It's Just You And Me Kid

Chapter One

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A/N: This is the first of a two part fan fiction. This first chapter I felt was necessary as a lead in to the emotionally explosive idea I want to do in the second chapter.

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Summary: Shortly following the accident, the three Winchester men are transported by ambulance to St. Anne's Hospital. Someone the authorities could not locate had called 911.


Dean sat quietly in the wheelchair as Nurse Betty pushed him down the dimly lit hospital corridor.It had been three days since the accident and he was on his way to visit Sam for the first time.

Sam had suffered a serious concussion along with a few other minor injuries. He was doing well and expected to make a full recovery. However, the doctors couldn't find any medical explanation for why Sam was still unconscious, and this scared the hell out of Dean.

The wheelchair slowed to a stop outside of Sam's room and Betty walked around to face Dean.

Betty,a petite woman of about fifty was honest, caring and direct. The outdoorsy looking nurse wore very little make up and had her sun streaked hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her appearance seemed to be a reflection of her genuineness and down to earth manners.

Dean liked her. There was nothing fake about Betty and sometimes when she was around he had trouble keeping up that force field he protected his inner self with.

"Before we go in I need to make one thing perfectly clear," Betty lectured.

"You can sit with your brother for a while. But I don't want to catch you getting out of that chair, do you hear me?"

With a hint of a smile Dean gave her a quick salute.

"Yes Ma'am!"

Betty looked him directly in the eye and smile warmly. She had seen through this tough guy's act the moment he came under her care.

"Sweetheart, you're healing inside from some serious internal injuries and you can't over do it."

"I won't...I promise." Dean's emotions started to surface. "All I want is to see my brother."

"I know you do," Betty said in a gentle voice.

Pulling the door open she then wedged it firmly in place. Stepping back behind Dean, she pushed the wheelchair through the doorway into Sam's room.

"Sammy." Dean sighed, at the first image of his little brother.

Lying on his back, Sam looked very pale and much stiller than when he slept. On his face and neck were scattered cuts and bruises.

Guiding the wheelchair as close as possible to Sam's side, Betty touched Dean's shoulder. "I'll be back in a little while to check on you."

"Thank You!" Dean said, not once taking his eyes off of Sam.

Dean stared at his brother's face trying to absorb the reality of this nightmare, one that refused to end. He wanted to fall apart and cry, and he knew doing so was simply a thought away.

Perhaps if he let go and gave in to this urge, the pain he felt inside would ease up. But Dean stopped this train of thought from going any further. He knew he couldn't allow it he had to be strong for Sammy's sake.

Somehow Dean was going to get through to his brother. He decided the first thing to try would be the same stern voice Betty used when she wasn't happy with his behavior. But Dean would be a hell of a lot louder.

"Sammy, what's this crap about you not waking up?" Dean began.

"And I do know it's crap, because your doctor told me you should be awake! So why are you still snoozing Sammy? Why don't you stop being such a drama queen and wake up!"

Dean stopped for a moment and studied his brother carefully, hoping to see some kind of reaction, but there wasn't any.

"Well Sammy, I've just started talking and if that doesn't get you to open your eyes, I have plenty of other tricks up my sleeve.

"So don't plan on getting comfortable in that bed." Dean paused, observing how Sam barely fit lengthwise in the hospital bed. "And I don't see that happening anytime soon.

"This place needs beds in extra long for little guys like you, Sammy."

Dean continued to talk about the things they'd hunted, the places they'd been, and anything else he could think of.

Dean only stopping talking that first hour to reassure Betty that he was fine when she checked in on him. Dean even talked Betty into asking the doctor for more time with Sam by telling her what a good patient he'd been by staying put in his wheelchair.

But in all that time, Sam never stirred or gave any indication he might be waking up.

Dean needed to return to his room but started to resist. He didn't want to leave Sam, and he would have gladly spent the night in that wheelchair to be by his brother's side.

Betty calmly talked with Dean and helped him realize that he needed to take care of himself in order to be there for Sam. She told him that if he followed her rules, he could come back tomorrow and stay even longer.

And as Betty promised, Dean was back there the next day and once again he began talking to his younger brother. Hoping at some point Sam might hear his voice and wake up.

"Let's take a break from hunting and go see Sarah when we get out of here,huh Sammy?"

"I know, I know, you never expected to hear anything like that coming out of my mouth. But I'd like to think I'm a flexible person, open to new things. Maybe we could try 'normal' for a weekend.

"You could ask Sarah if she has a friend who's as hot as she is!" Dean chuckled, picturing how Sammy would roll his eye's at that remark. What he wouldn't give to see his brother being annoyed at him.

Dean continued talking, trying hard not to dwell on how scary it was seeing Sam lying there so very still.

Betty stopped by briefly to check on Dean and to bring him his lunch. Having lunch in Sam's room was a way she could give Dean some extra time with him, and Dean appreciated her thoughtfulness.


"Sammy I don't know if you can hear me or not. But I'd like to believe you can, so you're probably wondering why I haven't mentioned Dad at all.

"He's gone Sammy!" Dean said, in loud anger-filled voice.

"Dad left a note for the night nurse to give me. He'd somehow found a lead on the demon and took off."

"No goodbye, no waiting around to see ifyou wereokay, but the man did leave us a fucking note. So I guess we should be thankful for that Sammy."

Dean put his head in his hands. His father's actions both hurt and angered him. In spite of everything that had happened, his father still put killing this demon above everything else, including Sam and himself.

The one light in all of this pain and darkness for Dean was Sam and the bond that had been re-forged between them this past year.

