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He could only watch in horror, the cross mark on his cheek still fresh and binding his powers, as they murdered her, carefully, slowly, mind-numbingly painfully. Her soulful black eyes locked with his, staring at him with a mixture of agony, sorrow, and accusation. If only he'd been there when the Corruption tried to break through the barrier, if only he'd waited for backup before rushing out to save her, if only he'd been stronger and smarter than to fall into this trap...

A wave of unknown feeling bubbled up inside of him, a powerful, twisted, corrupted feeling so unlike the pure, idealistic thoughts he had always harbored. The new emotion threatened to override his senses and create unspeakable evil, and he tried to stamp it out before it could cause irreversible damage.

But he was not strong enough, without his powers, to put a damper on his new-found hatred.

Eyes burning with the before unfelt emotion, he let out a feral screech and felt the waves of anger rush from his being, the shockwaves of pure power destroying all they touched.

Several precious moments later, he calmed himself, feeling for the mark on his cheek, and found it scarred over. As long as his life energy wasn't seeping from it, he would have at least some control over himself and his powers. The thought brought his mind back to reality, and he swept the clearing with his narrowed gaze, ignoring the disintegrating corrupt spirits in his search for her.

And then he found her, mutilated beyond hope of recovery, the shock of his anger stealing her last breaths even as he looked on in horror. He rushed to her side, cradling her tortured form against his as tears of anger, frustration and despair poured from his now amber eyes. One last glance, she spared one last glance at him, and smiled. It was a sad smile, the sort that said that it was all over and things would never be the same, but it was still a smile. Her eyes dimmed, the spark of life snuffed out, and she fell limp in his arms.

He was allowed one last scream of agony, her name torn from his lips, before he was ripped from the spiritual realm and cast to Earth, where he knew death awaited him.

'Tomoe... I'm sorry...'


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