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The town of Little Whinging was bathed in moonlight. The stars flickering like hundreds of small candles in the sky. Just down the street from Four Privet Drive, the heavily wooded forest stood lush and silent. The branches shifting in the calmest summer breeze, setting leaves to rustling softly. Dew clung to wildflowers and the thick grass, giving the forest a fresh and brilliant shimmer. The moons pale rays glinted softly between branches, allowing beams to create dappled patterns across the forest floor. Mice scampered from brush to leaf, constantly watching for any danger.

Slipping quietly through the shadows, a great animal paused and raised its head. Nostrils flaring as it scented the wind, elegant head angled slightly upwards. The stag flicked its tail before proceeding carefully into a small thicket, his black coat allowing him to fade into the shadows before emerging. Panels of moonlight turned his dark hide a shining silver. Lowering a delicate hoof, he pawed at the earth before raising his head and bellowing. The cry ringing out through the forest and setting dogs to barking in their homes. Shaking his head, he slowly curved his neck, nibbling at the tender shoots of grass growing beneath his hooves. The whisper of wings had him tensing before stamping one hoof in irritation, bright emerald eyes tracing the silent path of a white owl floating overhead. Duty called.

Snorting unhappily, the stag turned and began a silent glide through the thick brush. His antlers caught and pulled at low hanging branches, shredding leaves and tearing bark. Flashing eyes trailed the owl winging unhurriedly across the sky, each beat of its wings sending mice scurrying for cover. A white slash began above one of his eyes, encircling the base of the antler before climbing the bone. Where the second antler was covered by soft black velvet, the first remained bare. Each point a glistening threat and reminder to all other animals the he was a king among them. He ignored the grasping branches that raked at his heaving sides, barely slowing when his antlers tangled in dangling vines. His strides lengthened as he moved fluidly into a graceful canter, tucking his forelegs as he bounced daintily over a downed log.

The low jangle of metal on metal accompanied his floating presence. A small circlet was wrapped loosely around one of his back hocks; two little figures hanging from it. The first was that of a wolf, its carved sides glowing reddish under the light while blues eyes twinkled happily. A small fox hung next to the wolf; its fluffy fur seemed to whisper back and forth in the breeze created by the stags rush.

The low thunder of his hooves heralded his arrival at the edge of the forest. Sides trembled and nostrils flared with every deep breath he took. Lowering his head, he lipped at the wisps of grass tickling his muzzle, eyes rolled back so he could watch the dark sky above him. The ghostly form of the owl gave a final haunting call before sweeping onward into the small community, leaving the stag standing alone. Giving a sharp sigh, the massive animal threw his head back and bellowed before dissolving into silver mist. The branches stirred softly as the breeze picked up and clouds floated before the moon.

Thunder rumbled softly in the distance and sheet lightening set the night sky a glow. White stone glittered beneath every caress of light. The wind set the tree branches to twisting and bending beneath its power, every gust sending the wood too groaning and creaking. Leaves seethed against each other creating a deafening hiss, the dark green overpowered by the paler undersides. Surrounding the sprawling manor, gardens waited patiently for the first drops of rain. Roses and lilies stirred in the wind that teased around their stems, swaying quietly back and forth with bright faces turned eagerly upward. The first few drops of rain fell, tinkling loudly.

Gliding through the shadows, a large animal paused. Standing silently, it observed the first teasing drops of rain. In a few short seconds, the sky opened up and rain thundered down, showering the awaiting earth. Sinking into the thick shadows, the massive white tiger shook his coat free of small water droplets. Rumbling unhappily, he pinned his ears back and glared at the tree offering him solace within its reaching branches. Settling back, he wiggled his powerful hindquarters before springing effortlessly up. Claws bit and tore at bark, gouging marks in the ancient trunk.

Plopping down on a low-slung branch, he hissed at the pounding drizzle occurring beyond his perch. Thin black stripes ran the length of his snow-white coat. His tail was long and thick, banded and topped with a cap of rich dark fur. Blue eyes narrowed in silent anger, tail swishing in a show of annoyance. His sand paper tongue traced the soft fur of one paw, nostrils twitching as he tested the night air. The thick scent of damp earth clung at his fur, making him even madder. Raising his muzzle skyward, he parted his jaws and roared. Thunder competed with the angry challenge, fading out before the trail end of the large cats roar. Purring in satisfaction that his call had gone unchallenged, he continued his quiet grooming.

His tongue ran over a gold bracelet wrapped around one of his forepaws. The chain tugged at his fur but he tolerated the sensation. Carefully flattening the fur beneath the pair of charms hanging from the metal. A wolf with its muzzle raised in mock howl shimmered white like the palest of gold. Dangling next to the wolf, a mink crouched, inquisitive eyes appearing to dart back and forth. Both had been crafted by the best goldsmith, the spell cast by the best charmers he could find.

Yawning widely, he tucked his tail close and locked his claws into the tree branch he was resting on. His eyes slid closed slowly as the storm growled on around him. With a last deep breath, the white tiger fell asleep. The storm continued its angered rage, thunder and lightening dancing through the sky.

Beyond the kingdom and territory of the mightiest of kings and the fiercest of hunters, a castle glowed brightly. Hundreds of owls spewing from its windows carrying letters for special students across the country. Wings caressed the night sky as the owls floated towards their destinations, clutching parchment tightly. Some students would take the first steps into witchcraft or wizardry, while others would pick up the reins from last year. Rivalries and friendships would fade and grow; all would depend upon the actions and intentions of the Tiger and the Stag.

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