Hey everyone sorry for the tremendously long wait… I know it's really pathetic how long it took me and there is no excuse for that. Anyways this is my third time writing this chapter the first two times it was deleted by my hard drive crashing (you think I would be smart enough to save it on a flash drive… I guess not) and right now I'm a full time college student and I have three part time jobs… let's just say writing is not my number one thought right now. Anyways here's the long awaited final chapter of Unexpected Results of Time Travel! Yay!

Sirius and Lucius both kept a tight hold on the object of their affection as they dragged him towards the carriages that would take them back to the castle. The boys wondered if pushing themselves on Harry had been a very good idea to begin with… after all the boy was completely oblivious and innocent.

The larger boys both exchanged looks over Harry's head as they arrived at the carriage, the look spoke of the crazy idea of both of them confessing and letting Harry decide and the other backs away gracefully. Both of them hoped Harry would choose them but if he was going to be happier with the other… they weren't going to break up that happiness.

Sirius then went and took the seat to the left of Harry as Lucius took the seat on the right, both of them were nervous… hell they were down right scared both of them has been competing for Harry's love since he had arrived and now they were finally going to see where the fruits of their labor got them.

"Harry, look at us…" Sirius called gently. Harry looked at him for the first time since being taught about the wands and the holsters (or the wands and the wands in their case). 'He really does have beautiful eyes…' he thought before continuing with his speech, "We need to discuss something very important that has been on Lucius' and my mind a lot lately." The carriage jerked forward as they started their ride back to the castle where they first met each other.

Lucius then started to speak, "Harry, we are both in love with you, I can't speak much for Black, but I really mean that when I say that. You've consumed my thoughts in these last months… all I can think about is how wonderful you are and how you bring so much light, humor, and fun in my life and I want you to be my boyfriend and my lover."

Before Harry could say anything a hand gently pulled his face to gaze in the direction of Sirius. "Harry I'm not as eloquent as Malfoy over there, but I feel much the same way, at first it was about lust; I mean you're absolutely gorgeous! Anyways after I've gotten to know you more I realize that you're exactly what I've always wanted in a partner someone who can joke and laugh but be strong when need be… Harry please be my boyfriend and lover…" Sirius pleaded.

Harry was stunned; these two beautiful men wanted him. Not just wanted him, but they loved him. In his wildest dreams he couldn't imagine this happening… he had noticed they cared about him but he didn't dare imagine they would love him, but now they wanted him to choose between them… something he wasn't sure he could do. His face turned to look at Lucius who was looking like the aristocrat he was, his face was impassive but to Harry he could see the hope and worry that was brewing in his jeweled blue eyes. Harry then gazed towards Sirius he was openly nervous, biting his lip and the worry and hope were clear in his molten gray eyes as well. Harry didn't know what to do… he knew what his feelings were, but he didn't know what to say.

Harry opened his mouth to speak before closing it again.

"Harry, whomever you choose we won't be angry… we'll do our best to try and make sure the relationship doesn't change," Lucius pointed out.

"We just want you to be happy… hopefully with one of us and by us I mean me," Sirius joked trying to lighten the mood.

"I… I've actually thought about this a lot you guys," Harry started and then began giggling from the expressions of shock written on Sirius' and Lucius' faces. He swayed a little bit as the Threstrals reached a bumpy part on the way to Hogwarts. "What did you guys actually believe I'm as innocent as I acted?" Again the looks on their faces told him they did. "Don't get me wrong I've never had sex before and I don't know a lot about it, but even I notice when they're two beautifully handsome boys you are friends with…"

"I'm so confused," Sirius bemoaned… Lucius nodded in agreement.

"Well I didn't think either of you would particularly care about me that much… you both are known to be pretty flirty…. Anyways I don't think I can choose. As selfish as this sounds, I love you both. I can't choose because it would be like choosing between having no air and going to mars, either way I'll die with no oxygen."

Sirius was shocked how could someone love him and Malfoy at the same time, lusting after both of them he could understand but loving? They were so different. Sirius did have to admit… Lucius was pretty good looking.

Lucius was stunned as well, a Black, a Potter, and a Malfoy love triangle, what was the world coming too? Lucius did have to agree that Sirius was handsome.

Harry looked down; he couldn't believe he had finally told them… They probably didn't really mean what they said; he concluded 'neither of them had said anything'.

"Well Lucius, it looks like we have a little problem here… our little minx has fallen for both of us…" Sirius started, causing Lucius and Harry look at him in surprise. "We said we just wanted him to be happy and if he wants both of us and that'll make him happy… well I can definitely deal with having two very attractive lovers." He ended with a suggestive leer to both of them causing Harry to blush scarlet.

"You know Black, I mean Sirius. I think you might actually have a point there." Lucius said in a deep voice. "You two do look extremely sexy together… I can't say that I care that much for you Sirius, but if it will make Harry happy, then I'm up for it."

Harry beamed beautifully at both of them, their breathe hitching at the sight before them. "Wow, I can't believe this is actually happening…" he breathed. "I can't believe it."

"Oh you better believe it, Harry and since you don't Lucius and I will just have to prove it." Sirius whispered sexily as he leaned closer to Harry on the cushioned bench and nibbled on his earlobe as he finished his sentence.

Lucius, catching on started to suck and kiss Harry's neck, making Harry moan.

