mothers died for their children? And how many children lived? No, I know exactly what saved me from the killing curse that night. It has saved me from several other deaths since. Between that force and the thrice damned prophecy, I've lived through things that would kill you a hundred times over." Dumbledore hung his head in shame.

"Harry, I know you are upset about Sirius' death and Remus' disappearance, but that's no reason to blame the Headmaster."

"No Hermione, I am not upset at all. I was angry and sad for a long time, but I know that they are both with my parent's now and I will be joining them very soon, no matter what this meddling old man has to say otherwise."

"Oh Harry, I won't let you. I won't let you die! You're going to live through the war, and have kids for us to spoil rotten. You know Mrs. Weasley is looking forward to grandkids."

"I don't plan to die either Hermione, but I don't know about giving Mrs. Weasley grandkids. I think that's the job of her kids. Maybe if you and Ron ever get around to admitting it you can give her some. Besides, Luna's already told me two kids is the limit."

"But I always thought you and Ginny might get together."

"That was Ginny's dream not mine. You and her were the sisters I didn't know I had for past five years of your lives. No, I've been taken by a blond haired goddess for almost fifteen years and I am still hopelessly smitten."

"But we never knew Luna until last year."

"Indeed, and then one kiss outside Gringotts in June changed my world. We danced and we didn't care who saw even though we were both horrible back then. The war will be over soon, one way or the other and I can stop pretending."

"Pretending what?"

"It's weird being here in Hogwarts Hermione. It's like ghosts from a past that never died. It's bizarre to eat breakfast with you and Ron again. Everyone is the same but me. When Voldemort is dead, I think I will leave too."

"You don't plan to do something stupid do you?"

"No, I am not talking about suicide. I wouldn't do that. I'm just going to stop pretending to be someone I'm not. Maybe I'll come back to teach."

"I still don't get it."

"Tell you what, you and your family are invited to visit at Christmas. The war will be over by then. I'll be inviting the Weasley's too. For once all my family will be together and able to acknowledge each other." He drew a portal in the air and left without hearing her response.

The next day Harry stepped out of thin air into Dumbledore's office.

"Ah, Harry my boy, good to see you."

"Albus, we need to have a talk."

"That's a very familiar form of address."

"So was yours, but that's not what we need to speak about."

"Alright, so Mr. Potter would you please inform me of your whereabouts and actions last night?"

"No I don't think I will. Mr. Dumbledore, the war with Voldemort is about to end. I am not one hundred percent certain who will win but he and I will be meeting face to face within the month. I will not stop until I am dead or he is defeated. What I am here to speak with you about is what you intend to do then."

"You are not ready yet Harry. You still have much to learn."

"Yes, Albus, I am."

"Back to that are we Mr. Potter?"

"Indeed. Now, when the war with Voldemort is over what will become of the illegal vigilante group the Order of the Phoenix?"

"We will remain active for a time to ensure that his followers are rounded up and brought to justice. Additionally regardless of your personal feelings, this other group must be investigated."

"You should leave that to the professionals, the Aurors, Hit-wizards, and the Ministry. It is funny that you have never asked what they were about."

"You can't just ask people these things. They wouldn't tell us if they were the next Dark Lord in waiting."

"Strange, I asked you once what the Order's purpose was and you told me. But you don't extend that reasoning elsewhere. Very well then, I shall tell you. The Freak Parade is a group of people who seek to extend their talents in a safe manner. Predominantly they are people who are actively against Voldemort and the Death Eaters but who refuse to work with the ministry or yourself. They see both options as manipulative and corrupt. A very few are truly neutral and just want to live in peace. We are a community of shared resources and inter-reliance. Instead of your way of setting up a few impenetrable strongholds like Grimmauld place and Hogwarts, while leaving the rest of your members exposed, or telling people there is no problem like the ministry, we pooled all of our knowledge of wards and security to prepare something that most people can use that is sufficient. One doesn't have to be a master to use our system, nor do they need to be the most powerful wizard of the age. They are normal people with better defenses around their homes than either the order or the death eaters."

"But they won't share that information outside their group. They are clearly hiding something and we must know what it is."

"Of course we are hiding something. We are hiding a lot of things. If our standard security package was known to the death eaters or yourself it would not be nearly as secure. As it is, all members are under secrecy charms to prevent the details from getting out. They also are equipped with shields resistant to the most common attack spells, and attack spells specifically designed to ignore the most common shields. We hide everything because we do not trust those who have not sworn to keep our secrets."

