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Are You Still Up? is part of a Kim Possible fanfic series I'm calling The Summer of Love which takes place between the Prom Kiss and the start of the Senior year. TSoL will include some full length stories (in the works) and brief smuff/fluff stories like this one.

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Random Moments in The Summer of Love:

Are You Still Up? (or Kim's Gotta Have It) by Kimron Posstoppable (AKA VelvetiSmoove)

Kim Possible woke up at about one o'clock Saturday morning. She sighed with a smile, trying to remember the dream she'd awakened from. The details were sketchy, but the sensations she felt told her it had been one of those dreams.

She had an itch that needed scratching.

After five or ten mintues of trying to scratch it on her own, she decided to call Ron.

If someone had told her four years ago that she would be making a call like this to Ron Stoppable, her best friend for life since like, forever, she would have told them they were crazy. After their first kiss at the Junior Prom and their last make-out session, it didn't seem so crazy to her.

Kim picked up the Kimmunicator from her nightstand and called Ron. She felt kind of guilty doing this.

Kinda. Sorta. Not really.

Ron appeared on-screen, his blond hair disheveled. "Hey, K.P."

"Hi, Ron. I didn't wake you, did I?"

"No, no, K.P. I was just, um... sleeping." He rubbed his eyes. "So... what's the sitch?"

She resisted the urge to say something really dirty. "I miss you," she said as seductively as possible.

"You just saw me a couple of hours ago."

And I've been dreaming of you ever since you left. "I know."

"So... Is there a mission we have to go on?" The mission they had come back from earlier that evening had really wiped him out. Prof. Dementor's goons were a lot tougher than they looked. They never got the opportunity to lay a finger on him, but still...

She barely covered her frustration. "No. I just wanted to see you."

"Oh. Okay." Weird.

One more try. "Can you come over for just a little while?" She was almost pleading now.

"Can't it wait till morning, Kim?"

Damn. Kim sighed. "Sure Ron. See you tomorrow." She switched off the Kimmunicator shaking her head. So cute. So clueless. Sometimes he was slow on the uptake, but he'd figure it out eventually. "Three, two--".

Beep-beep-be-beep! She quickly hid a smug grin. "Hi, Ron."

"Uh...Was that call about what I think it was about?"

Her voice turned husky. "Don't make me start without you."

He read her voice and face and saw Kim's thinly veiled desire. She meant business. She wanted him bad.


The way he saw it, he had two choices:

Take the booty call and rush over there or roll over and go back to sleep.


"K.P., as unbelievably cool as this is, I'm so tired, I'd be no good to you."

"Oh." The idea of him lying asleep beneath her while she had her way with him crossed her mind briefly and was just as quickly dismissed. Boy, was she desparate. Oh, how she wanted him.

"The one part of me that's willing to get up and come over right now is the only one that can't get me over there."

She tried and failed to hide her disappointment. It had been worth a try, at least. "I guess I'll see you tommor--"

"Want me to talk you down?"

She wasn't expecting that. "'Kay."

Continued in... Are you Still up, Part 2 - Pillow Talk