It's Just You And Me Kid

Chapter 2

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Summary: Three weeks have passed since Sam and Dean Winchester's release from St. Anne's hospital. Sheer luck or perhaps fate had led them to take refuge at a small, out of the way motel called "The Prancing Pony."

Here the brothers found a place to rest and heal along with warmth and parental nurturing by owners Richard and Emily Jackson.

In their early 60s, this sweet couple shared a love for fantasy. Their love for "The Lord of the rings" trilogy is what inspired the name of their motel and explained the large amount of the movie's memorabilia scattered around the lobby of the motel.

From the day the brothers checked in, Emily affectionately referred to Dean as Froto. When he'd try to politely protest, Emily would smile at him and say "we already have our Sam."

Dean grumbled under his breath, but he went along with it. Emily and Richard were good people.

They had seen the "need" in Sam and Dean and welcomed them in with open arms and open hearts.

Dean had little memory of what a home life felt like but spending time with Emily and Richard helped remind him of that. So being called Froto wasn't much to complain about, Dean thought. Besides, it made Sam smile, and that was reason enough for Dean.


Grabbing the grocery bags out of the Impala, Dean found himself whistling as he thought about the turkey dinner Emily was going to prepare. Shutting the car door he spotted Emily coming down the front steps.

"Froto! Froto!" She called in a urgent voice, running up to meet him.

"What is it?" Dean asked not sure of what worried him more. The news Emily had or that he answered to the name Froto without flinching.

"Come quickly, you have to see this!"

Emily took a bag from Dean, then grabbed his wrist pulling him along as she hurried to the front door.

Before entering she put a finger to her lips.

"Shhhhhhh! Put the bags down and follow me."

Bewildered by Emily's actions Dean just followed her lead as they walked through the lobby and into her and Richard's private living quarters.

In their small hallway, music could be heard and it grew louder as they approached the study, a place where Richard sought solitude to do his writing.

Emily gestured for Dean to peek into the room.

As Dean cautiously looked into the room his expression of confusion slowly transformed into one of pure joy and disbelief.

Seated cross legged at the computer Sam was singing quietly as he typed away on the keyboard. Every so often he'd push off the desk, spinning himself around in the computer chair.

Sam looked relaxed and happy, and a lot like the little boy Dean had wished his brother could be.

As Dean watched, tears welled up in his eye's and he wanted to tell Emily it was from the Celine Dion music Sam was listening to. But instead he gave her a smile and a heartfelt "Thank you!"


Nearly a month had passed since the brothers walked into The Prancing Pony. As difficult as it would be to leave this place and its owners, Dean and Sam both agreed it was time to get back to tracking down the demon. Health-wise and emotionally they were ready to begin.

Dean suggested talking about their plans over a good steak and beer at a place Richard suggested.

"This was a good idea," Dean said stuffing the last fork full in his mouth.

"Two coffees," Sam gave the waitress a little smile with his request?"


"No," the brothers answered in unison.

"Couldn't eat another bite," Dean said rubbing his belly.

"Dean, I'm not sure where we should head next. I've been checking out the weather patterns, animal deaths, any other signs the demon usually leaves and there is nothing remotely suggesting it's going to make another appearance."

"Maybe it's disappeared, gone into hibernation or whatever it does for another twenty years?"

"Maybe, I don't know. It could be dormant like you said or maybe it's altered its habits.

"Hello boys," John appeared out of no where beside Dean.

"Dad?" Dean spoke, his eyes wide in disbelief.

"Dean, Sam, it's good to see you're both okay."

Relieved to see his father after so long Sam gave him a smile.

"Hey Dad, it's good to see you! Are you alright?"

"I'm fine Sammy."

But it was obvious to both brothers he wasn't.

John was on one of his drinking sprees. He was unshaven and his clothes were disheveled, most likely he'd been wearing the same thing for days.

"I caught a little of what you said about the demon. No luck, huh?"

"No, nothing at all," Dean replied. "What about you, Dad?"

You're the who's been on its trail all this time." Dean said, a little anger seeping into his words.

"Lost it a few weeks back, haven't been able to pick it up. The trail's just gone."

"Dad," Sam jumped in wanting to give his father some hope.

"Dean and I, we're going back to hunting this demon full time now, and I've been doing some research, looking for other possible common denominaters that could give us a lead."

"That's exactly what you should be doing, Sammy. Actually, you should have been back at it a lot sooner than this."

"What?" Sam asked noting the sarcastic tone now in his father's voice.