"If they are such nice people, why did they kidnap you?"

"Because I was stuck in a hell hole where you placed me! If you really must know, I saw the death eaters coming and left before they could find me. The others defeated them and offered me what I always wanted."

"But your relatives were tortured into insanity, we know none of the death eater's wands did it."

"And the others had very good reasons for doing it. In time my aunt and uncle may recover, but it's better than they deserve. At least it wasn't the cruciartus that drove them mad, so there is hope."

"What could possibly be justification for that?"

"It's very simple Dumbledore. There is a spell, that when cast lets you feel the effects of your treatment on the caster. It is a very rare spell, created just for me. When I cast that spell, they received exactly what they gave to me. They received fourteen years of abuse and starvation, physical, mental, emotional… They only experienced what I already had. I wonder, truly I do, what would happen if I cast it on you. How many secrets have you lied to me about, did you know about what the Dursleys were like and leave me there? Were you a silent partner in the abuse? Could your mind handle the consequences of your actions? We're not going to find out because I really don't want to know. I don't want to know how deep the treachery really runs."

Dumbledore withered but tried to look stern, "Harry, spells that manipulate the mind and emotions like that are classified as Dark. You shouldn't be experimenting with the Dark Arts."

"Shove it Albus. If I were to cast that same spell on Ron, I know he'd feel a slight twinge over some of our stupider arguments, but on the whole he would feel the love and friendship he has given me. It only returns what you already gave. Two people who never met would merely see the spell fizzle. This spell isn't classified as dark because it isn't known to the ministry. It was created for me, and has only been used three times. It's clear you really are just a manipulative old man." Harry rose and stalked out of the office. As he reached the door he turned. "In case you hadn't guessed old man, I've made my choice. I work for them now and you won't be in control over so much as what tea I enjoy at breakfast anymore."

The story broke a few days later on the front page of both the Prophet and the Quibbler.

Supreme Mugwump Brainwashing Our Children!

By Rita Skeeter

Just last week, this intrepid reporter made a visit to interview Professor Fletcher about his teaching methods, when she discovered something far bigger afoot. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Wizarding world, something mighty strange is going on in that castle. At breakfast, the students jump to their feet singing the praises of the Headmaster as he makes his way to his place.

When asked about this unusual occurrence, a student who wished to remain anonymous had this to say, "Well why shouldn't we? He's a great man, the most powerful wizard of the age, and he defeated Grindewald and stuff. And he's the Headmaster, maybe we should all show him the respect he deserves." Upon further investigation it was revealed that this is a fairly recent innovation to Hogwarts life. "Well at first only some of the students stood to hail him, but over time the rest of us didn't want to be oddballs. Nobody likes to be the odd man out."

One student who wasn't afraid to speak out, Harry Potter the Boy Who Lived, had this to say about how it all started, "Well when everyone came down one morning there were compulsion charms on all the doorways. I've studied occlumancy so I know the effects of a compulsion charm when I feel it. Some of the students looked jumpy that first morning before the Headmaster arrived. Now I am not going to accuse anyone of casting those charms, but the results speak for themselves. The charms weren't there everyday, and never two days in a row, but after awhile when everyone was doing it anyway, they stopped."

"It's no secret around the castle that Dumbledore is obsessed with the war. He leads the Order of the Phoenix, a vigilante group. He has been almost rabid about this new group that just wants to stay independent, The Freak Parade. He's spoken to me harshly on several occasions decrying their goals and telling me I should help his group. If you ask around, I think you'll find that most people want nothing to do with this war, and I think it is a good thing that The Freak Parade is helping people stay safe."

Is Dumbledore brainwashing his students and using the school as a recruiting ground for his private army? There were numerous allegations last year concerning a group called Dumbledore's Army operating in secret at the school. If Dumbledore is responsible for these things, we at the Prophet find such an abuse of power deplorable.

Members of the Freak Parade received a letter inviting them all to the first ever full group meeting, completely optional of course, at Hogwarts grounds. It was billed as a celebration, though of what wasn't listed.

