Ulrich woke up in Yumi's room like he had for almost another week. Sitting up slowly he looked at the door that was open with a slight view of the hallway. Standing up he left the room pushed the door open and looked down the hallway. No one was in site so he stepped into the hallway and walked down to Yumi's fathers room. He turned the knob, pushed the door open and walked into the bedroom.

The room hadn't been touched since Mr. Ishiyama was killed. The bed was still made, his dresser had dust collecting on it and his closet was shut. Ulrich looked at pictures on the night stand, not one of his exwife, just pictures of Yumi and Hiroki were they were younger, no pictures from the last ten years. As if he didn't want to age in his mind, and always wanted to see them this young.

Walking to the closet Ulrich slid the door open and looked inside. Ironed shirts were hung on the racks, and small shelves were inside with ironed pants laid on them. On the ground were four pairs of shoes for work and casual days. On the top shelves were boxes filled with miscellaneous this and that. Reaching up, Ulrich looked back at the open door, then turned around again and grabbed the first box. The pictures of the wife were found, nothing interesting however.

Ulrich placed the first box back and grabbed the second box. Inside were receipts and bank records, organized with folders, that were organized with dividers. Each folder a year, each divider a month. Nothing interesting still.

In the third box, was a small wooden box. Ulrich placed the big box on the ground and opened the little box. Inside the box was a revolver with a box of ammunition. Ulrich looked at the gun and opened the revolver to check for bullets, empty as he thought. Ulrich filled all six holes with a bullet, placed a single bullet in his pocket, and closed the revolver and aimed the gun at the wall.

Ulrich had wasted enough time hiding. He had decided that two nights ago, but could never be alone in the house long enough all weekend to go and see if Mr. Ishiyama hid a gun somewhere. Hiroki was at school and Yumi was at work, so he finally had time. Pulling up the back of his shirt and sliding the gun into the waist of his jeans, Ulrich left the room and walked down stairs.

Ulrich didn't even leave Yumi a note saying he might not come back. No what if, or don't worry to ease her mind. Nothing at all. All he did was lock the door on the way out.

It was still daylight when Ulrich left the house and walked down the street. Fourteen blocks to go. He was so close to the club the entire time, he didn't even think about it till then. Till now he was more than happy staying with Yumi in hiding, but he couldn't hide forever. They'd find him eventually, and when that happened Yumi would be in danger. So he had to take the fight to Wilkenson's door before it arrived at Yumi's.

Ulrich walked the fourteen blocks with his heart racing. The entire time thinking he was out of his mind. How many people were at the club right now. The club didn't open till dark, it might minimize the guard. Then again, during the party he could blend with the crowd. Then he thought, maybe everyone was at Wilkenson's, waiting for the club to open. Too late to turn back now Ulrich thought, even though it was more than possible.

Looking around the corner of the alley Ulrich looked at the doorway to the club. Three guards, talking to each other. Some random guy walked over, handed over money and stuffed his pocket with god knows what and walked away. Ulrich placed his back to the wall and took in a breath. He continued to breathe heavily and closed his eyes to calm down. He had to do this. He had to kill Wilkenson, to end it once and for all.

Ulrich with his heart still in his throat walked around the corner. One of the guards saw him and looked at him. So far, they hadn't recognized him.

"Club ain't open yet. If you want the party to start earlier, we're holding everything right now," The man said and opened his coat to show Ulrich the drugs. Pot, coke, meth, shrooms, name it.

"I need to speak to Wilkenson, he called me in," Ulrich said and kept his right hand ready to grab the gun.

"Wilkenson didn't say anything about someone coming to see him. He's busy, doesn't need anyone bugging him right now," The second guard said.

"Thanks for telling me he's here," Ulrich said and pulled the gun out. The third man reached for his gun but Ulrich pulled the lever back and aimed it at him, "Guns on the ground, now."

"Look kid, you shoot us, your life is over," The second guard said and took a step back with his hands level with his head.

"No, if I shoot you, your life is over. Guns on the ground," Ulrich said as the third reached for his gun.

"Slowly," Ulrich said. The third pulled his gun out and Ulrich watched him. The second drew his gun quickly and aimed to shoot before Ulrich switched his aim to him and fired. The shot hit him center chest and he fell back. The third aimed up and fired, hitting Ulrich in the left arm. Ulrich shouted and fired, hitting the third in the head then aimed it back at the first.

"Get on the ground now," Ulrich said as the first guard quickly hit the ground. Ulrich searched him and found his gun in his coat, then kicked him in the face, knocking him unconscious. Ulrich placed the first guards gun on his back waist and picked up another gun and began to trot down the stairs while looking at his arm. The bullet hit the side of the arm, but didn't hit the bone, all flesh. Still stung like a bitch though.

"Mark, what the hell is going on up there!?" A man shouted from behind the door at the bottom of the steps. Ulrich stood at the door and aimed the gun up. When it opened, he had the gun to the mans head.

"Don't move, don't breath, mess that up, you'll be dead before you even realize you messed up," Ulrich said and shoved the barrel into the mans skull to push him back into the club. Ulrich took his weapon turned him around and grabbed his neck to use his body as a shield to guide his way in.

"Where is everyone?" Ulrich asked his hostage.

