This fic is loosely based on the song "Good Enough" by Darren Hayes. Featuring my favourite RENT couple. -giggles-

"Hey Mark? Could I…uh, get you anything, while you're working?" asked Roger tentatively as he sat near his favourite spot on the window sill.

"Could I have a cup of tea please, babe?" said Mark, not looking up from his mess of film reels in front of him and he sat on the loft floor and worked on his latest home-made documentary.

Roger walked to the kitchen and tried to make the best possible tea he could, even though he had absolutely no clue how to make the damn stuff. It had been nearly a whole month since he had confessed his love to the goggle-eyed filmmaker in the late night. As he waited for the kettle to boil, he thought about how nervous he was when he got up the courage to do so. Although he wasn't anymore after Mark responded correctly and the two of them made love for the first time in Mark's bed. But he was wrong. He was nervous right now just over making a cup of tea. Sure it was a small task, but Roger wanted to prove to Mark that he could do things correctly. He fumbled with the milk and sugar, hoping to God it was perfect. Because his Marky deserved the perfect cup of tea.

If I woke up late
couldn't get out of bed
if I bought you a café latte instead

After stirring it again for the 20th time, he picked up the chipped cup and saucer and balanced it carefully on his palm as he carried it over to Mark, who mumbled a quiet "Thanks" without looking up as he took the cup and placed it on the floor next to his leg. He then turned around and sat nervously on the couch, guitar in his lap.

Could I be good enough
Could I be good enough
If the going got worse and the worse got rough
The days became endless and harder than tough

Mark suddenly jolted him out of his thoughts when he took a small sip of his tea and said, "Rog, I think you've put a little too much milk in this," he said with a slightly apprehensive tone.

Roger cringed internally. "I'm sorry, Marky. I'll remember next time," he replied in a small voice, his eyes fixed on the cup.

Mark's face relaxed into a gentle grin, and he said "Hey it's okay Roger. Thanks anyway," getting up to give Roger a quick but gentle kiss, which Roger happily returned. The two of them gently held each other as they kissed softly, but Roger's mind was far from romance. How could I fuck up a simple cup of tea? How could I? he thought to himself. That was a very poor attempt. He was gonna have to try harder for his special filmmaker. His Mark.

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