"What don't you understand, Sammy? You should be the one hunting this demon."

"Dad," Dean glared at his father.

Sam suspected what his father meant,and he wasn't about to let it drop.

"Why, Dad?"

"Sam," Dean wanted him to back off.

"No, Dean! Let him say it!"

"Sammy, let it go."

"No! Tell me, Dad, why should I be the one hunting this demon?"

"Because, Sammy. You're the one responsible for bringing it into our lives."

Sam sat there stunned by his father's words, and the hurt slowly grew in his eyes as the shock wore off. When he was close to tears, he got up and left.

John reached out for his youngest son, but Sam pushed past him. John would have followed him out but Dean blocked him, coming up close so they were face to face.

"If you were anyone other than my father, you wouldn't be standing."


Along the side of the restaurant, Dean found Sam sitting on a curb with his head down.

Sitting beside his younger brother, Dean tried to undo some of the damage.

"Don't listen to him, Sammy. He's drunk!"

"He may be drunk, but he's right."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I am the one responsible for all of this."

"No you're not, Sammy. That demon bastard is the one responsible."

"Dean, you never thought to yourself, if only."

"If only what?"

"You know what I mean."

"Maybe I do, but you're going to have to say it, Sammy. I 've never thought that and I'm sure as hell never going to say it."

"You never thought about how different your life could be if I wasn't born?"

"No! Not once! Never! And it's really pissing me off that you would even think I would."

"If I wasn't born, the demon would never have come into our home. Mom would be here, and you could have a life other than this one."

"That could never happen, Sammy! Never!"

Sam looked at him puzzled.

"Dean how could you possible know what your life would be like if things were different?"

"You know for a college boy, sometimes you're not very bright."

Dean reached over and grabbed hold of Sam's face.

"You are my life Sammy, both you and Dad."

Sam didn't say a word, he just looked at Dean and Dean knew he had reached him.

"Sammy." John could be heard calling from the restaurant door

"Get in the car, Sammy," Dean said handing him the keys.

"Dean, you don't have to."

"Go! Just listen to me, please. I'll handle Dad."

"Okay," Sam said, not wanting another go round with his father tonight.

Dean waited for Sam to get in the car before encountering John.


"I'm here, Dad," Dean said stepping into his father's line of vision.

"I need to talk to Sammy."

"Don't call him that!" Dean's anger had finally reached a breaking point.

"You left the hospital without even knowing if he'd be okay. You ripped him open by telling him that everything that has happened to our family is his fault."

"I need to make things right." John pleaded

"Go back to what ever hotel you're staying at, Dad."

"I didn't mean to say...I love both you boys!"

"You should have seen Sammy this morning."

Dean's voice broke, all the emotions stirring inside him.

"He was happy, Dad! He was relaxed and happy, like I've never seen him before."

"I know you love us,and the booze has a lot to do with this. But it's more than that. In Salvation, when Sam needed for you to tell him he wasn't responsible for what happened to our family, you remained silent. You said nothing, Dad."

"You need to work out how you feel about what happened that night before you can set things right with Sammy. You won't see him until you do. I love you, Dad, but you won't ever hurt him again like you did tonight."

"Good bye Dad."

Dean turned and walked away,the pain of doing so showed on his face.


Seated in the passenger seat Sam flipped up the visor mirror. He had seen the look of anguish on Dean's face and it clearly stated the toll being put in this position was taking on him.

"You okay?" Dean asked as he hopped into the car

"I'm fine Dean. Are you okay?" Sam asked giving him that sad puppy dog look Dean knew all too well.

"I'm fine Sammy." Dean replied finding himself uncomfortable,and yet comforted by Sam's concern.

"What did Dad want?" Sam asked.

"Dad wanted to talk to you."

"What did you tell him Dean?"

"That he can't talk to you now."

"You said that to him!'

"Yeah! What? You think I'm afraid of him?"


"Yeah! You're right sometimes I am," Dean said punching his brother affectionately in the arm. "But not when it comes to you, Sammy."

"Thanks Dean." Sam smiled at him, but Dean could see his little brother's eyes weren't smiling.

"You know what I'm thinking, Sammy?"

"What are you thinking?"

That since we have no clue to where this demon has gone, maybe we should stick around a little longer at Richard and Emily's. You know, do more research and stuff. Sound good to you?"

"Sound's good to me, Froto."

Dean smiled,maybe being called Froto isn't such a bad thing after all.

The End