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Zombie Ranma

Chapter Two: A meeting.


Ranma smirked evilly as he watched the many glowing monitors. once he had left the compound he had circled around back and snuck in through the rear entrance. The way that he had fled, he assumed that it would have seemed he was mindlessly eager to go on a rampage. Much as he would have enjoyed that, the security cameras had shown the redheaded girl following his well laid trail. He scowled momentarily at that. The girl had brought him back with a spell, for the moment he would have to assume that she had a spell that could make him dead again. For now, he would have to avoid the little necromancer at all costs.

His smirk returned, and grew, as he found the section he was looking for. From the angle the camera was set at all that you could see was that there was a coffin in the room, the interior was blocked from view.

He had never been brought to a doctor. Kodachi had brought him back to the Kuno estate, had ordered up a very expensive coffin, but nobody else had actually seen his body. Koucho Kuno was off on a two month 'business trip' in Hawaii, and somehow he had convinced Tatewaki to come along, the coffin makers had been bought off with a spurious lie, (She had told them that she wanted it to sleep in. Upon the realization that she was a Kuno, they had stopped asking questions and simply made it.) and even the Kuno's pet ninja was off somewhere on leave.

It was the work of a moment to summon the dark power that flooded his veins to vaporize a single VHS tape with a crucial segment of recorded time.

As he left, his smirk shifted to an evil leer, with no records of his death anywnere in existence... it would be impossible to prove that he had died.

The hunt had begun.


The child shivered in a dark alleyway, the cold peircing her once fine garments and hunger gnawing on her bones, but it was the fear that got to her the worst. They were following her, tracking her, they were hunting her as the last of her family line. For years they had hunted her, ever since that night.

She shivered again, this time in recollection, as waves of memories crashed against her.

Five years ago... That day...

The news had been confirmed. For a time after her father's demise, the local inhuman population had fallen into something of a lull, but recently there had been a rash of unexplainable murders. The police were baffled, each of the victims had died in a similar manner, but there appeared to be no link otherwise. An old man here, a few schoolgirls there, but no apparent connections.


All of those targeted had either been hunters at one time, were hunters themselves, or were in training to be hunters one day. The entire staff had noted this, and were preparing to leave the next day, to get their young mistress to safety and out of reach.

They had attacked in the middle of the night, dozens of them. Vampires, werewolves, a few goblins and imps, a revenant or two, and even, leading the attack with its death magic, an ArchLich. She had been certain she would die there, but in the chaos the oldest and most loyal of her servants, had made it to her.

Smearing his own blood over her, he had instructed her to lie down and be very still and quiet, and then, assured that she, at least, might make it through the slaughter he, had peacefully died.

Somehow, amidst all the screaming, bloody death, they hadn't noticed a single, terrified little girl.

Unfortunately, the reporters had noticed that a corpse was missing, and had mentioned it in the local paper.

Nearby, a low, mournful howl broke her out of her reminiscing. One, at least, was close enough that it had picked up her scent. Within minutes, the entire pack would converge and begin to follow her trail.

"Shit!" she muttered and began to run, the hunger and the cold forgotten as the fear sped her flight.


Ranma sat on the roof of some restaraunt, idly gazing at the moon while vainly trying to filter out the sounds of stray dogs battling over scraps from the dumpster out back.

"... I knew this was a bad spot..."

The dogs suddenly fell silent, though, as a low howl rose up, silencing momentarily all those who heard it. Ranma stood and turned to where the sound had come, and was now being answered by similar calls.

"That was no dog." He smirked slightly. "How interesting."

Calmly, he stepped off the edge and into the shadowy back alley.


Erik leaned up against a lamppost, panting from exhaustion. There was a canal down the street, a few hundred meters away.

As the glowing eyes appeared in the darkness she realized that it may as well be on the far side of the moon.

Slowly, savoring their final victory, the lycan pack surrounded her. After a moment the alpha strode into the dim circle of light.

"Ssso, little human," he rumbled, his voice distorted and wrong "you have led my pack and I a merrrry chasse. Yourr little trrrickss and trrapsss have taken quite the toll on uss, but now we can finally rreporrt ourr sssucssesss to the massterr."

His arm rose, wickedly sharp claws extended, and all she could do was close her eyes and wait for the end.


For a Lycan, the world suddenly spun around rapidly and went dark.


Erik cautiously opened one eye, prepared to see many things but not, as it turns out, an attractive, grinning face. Her eyes shot wide open, however, as she looked past him and saw the alpha lying on the ground, his neck bent at an unnatural angle.


Ranma turned away from the staring kid, his grin shifting to an evil leer as his gaze settled on the remnants of the pack, warily staring back at him.

"You're new here." His leer grew almost impossibly wide."You have ten seconds before you die. I'd be running. One... Two..."

Black fire coalesced around his fists. Their nerve finally broken, the pack started to scatter... too late.



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