Ranma coughed once, sending crison droplets of liquid momentarily floating through the air until gravity took up its relentless hold and they fell like raindrops to join with the spreading puddle of sticky redness beneath him.

"Heh... hehehe..."

Laboriously he turned his head to the side, to his ill-fated landing place.


It wasn't the first time his tempermental fiance had sent him on an impromptu flight, in fact the previous few weeks had seen him in the air more often than not, but until now all of his visits to the stratosphere had terminated in a reasonably harmless landing. Lakes, parks, and suchlike.

Not this time.


It was actually somewhat amusing though. He wanted to release an ironic chuckle, but he could no longer draw enough breath through his peirced lungs. He,who had defeated countless challengers... Ryoga... Mousse...Herb... Ryu... even Saffron... Each opponent more powerful, more deadly than the last... And yet he had been brought low by, of all things, a length of splintered pipe. Even more ironic was that chances were that this pipe was here because it had been damaged in one of his many out of control battles. Idly he noted a passerby stop and stare, pale and shocked, and then start screaming for help, for somebody to call the cops, to get an ambulance, there's an injured man in the junkyard.


An injured man... she was talking about him, wasn't she... an ambulance... It didn't matter. He'd been in this area a couple of times before, and the nearest medical facility was fifteen minutes of driving time away. If they were fortunate, and drove as fast as an ambulance could go... they might make it in just under eight minutes. But he knew something about blood loss, and judging by the quantity of his life fluid seeping into the dirt...

They would still be seven minutes late.

The girl had jumped the fence, an odd thing for a simple bystander to be able to do, and rushed to his side apparently hoping that if she stanched the flow, he would miraculously heal all of his internal damage. A pity that her fine dress would be ruined, the embroidered roses were spectacular work, it must have been terribly expensive.

A light smile of apology graced his lips, as his last breath stilled and his body went limp.



ReaperFics Unltd. Presents

Zombie Ranma


Disclaimer: Cutting off a zombies head only means it can't eat your guts when it disembowels you.

I do not own Ranma 1/2 or Reiko the Zombie Shop.


Chapter One- Why only a fool beats a dead horse.


Darkness. I am alone. Alone and adrift in a sea of nothingness. My only companions the constant chill and the enveloping, eternal darkness. Alone with my damnably perfected memories.

All my life I had wondered why my memory was so sketchy, why I could only recall bits and peices of my past, but had constantly let the musing aside as irrelevant. I'd had more important things in my life to worry about than why I could only recall a couple years of it. But now. Now I could recall, save one thing, the entirety of my life from birth onwards.

I now only mourn that I cannot forget.


"I am told, Miss Himezono, that your sevices come very highly recommended."

"Miss Kuno, there are very few who practice my craft. And of the fewer still who happen to reside in Japan I am most certainly the most capable. Now, assurances aside, as long as you can meet my price I will raise any corpse you wish, but you must understand, it will, for all purposes, be a walking, talking corpse. ...I know no means of bringing him back into true life."

Kodachi closed her eyes in contemplation, then breathed out a soft sigh of resignation.

"It matters not. I only wish to ask my love but a single question, then you may release him to his deserved rest. I must take my satisfaction in avenging his foul murder before I can join my love in the afterlife."

Reiko sweatdropped but nodded, after all, as long as she was paid in full, it wasn't really a concern of hers anyway.


As every second passes in this velvety darkness, I can feel my rage and hatred grow. For my 'betrothed', Akane. For her sisters, the mercenary and the so called 'oblivious' bitch. With all my comforting illusions stripped away I can see the truth. It simply is not possible for someone intelligent enough to read such high level books of medicine as a hobby to not understand the things happenning around her.

For their father, the weepy little shit without a spine.

That bastard, Ryoga, who'd manipulated his honor to get into Akane's bed.

Ucch- Ukyou, who'd played at being his friend in the hopes of guilting him into mairrage.

The Amazon trio- the slut, the blind imbecile, and the ancient withered talking monkey.

Of course, I can't forget the other shrunken gnome, the infamous lecher, panty thief, and likely in his younger days serial rapist Happosai.

The stick-waving delusional moron.

My honor-and-manliness obsessed 'Mother', who would be more than happy to make me stick a knife in my guts and lop off my head.

And the man who pretends to be my father.


Kodachi set a suitcase atop the glass coffin, opening it and displaying the stacks of bills inside before handing it to Reiko.

"One million yen. As agreed upon. Let us delay then no longer."


My hot, burning rage, the desire to rend their flesh, to destroy them utterly has passed, replaced with cold, uncaring hatred. I no longer wish to taint myself with the personal release of their blackened souls. But I will have them punished. And there are things so much worse than a simple death. I-wait, what is this? I feel... warm. I- light...

So bright.


Where...?I... I can feel my body, but... A trick. I'll remain still and wait for it to pass. But... so real... I- My ki! What the hell is wrong with my ki? And why...

"Miss Reiko, please explain why it was neccesary to chain my love to a wall before you would raise him. I would very much like to know."

Yes! Explain things! But first I have to know where the hell my ki is. I can't find a speck of ki anywhere in- wait! What is this? It's not ki, but maybe...

I drink deep of this strange new energy, so like ki, and yet so different. I can feel it, this anti-ki, flooding the veins where blood no longer flows, mending even the wounds that killed me. They are looking elsewhere. They do not see my swift restoration, the maggots in my chest dying and being forced out of my wounds by my rapidly regenerating flesh.

I allow myself the old, arrogant smirk I favored in life. I know I died, yet I am no longer dead. Neither alive nor dead. Un-dead.

My grin grows as power floods my body and I shatter my puny restraints. Kodachi and the redhead turn in shock. The Redhead... Reiko wasn't it?... raises her left hand towards me, displaying an odd tattoo on her palm. Ah. So she is the necromancer. I file that thought away for future reference as I leap out of the window. Within seconds, I've passed the boundaries of the Kuno Estate and my laughter becomes uncontrollable as I dash along the poorly lit streets.

Vengeance Is Mine!


Authors Notes: Heh. Well it seems I've made myself a liar. Origionally I'd intended to write the first chapter of Half Reaper, but about a quarter of the way through I found a new manga at the local bookshop. Naturally I bought and read it, and afterwards I found myself compelled to write this. And completely forgot about my other fics. Ooops...

Anyway, please review. I need your help to decide how to make the story progress. Ranma's new powers, who to match him with (If anyone), who to kill off and how, who ranma's real parents are... let me know your ideas!

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