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Enter Ryudo's daily Routine life.

Ca-coo, Ca-coo, Ca-coo, Ca-coo,

Ryudo was sound asleep in his bed, the sun slowly dragged across his face until the the glare reached his eye-lids, it tempted Ryudo to flip his head to the side of the wall.

Ca-Coo, Ca-Coo, Ca-Coo, Ca-Coo, Haaaark!

"Quit it Skye!" Ryudo's fingers squeezed Skye's neck; feathers flying as Skye flapped his wings trying to let go from his tight grasp. He got free.

"I'm just waking you up from school, jeez," Skye was reliefed to be free.

"Just a few more minutes, okay skye?" Ryudo turned his sheets over as he fell back asleep.

"You're going to be late for school again Ryudo."

"What's one lateness?" He said in a dreary manner, almost half asleep.

"You say that every morning, that's why you're always late...Are you still there?" Silence slowly dimmed away as Ryudo's snoring grew louder.

"Oh, Ryudo..." Skye pulled up the shades with his beak and flew to Ryudo's Bed side. He pecked at his face continuously as Ryudo squirmed and turned into his pillow, but Skye didn't stop.

"Come on! Quit it Skye!" He smacked Skye to the wall with his pillow, But he immediately regained his composure. Ryudo fell back into his sheets, "Why do I have to go to school anyway?"

"Aside from the education, don't you enjoy the attention you get from the ladies, lover boy?"


Skye clipped his beak on the sheets and flew away into the dinning room.

"Dammit Skye!" Ryudo sat up and Rubbed his eyes as the light glinted all around the room. Dressed in nothing but boxers, he retrieved the pants left on the floor from yesterday's daily routine. Damn Skye, he said to himself.

Walking into the kitchen- which happened to be shared with the dinning room, he slipped on a spilled basket of nuts and kuko berries.

"You really need to clean this place up. It's a pig stye, how could you live in such conditions," Skye said, Soaring like a Hawk above it's prey.

"Yea, I've really hit rock-bottom living in a bird's nest," Ryudo retaliated.

"Better for a bird then for a Geohound," Skye left into Ryudo's room to retrieve his shirt as Ryudo picked up the nuts and berries.. It IS kind of dirty, Ryudo picked up a banana peel and threw it away. He walked to the dining room table, noticing the Chair fallen from a bitter conflict between him and Skye the night before. Damn Skye! He said to himself as he started to pick up the chair.

"Here you go lover boy," Ryudo relieved his hands from the chair as his shirt dropped on his head. The chair dropped and the handle broke.

"Oops," Skye flew through the window as his uptight Geohound friend carelessly threw a poff nut at him; he took a deep breath and sighed, "Another day of school."

Ryudo was dressed and ready to get going, "Don't forget your toast." Skye smiled, flying in circles around it.

Ryudo grabbed his bookbag; just as he opened the door...

"Morning Ryudo," Said Millenia, with a badazzling smile and sparkling eyes.

He looked at her, chewing the toast left in his mouth,seconds later heslammed the door.

"What's wrong Ryudo?" Skye said, hearing Millenia complaining and banging on the door, he flew Outside to see what was going on.

"I decided to stay home today," Ryudo said Casually.

"Oh I see, having a little Love trouble? ...I'll be happy to give you some advice," Skye flew above him like a hawk, but Ryudo rolled his eyes. As if it wasn't already bad enough, more commotion dragged on behindclosed doors.

"Look at what the cat dragged in!" Said Melennia with red eyes, looking at Elena who'd just arrived.

Elena took caution, "Eh! What are you doing here, don't you have churchs to vandelize?"

"For your information, I was just leaving Ryudo's house," Melennia blew on her nails casually, rubbing them across her dress.

"W-What!" Elena became Shocked and outraged.

"yea, he's still sleeping soundly in his bed, couldn't wake him up so I decided to just meet him at school. Later," Millenia said casually, pretending to walk away. Soon hiding behind a bush.

"Ryudo! Ryudo!" Elena banged on the door with her palms, her hands quickly catching blisters.

"Ryudooooo," Skye playfully screeched, "One songstress of Granas sent to your door step! Ryudo?"

Ryudo Slammed open the door, "What is with you two! Jeez ...I swear I'm about to move to Mirumu if this keeps happening." He stepped out of the house, seeing Millenia enjoying Elena's spectacle.

"I-, I just wanted to make sure you wereawake Ryudo," Elena said with a sorry expression on her face. Her eyes twinkled with tears swelling up. Oh jeez, Ryudo felt alittle guilty, but held his emotion tucked away.

"Hi Ryudo," Millenia said sincerely, she jumped out of the bushes, "Bet you didn't see me behind the shrubs did ya?"

"No, I seen you."

"Ah!" Elena remembered, she struck Ryudo's arm, "Is it true She spent the night at YOUR house!"

"What? Of course not, not in a million years!" Ryudo blushed, though not visibly shown. Whats with her hitting me like that, that's not Elena,he thought.

Ryudo walked down the few stairs, passing Elena and Millenia, pretending they weren't there.

"Ryudo," Millenia grabbed his arm, "don't act like you can't see me."

"I can't," He tugged but she held too tight of a grasp.

Meanwhile, Elena strayed behind grinding her teeth.

Skye watched them from the window as they walked away, "Good luck, lover boy."