Ode to the Fandom
A poem in which hardly anything rhymes, nothing follows proper order, and is generally silly.
Fandoms Included: Doctor Who (5, 7, and 10), Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis, Firefly/Serenity, House MD, Numb3rs, Bones, Surface, The Dead Zone.

My fandom.
My fandom is shiny.
floats, a leaf on the wind. Dodges bullets where it can, danger where it must, and always home for tea.
My fandom travels,
by wormhole, by spaceship, by cleverly disguised telephone box.
My fandom is mine,
and it belongs to the world.

My fandom.
My Doctor.
Wearing silver glasses, black glasses, a hat to doff to the enemy politely, a brolly on his arm.
Sporting Celery, an air of mystery, a tap on the nose, a dash of Nitro-9. He licks things at random, and dances about his ship.
My Doctor is a free spirit.
My Doctor is a child, a wiser man, and a child again.
President, holding an Ace up his sleeve, a Survivor.
My Doctor is many, but still only one.

My fandom.
My Gate Crew!
The Daniel/Jack show, the Daniel/Mitchell show. Daniel is the teacher now.
The temptress across the galaxies, returned with the false gods,
false gods who hold real power.
My gate crew,
spanning two galaxies.
Technobabble and pointed needles, scottish brogue and canadian snark.
My gate crew survives death.

My fandom.
My fandom seeks serenity,
lighting the fireflies in the night sky, sailing the 'verse.
My fandom fights demons, men gone mad, driven insane in the black.
No alliance needed, not with friendship like this.
And guns with names.

My fandom.
My doctor, not The Doctor.
The wounded puppy will bite, and bite hard.
Fire in his eyes filling pain's persistance, the rattle in his pocket.
My doctor saves impossible lives.

My fandom.
My boys prattle numbers, fire words at 90 per, then slow down to explain.

My fandom.
My girls are strong, unafraid. Washing lies from bones to reveal truths and bring justice.

My fandom.
My friends stay strong, stay loyal, even as worlds change, even as monsters rise from the depths.

My fandom.
Braving the darkness of the past, the future, bringing them into the light with a single touch.

My fandom.
From the impossible to the unbelieveable.
From pepperpots to probabilities.
From alien worlds to our own backyards.
From the mind of a genius to the mind of a child.
From scorched earth to vasting black.

My fandom is SciFi.