I do not own the Geography Club, but I love it dearly! This little field trip happens before the rumor of Russell being gay is spread(even though it's true.) Enjoy the story!

Dirty Dancing-Geography Club Style

Ch.1 The Idea

There was chatter going on between the members of the Geography Club.The Geography Club wasn't an ordinary club. This club was an incognito to protect the members.The truth was, the Geography Club was a sanctuary for gays and the occasional straightperson(Belinda)

There were six members of the Geography Club. There was Min and Therese, the couplewho were from different cliques yet were together for several years. They were like two peas inapod. They were both dykes(well, Min was half dyke anyways) Ike, Kevin and I made up the gayportion of our club. Kevin(the hunky baseball star) and I, regular me, were an item, since littlewhile ago. Belinda was like Oddball in 102 Dalmatians. We all had spots but she was bare.Translation for that was we were all gay and she was straight. The great thing was we all got along great.

I've been thinking that our club should meet outside of school. It was cool we got together twice a week. But wouldn't it be fabulous if we could be bold and go out together. I'm not talkingabout going out for pizza either.

"Attention. May I have your attention please. Damn no one was listening. Kevin just stood up.

" Yo People, listen up! Russell has an announcement. Go ahead." He patted his strong hand on my shoulder. That sent shivers down my spine.

"Well, I've been thinking, that we-the Geography Club maybe during the weekend could hang out together?

"It would have to somewhere where no one at school goes." Piped up Therese.

"People would think it was weird, that we're hanging out together outside of school. Remember the library incident." said Kevin a little worrying in his voice.

"But where?" Questioned Min.

"I got it!" Belinda snapped her fingers.

"How bout' the art museum?" Belinda's perky self was showing again.

"Um, will..." My inner gay self loved art but another part of me wanted to be bold and exciting.

Theresa just blew a raspberry. "Boring!"

Min hit her lightly. "Therese, be nice."

"What? If we're gonna hang out some where it better be exciting!"

"Fine, if your so smart, then why don't you think of something!" Belinda shouted at Theresa.For a second Theresa, the proud had a look of shock on her face. Not believing that this bubbly girlcould be so mean to her.

"Alright. How bout' a baseball game for entertainment?" Suggested Therese.

"Yeah." Seconded Kevin.(Who else do you think would side with Therese when a sports topic is mentioned?)

"Baseball is so Boring."." Belinda stated. Before you know it Kevin, Therese and Belinda are bickering about baseball.

Great, a good idea down the drain. Ike stood up and slammed his hands down on the table.

"I've got it! How bout' we all go to a gay club!"

"Huh?' everyone said.

"I mean there'll be food, dancing and music. It's perfect. That's what I believe, anyways. Then he hurriedly sat down.

"I think that's a really good idea." Therese had re-entered the conversation.

"On the bright side, no one at school will be there." Said Kevin.

"But since it's a gay club wouldn't Belinda feel left out?" Min explained.

"Just because I ain't gay, like you people don't mean I can't shake my groove twang!"

Belinda exclaimed. She started doing a little dance. Everyone laughed.

"Everyone who agrees say yeah!" Announced Ike.

"Yeah!" Everyone shouted.

"So this Saturday let's all meet and go to Club Metro." I got the feeling Ike just took over the meeting.

"How do you know about this Club Metro? Kevin asked.

"I've been there a few times." Ike mumbled. We all gave him questioning looks.

"What? This boy got some moves!" He slaps his butt. We couldn't help but laugh.

Kevin gave Ike one of his award winning smiles and was patting him on the back.

I felt the little green monster in me awaken. He should be giving me that sexy grin, not Ike!

"This Saturday at 8 we'll meet at Club Metro and party until we can't no more!" Kevin announced.

XXXX To Be Continued XXXX

I just want to say I felt my blackness take over when I was talking about dancing. I do not own the Geography Club. Also Club Metro is an actual club, a real gay club in fact. More of an adult than teen club b/c there are male strippersdrool I won't include strippers in the next chapter, though.

Things to come in Chapter 2: But there will be conflict between Ike and Russell to get Kevin. Also

Belinda will have a lady hitting on her(flirting) and Theresa will look really pretty(sorry stereotype bad!)