"So everyone knows their jobs right?" Harry asked looking around. "Sirius, you summon his wands, be sure to use the plural just in case he has more than one. Then summon his wand holsters. I know some of those are enchanted so that you can't summon a wand out of them so we need to get them too. Mum, Luna, it's your job to bind him. Use ropes, chains, handcuffs, body bind, whatever you've got but keep hitting him. I want him under so many layers I have trouble seeing his feet. Remus, Dad, you're with me. We need to hit him with every thing we've got. Don't try to kill him, it won't work but we need him stunned, unconscious, asleep, in a coma, everything. We're talking Voldemort here, a simple stupefy is just going to piss him off."

"But how are we going to find him Harry? You told us two weeks ago that we were making a frontal assault but never how we were getting there. We know our jobs and have worked out which spells we are using so much that it's just going to be a solid stream of magic for the first minute or two." Lily pointed out from her spot on the couch where the group was waiting for Harry's signal that it was time to leave.

"That's the nice part. Many years ago, back when Luna and I had just met, we went shopping together. We were hoping to find a way to get out from under Dumbledore's thumb and exploring each other. We went into a store to buy these very same trunks. When we bought them, they were part of a kit. Because of the convenience I ask if they sold many. He told me the last one was sold to Tom Marvolo Riddle back in the forties."

"So, what does that have to do with anything?" James asked.

Harry wrote the name and made the letters dance. Looks of comprehension broke onto their faces. "We're going to floo into his trunk, which hopefully is somewhere in his headquarters and then attack while everyone is sleeping. Thanks to my scar and a bit of legimancy I know he is awake right now so we are going to wait him out."

An hour later and it was time to go. They flooed into the trunk and prepared themselves for whatever was about to happen. Harry was going to open the trunk and look around (since he could only be killed by Voldemort) when he stopped and turned to the others. "Just incase this all goes pear shaped, I just want you all to know I love you. Even you Sirius." Similar words were exchanged all around and Harry peeked out the lid.

He quickly shut it. "Oh I cannot be this lucky."

"What's that dear?"

"We're actually in his bedroom Luna! I could hear him snoring."

They all stealthily exited the trunk and stood round the bed looking at each other and the sleeping figure of their mortal enemy. Harry raised three fingers and slowly dropped them one by one. The air flew thick with magic for a few minutes before they decided it was safe to stop and see if he was still moving. They looked at him for a few moments, and one of his eyelids twitched. The hexing immediately began anew. Eventually it was over.

"Hey Harry, since we're here and all, Padfoot and I need to make a trip."

"What for Moony?"


"Good luck, but get the hell out of here if any sort of alarm gets raised. We can't afford to loose you now."

"Don't worry, we aren't going to die on you yet."

Harry drew a portal to the chamber of secrets and the others lugged the bound Dark Lord through. Moony and Padfoot joined them fifteen minutes later with a rat in an unbreakable jar.

Nearly a hundred brightly colored figures gathered on the lawn in front of Hogwarts that morning. Lily had gone through and assured them all that the party would start as soon as the press and ministry arrived. The rest stayed in the Chamber blasting the Dark Lord every ten minutes. It had been a long night.

Eventually Aurors and members of the press did arrive and the message was sent. Harry and the others arrived, Dark Lord in tow immediately thereafter. Harry stepped forward and lowered his hood so everyone knew who he was.

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... And the Dark Lord will mark him as equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... And either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives."

"It ends today. I have Him right here, bound and defenseless. I want everyone to know I am not doing this for the ministry. I am not doing this for the Order of the Phoenix or Albus Dumbledore. I am doing this for you, the people who just want to live their lives without having to fight. The gentle honest people. I am doing this for me and my family. For all those who have suffered or died." With that he pulled a long curved knife, one he had carved from the fang of Slytherin's basilisk, and plunged it through the cords and into Voldemort's neck. He left it there and approached the Aurors. He held out the jar containing Wormtail.

"This illegal animagus has some information you will find very useful. Ask him about what happened at the Potter house all those years ago, about Sirius Black, the murder of Peter Pettigrew, and the resurrection of Voldemort. Remember, veritaserum is your friend. Now if you'll excuse me I need to go say goodbye to some people." Harry walked off towards the castle.

Breakfast was just ending when Harry walked into the Great Hall, and he attracted quite a few stares for his unusual dress this morning. He walked over to the Slytherin table and found Sirius. "Hey, just wanted to let you know I'm leaving. I'm taking your mother on a vacation, but we'll be back for Christmas. Now that Voldemort is dead, I expect you to show the rest of this snake pit what cunning and subtlety can do. Make Slytherin a House to be proud of. Be good, but don't be afraid to take the professors down a notch."

