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Harry hit the ground with a loud thump. "Fucking Malfoy" Harry mumbled as he picked himself off the floor. He had been partnered with Malfoy in potions and the git had just had to purposely throw in all the ingredients at once, it didn't really matter to him since Snape was going to blame Harry and give Malfoy an O. He looked only to find himself in an abandoned corridor. "Wait a second wasn't I just in the potion's classroom? How did I end up here? Oh well it's not like I wanted to be in potions in anyways I'll just head up to the tower and wait for Hermione to come and yell at me" So with that decided Harry started climbing the stairs toward Gryffindor tower. When he reached the portrait of the fat lady he mumbled quietly "Voldemort" it was part of Dumbledore's plan to get people to say The Dark Lord's name.

The Fat Lady gave a squeak and said in a rather loud voice "don't say his name! And who would ever use He-Who-Must-Be-Named as a password!"

"What but that was the password last week!" Harry argued.

"I won't waste my time with hooligans like you! Either you give me the password or you don't enter!"

"Whatever" Harry mumbled. "I'll just go see Dumbledore." Harry started to head down to the headmaster's office wondering what was happening.

When Harry reached the headmaster's office he kicked the gargoyle's clawed feet and was granted entrance to the office. Harry had discovered the secret way to enter the headmaster's office when in a fit of rage he just kicked the gargoyle and surprisingly enough it opened for him. Harry climbed the steps that lead to the headmaster's office and knocked on the door. A soft "come in" indicating that Albus wasn't expecting anyone. Harry entered the office where his eyes rested on a slightly different looking Dumbledore. 'He looks different... I don't know he looks kind of... younger' Harry thought.

"Hello, I don't believe I've met you before" Dumbledore said.

"Professor Dumbledore, it's me Harry, you know Harry Potter, are you okay, should I go get Madame Pomfrey?" Harry asked part of him believing this whole thing was a joke and part of him was really worried about the old man. "Oh man" Harry moaned "have I landed in an alternate universe again, maybe this time I wasn't born"

"... well that would explain you looking like a mix between Lily and James, may I inquire the date"

"Professor you should know its September 24th, seriously though should I get Madame Pomfrey?"

"Harry what's the year?" Professor Dumbledore asked, while his eyes were twinkling full volume.

"1996, professor, maybe we should forget Madame Pomfrey and get you to Saint Mungo's"

"Harry, you were right you weren't born yet, it's only 1976" Dumbledore replied smiling jovially, and with that said Harry promptly fell out of his chair in a dead faint. Professor Dumbledore sighed, as he looked at Harry and proceeded to call the nurse.

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