A SasuNaru drabble. Written with the AU twist of if Naruto had caught Sasuke leaving and not Sakura. Contains angst and broken hearts. Reviews will be welcome, rant and raves as well as critism.

Disclaimer: Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzamaki belong to their creator, Masashi Kishimoto, from the manga/anime Naruto

"I don't get it."

"You never do, Naruto."

The blond kept his face down. It didn't make any sense, but the boy wasn't bothering to explain either. "Give me a real reason. You can't be leaving just because you want to, Sasuke. I deserve a reason!"

"I owe you nothing so I'll give you nothing." Sasuke kept his eyes forward. He never bothered to turn around.

Naruto refused to let the anger tears gathered in his eyes to fall down his cheeks. Sasuke was stubborn but now he was just being complicated. He was leaving Konoha, but for what reason?

Sasuke refused to tell.

"Just something simple. Anything besides nothing. Give me a reason."

I wanted you to stay here. I didn't want you to leave us.

Sasuke shock his head. "It's in none of your buisness to where I'm going."

"It's all my buisness. Your my team mate! My friend! What about us? Kakashi-sensei and me? What about Sakura? Aren't you even going to bother saying goodbye to her?"

"Saying goodbye would only lead to more people trying to stop me. By tommorow morning, the whole village will know I've gone, but for tonight, everyone but you will sleep peacefully."

I wanted to understand why it was you were doing this; but somehow it still came out unclear.

Naruto stared hard into the back of Uchiha's head. "So even though your actions are cold, you got hidden warmth in your heart. You bastard."

Sasuke stiffened at the word but he never faced Naruto. The only sound for a long time were Naruto's pants of fustration and the wind the swept by in glichy strokes.

Were you too afraid to tell me why? Were you, maybe, scared of what it would do?

Sasuke took a step forward, which cause Naruto to take one as well. And another as well as one more.

"Don't follow me."

"I can if I want. Your not stopping me."

"Your intensions are understandable but your only going to hold me back! Let me go, Naruto! Leave me alone and get away from me!"

Naruto stopped in surprise. He watched as Sasuke's firm figure began to shiver a bit, then watched as his finger clasped empty air pockets and squeezed.

Let you go? I'd never gotten the chance to touch you, let alone hold. You were always so far out of reach.

"Let me go, Naruto and don't follow me. Don't stop me and don't hold me down. I need to get stronger. Do you hear me, Uzamaki? Stronger. There's your reason."

Naruto blinked and swallowed. Stronger? "But-"

"That's your reason!" Sasuke spoke forcefully, careful not to yell into the dead night.

There was a long pause. Awkward and time consuming.

"So your gonna run away. That's what your plan was. You think running away is going to make you stronger? You've got some wrong prior-"

"GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" This time, Sasuke couldn't hold back the mild scream his lungs burst from his lips. He picked up his feet and sped forward with a quick tempo.

He never looked back. Naruto refused to run after him. Instead, Naruto gave him the most sorrowfilled glare they'd ever seen and turned away from him. He walked away in the opposite direction; letting Sasuke go.

Giving Sasuke the chance to get Naruto out of his head;

his eyes;

and his heart.

Naruto. There are so many things I want to say to you. But now you'll never hear them and when you do, it will be far too late.


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