As he walked over to the Ravenclaw table there were whispers. "Hey Remus, like I told your brother, I'm out of here. Your mum and I are headed out. See you at Christmas and study hard." He walked over to the Gryffindor table and gave his sisters a hug before looking at Hermione. "See you at Christmas and take care of my sisters would you?"

"Sisters? Wait, where are you going?"

Harry walked to the doors of the great hall and looked at the Headmaster before nonchalantly dropping the bomb of the century on them. "Luna and I are withdrawing. Voldemort is dead on the walkway leading up here and I need a vacation. See you all around."

There was in fact a celebration going on when Harry got back to the front lawn. It seems the Aurors still couldn't remove Voldemort's body because everyone in the crowd wanted their chance to kick it first, or just make sure it really was him. He approached Luna.

"So, those snorkacks you used to talk about, they were in Sweden right?"

"No, it's too cold for them there now. They move to the Caribbean this time of year."

"The Caribbean sounds nice, lets go find some."

A few days before Christmas, everyone who was invited was mailed a portkey. Harry waited in his rented room above the Leaky Cauldron for his guests to arrive. Hermione and her parents arrived first. The elder Potters and the kids came next. After clearing the room a bit, nine Weasleys arrived just before Mr. Lovegood.

"Alright good to see everyone again. For those wondering, no this isn't your final stop, but I don't trust people. Not that I don't trust you, but I don't trust the people you are around everyday. We'll move on in just a few moments after I get rid of all these tracking spells you seem to be carrying," He set to work. Everyone had at least one, but his sisters had four each, including one on the bottom of their shoes most people wouldn't look for. "I'm guessing Hermione couldn't contain her curiosity and asked about you being my sisters eh? Hermione, you should have learned after the debacle with the DA not to discuss sensitive things in public. Alright everybody, move through the glowing circle." He drew a portal in the air.

They emerged onto the snowy ground before a modest looking home. "Welcome everyone to Godric's Hollow. We had it rebuilt after everything died down, you've all already been keyed into the wards temporarily so that you can see it." He levitated all the trunks. "Alright kids, you know where your rooms are, put your trunks away and hurry back down, we need to give everyone proper introductions. Mum, Dad, drop the glamours, we're all friends here and Luna is waiting for us with drinks."

With the exception of the elder Grangers and Solaris Lovegood, everyone was shocked when James and Lily Potter were revealed to be the Defense and Potions professors. The Grangers didn't know them from Adam, and Solaris had been in on the whole thing for years. Everyone hurried inside to escape the cold and pepper Harry with questions.

Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were waiting in the sitting room with Luna. The kids came back down and everyone found a seat, Luna's was on Harry's lap. "Welcome to my home, and into the longest running prank in history. As everyone knows, I am Harry Potter, and this beauty is Luna Potter. My parents, James and Lily Potter are by the fire with my sisters Daisy and Iris Potter. Sirius Black is that miscreant with my son Sirius, and Remus Lupin is with my other son who shares his name. With the exception of myself and Luna, all the adults here are supposedly dead. That's our story and we're sticking to it. Now for the shocker of the evening, as if the dead walking among us and me being a father wasn't shocking enough." He dropped the glamours on himself and Luna.

"Blimey mate, you're old!" Ron showed his typical tact as he was the first to break the silence.

"I am not!" Luna huffed.

"Not you Luna, he was talking about Harry." Ginny helped her brother.

"I'm not either. I prefer distinguished, or perhaps mature."

"No, he's got you dad, you're old." Sirius teased.

"Harry, how is this possible?" Hermione asked.

"Well the kids happened in the usual way, the growing up took a while and I'm not sure if I've got the hang of it yet. My sisters I assume happened in the usual way too, but I prefer not to ask about things happening in my parent's bedroom."

Mrs. Weasley finally snapped out of it, "Oooo! Grandbabies!" and she charged Sirius and Remus. Her arms were opened wide to sweep them into a hug. Their godfathers tried to protect them, but they were no match for the redheaded matriarch. Lily decided wisely to avoid joining the fray, but James wasn't so smart.

"Molly, I believe those are MY grandkids."

"And mine!" Chipped in Mr. Lovegood.

"Oh you poor foolish men," Ginny sighed.

The children were released but the hugging and crying continued on the new victims.

"Harry's been like one of my own ever since his first year," She said, "Poor thing all alone on the platform. Now he's all grown up and there's grandkids to spoil."

