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Kapitel Seben: I Wanna Be Like You!

Bei: Drownedinlight

"Man, it's great having you here, Grandpa," Eragon said as they walked away from the school. "Where were you last?"

"Up in Ireland," Ichiro replied. "Visiting family and such." The boys nodded, knowing that while their grandfather probably had gone and visited with his in-laws, there was a good chance that he had gone there to visit their grandmother's grave. "So, what have you boys been up to?"

"Well, let's see," Murtagh said as he began to tick them off of his fingers. "Disney has invaded our lives, Eragon went steady with Arya….and…well, there is the slight possibility that I might be going insane but other than that same old same old." Ichiro raised an eyebrow at his grandsons, as Eragon socked Murtagh in the arm for mentioning him and Arya.

"Well, it seems you've been busy," Ichrio told them softly.

"Speaking of which," Saphira said, not knowing really of which she was speaking, as she waltzed up next to her friends. "When, did you two learn Japanese?" The two brothers' shrugged.

"When we were little, I guess," Eragon replied. "We grew up hearing it, along with Gaelic and a couple of different African languages."

"Really?" Arya inquired, taking her boyfriend's arm.

"Yeah," Murtagh told them. "Grandmother was Irish and Grandpa is African and Japanese, so Dad spoke them and so did our family and Mom learned because she hates being left out of conversations. By the way, did you see them in your travels, Grandpa? They were near Haiti the last time we spoke." Ichiro shook his head.

"No, I haven't seen them, which was part of the reason why I came here, to look after you both, and Roran of course," the elder man gave a smile which the boys returned.

"Geeze Uncle Ichiro," Roran replied. "We've already been on our own for a few months, what was your alternate motive?"

"…And I haven't seen the Americas in a while."

"Good answer," Murtagh complemented, while his brother and cousin began laughing.

"You all realized that I have it in my authority to ground you, right?" the boys sobered, but were still grinning, Ichiro joined them before asking, "So what was that about Disney invading your lives?"

"Oh, that's just Murtagh's perception," Eragon replied with a wave. "Personally, I do agree that he's going crazy."

"No, it really is everywhere," Murtagh jumped in. "It all started when the girls where trying to get Arya to go on a date with Eragon—"

"Don't blame this on us Tanaka!" Arya hollered.

"—and then at the fair when I had to sing that embarrassing song!"

"Which one?" Ichiro quietly queried of Roran.

"Kiss the Girl."

"—and then, in drama class—"

"You're really on a roll here aren't you?" Ichiro asked with a smile. Murtagh nodded fervently. "Well then, you might want to know about Galbatorix and Brom singing…oh…what was it…oh yes, a girl worth fighting for." Murtagh paled.

"That means…that means…" It seemed as though Murtagh started to choke and gasp for air. Eragon snapped his fingers in front of his brother's face.

"Ok, Murtagh! No hyperventilation. Just relax…." Roran handed him a paper bag and Murtagh breathed into it. "Well, anyway, let's not focus on that, Grandpa's here now and we must make the most of it. I know we'll make you dinner and invite our friends over so they can meet you!" Eragon declared. "That is if you don't mind."

"No, I think that it would be nice," Ichiro replied. "Who would you invite?"

"Well, Arya and Islanzadí, of course," Eragon listed counting them off on their figure. "Nasuada, Ajihad, Katrina, Thorn, Saphira, Brom, Galbatorix and Oromis."

"Oromis I might have a problem with, but I suppose we could leave a few old feuds at the door for one night. So, might we be off to the market to buy food in preparation for this dinner?" Ichiro inquired.

"I think that's our cue to jet," Katrina said pressing a kiss to her boyfriend's lips. Arya and Nasuada did something similar and Thorn just passed them off with a wave.

"Well that was rather fast," their grandfather remarked.

"Yeah, I suppose Eragon and I are over zealous when it comes to the kitchen and its apparatus," Murtagh explained.

"Oh, good, you didn't added little in front of 'over zealous,'" Roran said with a smile.

"Hey, you can blame 'Jii-san!" Murtagh said, grabbing a pole, before spinning around it.

"Me?" Ichiro inquired. "Why me?"

"Well, when we were younger," Murtagh explained, "you were the one that taught us how to cook."

"And we both wanted to grow up to be our Jii-san," Eragon added. "Infact, I still wanna be just like you." He grabbed one of the light poles and swung himself up onto a line of crates as music from nowhere began to play. "Now I'm the king of the swingers, oh, the varden VIP. I've reached the top and had to stop and that's what botherin' me."

He leaned down slightly towards his grandfather as they continued to walk, catching the man's attention. "I wanna be a great man, Grandpa, and stroll right into town and be just like the other guys. I'm tired of monkeyin' around!" Murtagh jumped up onto the boxes as well, joining his brother in song. They began to dance, right foot overleft, tap, tap, tap.

"Oh, oobee doo, aapa daya do! I wanna be like you, who, who! I wanna walk like you, she, talk like you, she! Oeoeou! You'll see it's true, oo, an ape like me-he-he-he can learn to be, like someone like you!"

"Oh please boys, you've got a while to go yet before you want to be a serious old man like me," Ichiro replied. "Now, don't try and kid me, mancubs," he sang. "What I desire is your youth's fire, to make my schemes come true."

"Give me the secret, Grandpa," Eragon begged in song. "Clue me what to do. Give me the power to make men glower, so I can be like you!"

"Hold it!" Ichiro exclaimed. "When have I ever made men glower?"

"When you are being gentile to their wives and they see it as flirting."

"Oh, continue." After the extreme grand pause the three boys (Roran had finally found the spirit to jump in) the boys ran and jumped back onto the boxes. Then the music from nowhere began to play again!

"You! I wanna be like you!" The dance continued down the line of boxes. Right over left, right over left, tap, tap tap, jump down, jump up, turn, go back with the opposite steps, repeat! "I wanna talk like you walk like you, too! You'll see it's true! Someone like me, can learn to be like someone like you! Can learn to be like someone like you! Can learn to be like someone like you!"

There was a small burst of cheers as the boys looked around to see people had been watching them perform. Deceidedly and at the same time, the boys gave a bow together as people clapped and even threw money at them.

"Well," Eragon said as the people began to disperse from them. "At least we know how we're going to pay for dinner." The others smiled as they began to pick up the cash that lay on the street.

Chapter Epilogue:

Nasuada was reading in her room when the telephone rang. It sounded almost hurried as if the person on the other end of the phone want to talk to her really badly. Shrugging, she put down her book and pick up the phone.

"Hello?" she inquired.

"Nasuada!" came a hurried cry.


"You've got to help me! Come to my house early or something. Please just rescue me!"

"Rescue you from what?" there was a pause. "Murtagh what?"

"It's him!"

"Who!" Then it came from the back ground, rising up through the swampy murkyness of the static that had suddenly appeared on the line.

"Murtagh…." Nasuada did not know why, but she was sure that she heard just a little more than a demonic hint to this person's voice.

"Murtagh? Hello?"

"Help me!!! Please help—!" Murtagh's voice cut off and all Nasuada heard was a dial tone.

"Hmph," she said to the phone. "I wonder if Eragon's making him doing something he doesn't want to do, again." Setting the phone back on the receiver, she picked up her book and continued to read.

Okay, so the ending is dramatic, I know. But all it is, is drama, I promise. After all this is a fanfic of Disney proportions, so it cannot be that bad can it? I want to thank everyone that reviewed and for everyone that's keeping track, the Mursuada begins chapter after next, I promise. Oh, and sorry that this was such a short chapter. I had trouble making it longer, so I figured I would leave it because the next two will definitely be longer.

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