Yet another story in the Bones/Booth futurefic. I've had this idea for a while now but I had to wait until Body in the Park was done to post it. Hope you like it. Sorry it's so short.

"Good morning, Washington! It is 7:00 o'clock folks which means it is time for DC News with Raymond Doyle. Raymond?"

"Thank you, Paul."

The voice of the radio announcer stirred Temperance and Booth from their slumber. As limbs stretched after a rather still good night's sleep, Raymond Doyle began babbling about the latest development in the latest crime case in the city. Temperance barely listened, even though she should've had, since Raymond was talking about the body she had identified the previous day. But she didn't care. Just like every morning. Just like every morning where she had to wake up next a cold and angry Seeley Booth. Just like every morning for the last four months.

This morning was no different. No words were spoken as the married couple got out of bed, one walking off to the master bedroom's bathroom and the other to the main one. No words were spoken as the couple marched downstairs to prepare everything for their kids' breakfast nor were any words said when they had walked back to the second floor, one to take a shower, the other to fetch the children. But Temperance preffered things like that. She didn't like arguing, especially in front of her children.

She had tried so hard to change her routine. Ryan had finally accepted on letting come home early every night (before-dinner early), didn't call her on week-ends to ask if she could work and had definetely stopped trying to break-up the married couple. Booth had started therapy and had even tried his best not to be jealous but yet, something had changed. Despite all of their efforts, nothing had worked. They were just drifting further and further apart.

Lukas' room was dark, as always, and the first one on her way. She decided to wake him first. As she gently rocked him back to consciousness, she couldn't help but notice how much he looked like Booth. The same brown eyes, the same brown hair, the same face and even the same smile. He had her intelligence, she had to grant him that, and most likely her strength as well but besides that, he was all Booth.

The only thing of Booth I have left. She caught herself thinking. She was surprised at her own thoughts. She still had Booth. She still had his love. She just had to admit that with the way he was acting lately, it was hard tothink that there was still love between the two of them.

Lukas opened his eyes and smiled as the image of his blurry mother came into focus. He closed his eyes once again before yawning and stretching.

"It's time to get up, Luke." Temperance whispered.

Lukas nodded but didn't move. Temperance smiled tenderly.

"We're having pancakes for breakfast." She told him, knowing it would do the trick.

In an instant his eyes were open and Temperance wouldn't have been surprised to see him jumping out of the bed and running downstairs.

"Home-made?" he asked.

His daddy's pancakes were the best. He silently wished for home-made pancakes.

"Just the way you like them."

Lukas smiled.

"Come on. Get up, go downstairs and I'll be there in a minute. I just need to wake up your sister."

Lukas nodded. Temperance got up and walked out of the bedroom.

Riley's room was two doors down and Temperance passed the bathroom and Parker's empty bedroom on the way. Her daughter's door was closed, as always. Temperance opened it quietly, not to startle her daughter who usually slept lightly.

Just like her brother's room, Riley's room was just as dark and as much as she wanted to be quiet, Temperance just couldn't. Half-way through the room, she stepped on squeaking stuff animal. The noise startled her but didn't seem to wake up her daughter. She let out a sigh.

She sat on the bed, just like she had done with Lukas. She gently shook her daughter and was surprised when Riley's eyes didn't immediately shot open.

Oh well. Maybe she's just really tired this morning. Temperance told herself.

"Hey Baby." She whispered as Riley opened her eyes and whimpered. "It's time to get up."

Riley shook her head before closing her eyes again.

"Come on, Riley. You have to get up. You have to go to school."

Riley didn't move.

So like her father. Temperance thought. Just as stubborn as he is.

"Five more minutes." She told her daughter before getting up.

Glancing one last time at her daughter in her bed, Temperance walked out of the room.

"Mommy! Can I have some orange juice?" Lukas asked as he took his third bite of pancakes.

"Sure thing, Sweetie." Temperance replied as she opened the refrigerator door.

"Where's Riley?" Booth asked, lowering his newspaper.

"Still sleeping."

"Well shouldn't you wake her up?"

His tone was accusatory and Temperance immediately turned defensive. Lukas dropped his gaze to his plate.

They're going to fight again. He thought.

Temperance had been about to reply when a very tired-looking Riley walked in the kitchen. She quietly sat at her usual spot, not bothering to say hello to anybody. Crossing her arms on the table, she laid her head on them and closed her eyes.

"How come you're so sleepy this morning?" Booth asked his daughter as he ran his hand through her hair.

Riley didn't answer.

"Do you want some pancakes?" Temperance asked as she filled Lukas' glass with orange juice.

Riley shook her head. Both parents looked at each other. Riley loved pancakes.

"Rye what's wrong?" Temperance asked, crouching in front of her daughter.

Riley opened her eyes briefly before shutting them again.

"Sweetie, are you feeling alright?" Booth, suddenly concerned.

Riley never had that much trouble waking up.

The little girl shook her head. Temperance pressed her hand on her daughter's forehead.

"Hmm..." she said. "She's a little warm. Maybe she should stay home."

Booth shrugged. Temperance rolled her eyes. She stood up and picked up her daughter.

"Come on, Rye. I'll bring you back to bed."

The thermometer beeped and Temperance knew it was time to take it out of her daughter's mouth. She flipped it over and read the number: 101F.

Slightly feverish. Temperance thought.

She had been about to voice it when she noticed that Riley had already fallen back asleep. Kissing her gently on the top of the head, Temperance then stood up and walked out of the room.

In the living room, she picked up the phone and dialed a number. Pressing various numbers, she finally got a ring tone. She waited patiently for someone to answer. She didn't wait very long.

"Dr. Goodman? It's Temperance. Yes, I'm fine. Listen, I won't be able to come in to work today. Yes. It's Riley. She's sick and I can't send her to school. No. Well it looks like a fever. She hasn't thrown up or anyth-- Okay. Yes. I'll see you tomorrow. Thanks again."

Putting down the phone, she sighed loudly. She hated missing work.

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