"You should just tell them about your glorious days as the King of Thieves."Iago was saying to Cassim.

"No, I don't think so, you little turkey."

"That'd encourage them to get out there, and be more adventurous. Instead of sitting around, watching the Genie, and apart from that, just being annoying."

"They don't annoy me at all."

Iago rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, cause you're just a little blind. Maybe go on another treasure hunt?"he suggested.

"No, no more treasure hunting, Iago. I spent most of my life looking for treasure, and I learned the hard way, that it's not what's important."

"Well, it's not unimportant, either, obviously."said Iago.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere

Saluk emerged from the water. How long had it been? It could have been years, he thought. Or maybe not. Maybe only...months, perhaps, weeks. He remembered how he had struggled trapped in the gold through all that time. It could have been, perhaps that the hand of Midas did not cast its spell completely on a human being. But whatever the reason, he would get his revenge on the King, the one who had betrayed him.

Ok, this is just like the prologue, or something. Love to hear what everyone thinks. The HoM thing wore off Saluk, cause it doesn't work on organic tissue, his skin regrew, etc, just can't find another way to explain.lolWill go a bit into Saluk and Cassim's pasts, might uncover some interesting stuff.