"Back to that for a moment. How is it that you've grown up Harry? How are your parent's alive? What about Sirius?" Hermione was never one to let a question go unanswered.

"Personally I blame it all on Ron. The short answer is that they were never dead in the first place."

"Oi! How is it my fault?"

"And the long answer?"

"I may have gone back in time and saved everybody."

"But they found your parent's bodies." Mr. Weasley pointed out.

"And those were two of the most loyal T-bone steaks I have ever met; they even came to see me in the Graveyard when I faced Voldemort. I pulled a little slight of hand. Everyone expected to find two dead Potters and they did."

"What about Luna's mum? Couldn't you have saved her?" Half the room gave Ron a death glare for asking such a stupid and insensitive question.

"No, I was there when she died, and I saw her go. She was working on creating a new spell and her wand backfired. There was no time when we could have made the switch." Luna said. "Didn't you ever think it odd that I could always see thestrals but Harry couldn't? Supposedly his mother had died before his eyes too, he had nightmares about it and heard it happen when dementors came, but never saw the thestrals until after Cedric Diggory died."

"But how is it all my fault?" Ron asked.

"Well aside from asking the questions everyone wants to know but can't ask and appear polite, you had a priceless magical artifact but sold it for a pittance. I thank you for that by the way. Your thickheaded-ness led to the happiest fifteen years of my life. I got to meet my parents, married Luna, saved my family and started one of my own. I just wish you had told me. I'd have given you a thousand galleons for it, not the fifty you received." Harry pulled the time turner from a pocket.

"Blimey, I really did get ripped off didn't I?" He received a silencing spell and a glare from all the females present. Mrs. Granger settled for slapping the back of his head.

"So Harry, we all know you killed the Dark Lord, but what about the Prophecy, the 'power the dark lord knew not'?"

"Do you ever run out of questions?" Padfoot asked.

"Nope she doesn't. That would be my friends and family. Voldemort never understood that you were stronger if you had people who genuinely love and care for you. I didn't capture him alone, I couldn't have, I had a lot of help."

A bell chimed. "Oh, sounds like the food is done. We can ask more embarrassing and unintentionally hurtful questions after dinner. You boys make sure you wash your hands before coming to the dinner table." Harry and the twins obediently left towards the nearest bathroom.

When he returned Hermione slapped him. "You utter prat! All this year we've been trying to console you about Sirius' death and Remus' disappearance. You never corrected us; you just smiled and said they were with your parents now!"

"At the time they were!"

"And I suppose that was really them at the costume party?"

"Of course. And they were the ones who kidnapped me over the summer?"

"Then why all this fuss about a freak parade?"

"Can you think of any better way to describe this family? I'm as old as my parents, my sons and my sisters are a few months apart, and Padfoot and Moony are godfathers. Plus, Luna wanted minions."

"Are you coming back to Hogwarts?"

"I've got two masteries, DADA and Arithmancy. Luna has one in Charms. Why would we return to Hogwarts to learn what we already know? Besides we completed the Hogwarts circuit, which was the real challenge of the semester."

"Oh, I forgot you were older for a minute. So did you created all the spells in the little black books?"

"Thanks, I like to pretend I aged gracefully. I created a good number of them, Luna created some, as did my folks. With the exception of Luna, we've all taught at Hogwarts at least once. I am Professor Harold Taggart in case you haven't guessed."

Christmas was calm and enjoyed by all, though Hermione never stopped asking questions. Luna retaliated by enchanting an empty collar to follow Hermione around then announcing that one of her snorkacks liked her. It was quite humorous to watch Hermione squeal and run away.

As time passed, the Freak Parade grew in popularity for a variety of reasons. It seems a lot of people had the capabilities to make their own spells, or even had a few family secrets, but wouldn't share them for fear of having them turned against them. A second version of the little black books came out that was self updating and allowed people to submit new spells protected by the same oaths not to use them to harm others and not to share them.

Within ten years seventy five percent of the magical innovations stayed within the Freak community. Store owners in the group began offering discounts to other members. Purple and green became popular fashion. Slytherin became known as the party House.

Ok, we were lying about the last one.

When Luna turned thirty five officially (rather than her personal timeline), there was a vote of no confidence in the Wizengamot. She was elected Minister of Magic in a landslide victory. It was the cleanest political coup in history, all made possible because she coerced young Mr. Potter to the Purple side.