A bond of trust and love so strong that its power is what helped them fight off this demon, and its power is what kept Sam from following the same obsessive path their father had taken.

Now sitting there alone, Dean needed Sam more than ever. He needed to look into his eyes, to hear his brother's voice. That calm and gentle voice that made him feel everything would be okay.

Suddenly, there was a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Keep talking to your brother, Dean. You're reaching him."

Dean, deep in thought, didn't hear Betty come in.

When he picked up his head to answer, she wasn't there. But Dean didn't give it much thought. All he could see was how still his brother was lying there and it scared him. Why wasn't his brother waking up?

Dean reached out and grasped his little brother's hand and held it tightly. He didn't even think about it or the explaining he'd have to do if Sam woke up.

Dean was feeling lost and alone and he needed something to hold on to, and Sammy's hand was a symbolic lifeline.The family he loved so dearly, who had just recently reunited, seemed so far away from him now.

So Dean sat there quietly holding Sammy's hand.

When it came close to when Betty would be returning, Dean placed his other hand over Sam's and squeezed it while he talked more openly with his brother.

"You know that night in the car outside Monica's, right before the demon came? You thanked me for always having your back. I stopped you from talking, I didn't want to hear of anyone dying, especially you, Sammy. But there was something I did want to say to you.

"When we were kids I looked after you a lot when Dad went hunting. He'd always tell me right before he left that keeping you safe was the most important thing.

"Truth be told, Sammy, you're the one who always made me feel safe.

When you're around I don't feel so lost and alone, and there's a direction in my life.

"We're a great team, you and me, Sammy. I like you being around, so please open your eyes."

Hearing the door open, Dean slowly loosened his grip on Sam's hand and place it gently on the bed.

"A few minutes more, please," Dean turned and asked out of sheer desperation.

"I'm sorry honey, I've pushed your doctor to his limits. We can come back tomorrow, I promise."

Seeing the sadness on Dean's face just about broke Betty's heart, so she decided to go give Doc another push.

"Whether he gives you permission or not, at least you'll have the time it takes me to ask."

"Thank you," Dean said forcing a small smile for Betty.

"What wrong, Dean?" A groggy voice asked.

Dean glanced back to his brother and found himself looking directly into Sammy's eyes.

Dean's mouth was open but he couldn't speak.

"Now I know something's wrong."

Questions flooded Sam's head as he started to recall what happened

"The accident. Dad. Is he?"

"Dad's okay, Sammy."

"And you?"

"I'm fine and so are you."

"Good, you scared me there for a moment, your face when I woke up..."

"What face?"

"Dean, you looked like a 5-year-old who had just lost his puppy."

"I did not! Dean said. I'm just tired from waiting for your lazy ass to wake up."

Sammy smiled through tired looking eyes.

"It's good to see you, too."

Dean was fighting a losing battle with his emotions, yet he managed to get out a few words in an uneven voice.

"You really scared me, Sammy."

"I'm fine Dean, everything's going to be fine now."

Dean smiled when he wanted to cry a few seconds ago. Sammy had that effect on him.

Sam's doctor entered the room with Betty right behind him. She saw Sam was awake and had quickly left to find him.


Outside Sam's room, Betty and Dean waited while the doctor examined Sam.

"Betty, I want to thank you."

"For what?" Betty asked, looking puzzled.

"For everything, but especially for today. Telling me to keep talking, that I was reaching my brother, you have no idea how perfect your timing was."

"You're welcome for the 'everything' part, but I can't take credit for what I didn't say."

Dean's eye's widened.

"What? That wasn't you?"

"No honey, the last time we spoke was when I brought in your lunch. I asked how you were feeling and told you to eat everything on your plate.

"I need to check on a patient. I'll be right back," Betty said.

She walked a few steps than stopped.

"The Lord works in mysterious ways."

Stunned,Dean sat there in silence. The words Layla had once spoke helped him realize that maybe he shouldn't question so much what happened, but just be grateful that it did.

Sam's doctor stepped out and smiled at Dean, giving him the thumbs up.

"Your brother's doing fine, he can go home with you in a couple of days"

Dean shook his hand.

"Thanks, Doc."


"Where's Dad? Why isn't he here?" Those were the first words Dean heard when he had entered Sam's hospital room.

Dean had to tell Sam their Dad had taken off again. He wished he didn't have to be the one to hurt his little brother with that news. He didn't want to see the pain in Sam's eyes when he told him their father had taken off without even making sure his youngest son was okay. Putting Dean in this position made him even angrier at their father.

"Sammy, Dad left a few days ago."

"What?" Sam looked at him in disbelief.

"Dad somehow got a lead on the demon and he went after it."

Sam lowered his head slightly while he soaked in the news. When he lifted his head ,his eyes grew sad when they met Dean's.

"Are you okay, Dean?"

Dean eyes welled up a little at his brother's first thought being of concern for him, but he managed to suppress anything more from happening.

"I'm fine, Sam."

"No you're not, but you will be. I'll make sure of that."

Dean loved his kid brother more than anything in his life, maybe more at that moment than he ever remembered. But he couldn't tell him that directly. Instead, he said those three words often, but they were encoded; spoken in Dean's very own language.

"Yeah," Dean said. "It's just you and me kid, that's all I need."

Sam knew exactly what his older brother was saying. He had learned to speak "Dean" a long time ago.

Sam smiled at him and answered "Me too."

"You know, I had this weird dream. Well, it must have been a dream. You were holding my hand, Dean."

"I'd call that more of a nightmare," Dean laughed uneasily.

To be continued...