"At the door outside, seems they aren't going to help," The man said.

"Where's Wilkenson?" Ulrich asked. The man pointed at a closed door behind the cage and Ulrich hit him with the butt of the pistol and began to move to Wilkenson's office.

Yumi came home and saw that the living room had been untouched. Maybe Ulrich was still asleep she thought. Hiroki didn't get off school for another twenty minutes, so they'd be alone for a little.

"Ulrich?" Yumi asked then began to walk upstairs. She walked through the hallway and pushed her door open. "Ulrich?" She asked again before she saw that her bed was empty.

"Where are you?" Yumi asked and then looked down the hall. Her fathers room was open. She hadn't opened that since she got back.

"Ulrich?" Yumi asked then walked to her fathers room and looked in. No one was in the room, but his closet door was open. A box was at the door so Yumi walked in to investigate the box. Not much was inside but another small wooden box. She opened the box and found nothing but a open pack of rounds.

Yumi dropped the box into the box and walked back to her fathers bed and sat down. She looked at the box and pieced it all together. Ulrich wasn't here, the revolver was missing, and rounds were gone. 'What would you do if he found you?' Yumi remembered asking. 'Kill him, plain and simple.' Ulrich responded. Yumi cried into her palms just from thinking Ulrich as a killer. She knew why he left now, he was going to kill Wilkenson.

A knock came at Wilkenson's door as he was on his couch with his pants to his ankles. A women was between his legs, moving her head back and forth with his hand in her hair.

"I said not to bother me!" Wilkenson shouted and continued to enjoy. The knock came louder and Wilkenson pushed the women away and pulled his pants up and zipped, "This better be pretty god damn important!"

Mr. Wilkenson opened the door and pushed back into the room by Ulrich. The women screamed when she saw the gun and Ulrich pointed it at her.

"Do me a favor and leave sweety," Ulrich said since the girl looked in her teens, "The grown ups are talking now." The women ran out of the room and Ulrich slapped Wilkenson in the face with the side of the revolver.

"Remember me?" Ulrich said then kneed him the stomach and threw him at the couch, "After that I hope I'm coming back very vividly."

"How in the hell are you alive?" Wilkenson asked before slapped him with the gun again, breaking his nose and throwing him off the couch and onto the ground.

"That doesn't matter right now, all that matters is that when I leave, you'll be dead," Ulrich said then kicked him in the stomach, and picked him up by his collar.

"You don't have the balls to kill me," Wilkenson said with hot blood rolling off of his chin.

Ulrich threw him in the wall and slapped him in the face with the gun again, cutting open his face and drenching his face with more blood.

"I really should just kill you here," Ulrich said and slapped him in the face again, "Remember when you said that. You'd be doing this world a favor," Ulrich said and pressed the gun to his skull, "No one would miss, Mr. Wilkenson."

Ulrich pulled the lever back and sank the barrel into his skull, the skin stretching firm. Ulrich hand was trembling as he tired to pull the trigger. He heard the room echo a million times, he imagined his blood shoot over the wall and onto the ceiling. And then he realized he was still trying to pull the trigger. Ulrich began to breathe deep again, he gritted his teeth and when he exhaled it sounded like a hiss.

"You don't have the balls," Wilkenson said, and Ulrich let his head go, "Told you."

Ulrich slapped him with the butt of the gun, knocking him unconscious and stoop up he kicked the couch in frustration and looked back at Wilkenson.

"Shit," Ulrich said and walked out of the room and walked through the club. The man was still on the ground unconscious so Ulrich stepped over him and climbed up the stairs. He was so flustered, he didn't even noticed two bodies at the top. The third was waiting for him, not to kill him, but to find out where he was going so they could do it later.

It was almost midnight when Ulrich walked into Yumi's house. Yumi was on the couch crying still when she looked up and saw him. Yumi stood up and looked Ulrich in the eye as he placed the gun on the table and looked back at her.

"Did you?" Yumi asked, and Ulrich kept his eye contact. After several moments, he shook his head.

"I couldn't do it," Ulrich said and walked into the living room.

"You didn't kill him?" Yumi asked.

"No," Ulrich said and sat on the couch.

"I'm glad," Yumi said and sat next to him.

"We might want to leave town. Sooner or later he'll find me here," Ulrich said and looked at her, "Especially after the fact I just beat the shit out of him."

"As long as we leave together," Yumi said and smiled the weakest smile she could muster. There wasn't much to be happy about. Yumi quickly leaned over and kissed him, and Ulrich kissed her back before her lips hit his.

"Ulrich, the only thing I regret about not being a virgin, is that I didn't lose it to you," Yumi said with a smile.

"Life sucks huh," Ulrich said and began to lean her onto the couch. Without even realized it, they were undressing each other, and walking toward the bedroom. They reached the stairs and stumbled to the room, where Ulrich threw her on the futon and rested his body over hers.

Clothes were flung over the bed, landing on the floor. Shirts, jeans, socks, and soon undergarments. Yumi wrapped her legs over his back tightly, and scratched down his back, making Ulrich grip the sheet next to her tight, and then hug his arms around her back. Nothing seemed to matter anymore. They didn't even know that the guard from the door, had followed Ulrich all the way home.

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