Harry couldn't believe this was actually going to happen, he had the two men he lusted after and eventually come to love each doing something naughty to him, just then Sirius started undoing Harry's shirt and he figured he could leave the reminiscing until later… much later… like when his boys weren't doing such tempting things to him.

While Sirius was undoing Harry's shirt, Lucius started to leave love bites all the way down Harry's chest, until he reached his nipple which Lucius gently nibbled on. As soon as Sirius was done with the buttons of the shirt he pushed it off of Harry's small frame hurriedly and covered Harry's other nipple with his mouth sucking and softly biting. Harry moaned as both of his lightly dusted colored buds were occupied, he moans got even louder as Lucius started to massage him through his school pants.


Sirius then pulled himself away from Harry and declared, "Harry get naked now,". Lucius dragged himself away from the boy that was a regular star in his X-rated fantasies to look at the boy undress. Harry blushingly stood up, hyper aware of the two burning gazes on his person and slowly started to unbutton his pants and slide them off of his petite hips. He heard twin gasps of excitement and he knew they noticed his choice of undies. He was wearing girl underwear, the underwear was pink and it had writing on it, which upon closer inspection read "cherry anyone?" with a picture of a cherry that was placed on the right hip.

"Harry, love, do a spin for us…" Lucius instructed. Harry did what was asked and did a slow turn showing that the undies themselves only covered half of Harry's round bubble butt. Not being able to take it Lucius moved forward and started to slide his hands up and down Harry's butt and legs, while Sirius moved in front of the feminine boy and claimed his mouth in a passionate kiss. While Harry was distracted with Sirius, Lucius being the sneaky Slytherin he is snuck over and opened a "Perfect Uke Package", grinning as he looked inside and pulled out the lube he moved back over to the uke that this was going to be used on and sighed as he looked at the amazing ass that was placed in front of him. Lucius then started to strip and as Harry turned around he was greeted with the sight of a completely naked Lucius standing ready (in more ways than one) for Harry's attention. Harry gaped, drinking in the sight before him. Lucius was gorgeous; there was no other way to put it. The man was lithe and he was covered in light muscle, but what Harry was most interested in was nestled between the man's legs… an eight inch cock stood proudly waiting for attention much like Lucius himself.

Harry dropped to his knees on the carpeted floor almost as if he was in a trance and started to pleasure Lucius. He started with small licks to the strong shaft before gradually making the licks longer and circling the head. Harry then took the head in his mouth and started moving his tongue around it; he then slowly started to take more into his mouth until his nose was almost nestled in curls.

Sirius looked at the scene before him with complete lust, the two men in front of him were some of the best looking men that he has ever seen and he couldn't wait to join in the fun. Sirius stripped quickly and picked up the discarded bottle of lube and moved to where Harry was kneeling and was still moving his head on Lucius' cock with smoldering eyes. He had kneeled down behind Harry and gently removed the girly undies Harry donned; he left them down by Harry's knees and started to kiss Harry's back gently and rubbed his smooth hips making the said boy moan lightly. Sirius coated his fingers in the lube and gently probed Harry's entrance with one finger making the moans a little louder, encouraged Sirius pushed the finger fully in with little difficulty.

Lucius' head lolled back as Harry bobbed his head faster on his shaft, and seeing as Sirius had the boy moaning as he fingered him he figured that he would have a go at the second round. As the carriage hit a bump and pushed Harry even further down on his cock, Lucius let out a low moan that was filled with pure pleasure. Harry hearing Lucius reaction tried again after recovering from the surprise intake of more than he thought he could handle, Harry pushed himself further down; deep throating Lucius. Harry moaned loudly as Sirius pushed a third finger in and Lucius felt that moan vibrating through his entire being.

"Okay get up," Sirius growled lustfully, while removing his fingers. Harry did as he was told and gulped as he got his first look at a nude Sirius, the man was all muscle more built than Lucius but both were equally as beautiful.

"This is how we're going to do this, Lucius your back up against the wall of the carriage, Harry you're going to suck and I'm going to ride you raw. Everyone okay with that? Good."

Surprisingly Lucius followed orders without complaint. The boys were in the positions that Sirius directed them to before beginning once more. Sirius lubed his shaft and gently pushed it in Harry who seemed to be taking it rather well, after a little adjustment Harry once more took Lucius cock in his mouth as Sirius began to move in and out of him. As Sirius was pounding Harry, his mouth was taking Lucius in deeper and deeper every time. The bumps and thumps of the carriage were making the "ride" even more unexpected, surprising, and fun for the boys.

Sirius was soon pounding Harry with all his might and Lucius' hips were thrusting to meet Harry's mouth, both of them making the other go deeper inside their love. Lucius came first spilling his seed inside Harry mouth, Harry swallowed in greedly and as Lucius slumped against the cushioned seat, Sirius reached around and gave Harry's shaft a few quick strokes before he came against the door of the carriage with a loud cry. Sirius came last leaving his load in Harry, before pulling out slowly.

The boys all slumped together on the seat of the carriage for a few minutes, none of them speaking, but Harry broke the silence first…

"Well who's ready for round two?" he asked in a sensual voice. Lucius and Sirius looked at each other and smirked, they really did know how to pick the best.

That is the end of my story. It took like four years to finish but it is done! I am so happy! This was my first lemon and it was so hard to write (Hooray for carriage smut)! I hope everyone enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! I love you all!