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Roughly six months after Bones was released from the hospital, Booth found himself once again sitting in an uncomfortable blue plastic chair with Zach impatiently tapping his foot beside him. Booth glanced at his watch—7:30 am. He rubbed a tired hand over his face and tried to stifle the yawn that came from his mouth.

As if on cue, Temperance walked up and sat down in the chair beside him, handing him a cup of weak hospital coffee. He gave her a warm smile. "Thanks," he said, taking a moment to breathe in the warm—though not exactly gourmet—scent.

She smiled back. "Sure." She turned her attention to her lab assistant. "Here you go, Zach."

Zach accepted the cup gratefully.

"Hear anything while I was gone?" Temperance asked, drinking from her own cup.

Booth shook his head, licking his lips slightly from the sip he had just taken. "Nothing yet."

Temperance relaxed back in her chair, and Booth did the same, taking another drink from his cup as he allowed his hand to rest easily on Temperance's knee.

"It's kind of funny," Booth said, as if finishing a thought that he hadn't said out loud. Temperance glanced at him, and he gave her a half smirk. "It seems like every time I'm dragged to this hospital it's because of you."

Temperance had to laugh slightly as she took a moment to take in Booth's appearance. He was wearing jeans and a wrinkled tee shirt, his hair askew and mashed flat on one side from where he had been sleeping on it. His jaw line was darkened with stubble.

Temperance and Zach were somewhat similar to Booth in appearance. Both of them were also wearing jeans and hastily grabbed tee shirts. Zach's hair was also messy and unkempt, and Temperance's was gathered in a loose ponytail that hung at the base of her neck.

None of them had really had much time to get ready. Temperance's conversation with Hodgins had roughly sounded like:


"Huh?" Temperance had replied in a dazed voice, struggling to wake up and process the voice on the phone.


"Jack, slow DOWN! I'd like to ALIVE to meet the baby!" That had been Angela's voice.


"We have all the time we need! I'm the one whose…TRUCK! TRUCK!"

Temperance had heard the sound of wailing car horns at that point, a noise that jolted her momentarily. "Are you two okay?"


Temperance had heard a slight scuffling at the point, and the tangled voices of Angela saying, "yeah, and that bad driver would be YOU!" and Hodgins saying, "I'M A FINE DRIVER! HEY, GIVE ME THE PHONE!"

"Hey, sweetie," Angela's voice came over the phone.

"What's going on?"

Angela sighed. "Jack's freaking out. He won't stop shouting."


Angela had sighed again. "He's shouting. We're on our way to the hospital, would you guys mind picking up Zach?"

"Sure," Temperance said. "How close are your contractions?"

"About every three minutes."

"EVERY THREE MINUTES? WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME THEY WERE THAT CLOSE?" Hodgins' voice shot across the phone line, followed by the sound of hard turning tires. "I KNOW A SHORTCUT!"

Angela sighed. "I should never have woken him up to tell him."

Temperance had to laugh slightly. "Okay, we're on our way."

"Thanks, sweetie," Angela answered.

"You're going to do great, Ange. We'll see you when we get there."

"…okay." Angela's voice was slightly tentative, and as the two hung up, Temperance heard Hodgins' voice shout out, "HANG ON, WE'RE GOING TO MAKE A TURN HERE!"

"Angela in labor?" Booth had asked, his voice muffled by the pillow that was near his face.

"Yeah," Temperance answered. "We need to go pick up Zach."

"Hodgins freaking out?"

"How'd you know?"

"I heard him through the pillow."

After that, Booth and Temperance had dressed quickly, picked up Zach, and headed to the hospital, where they had been sitting and waiting for over five hours.

Temperance sat her coffee down on one of the small tables beside the chairs, and Booth glanced at the magazines. He would have sworn that they were the same ones that had been there when he had waiting to see if Temperance was going to make it through that first night. Temperance settled back into her seat, letting her weight sag slightly against Booth. Booth gave her knee a quick, almost unconscious, squeeze in return.

A short while later, Hodgins walked out into the waiting room, a cheap surgical gown draped over his wrinkled clothes. "Hey, guys." He wasn't shouting anymore, and he had a wide grin on his face.

The three looked at him expectantly, standing up.

"It's a little girl," he said, still beaming. "I have a little girl!" Tears formed in his eyes, dripping slightly down his cheeks.

The three quickly exclaimed their congratulations, excitedly talking over one another, Temperance giving him a hug as Booth giving him a congratulatory pat on the shoulder.

"How's Angela doing?" Temperance asked.

"Wonderful," Hodgins answered, tears still flowing. "She was wonderful. Perfect." He wiped a tear away with a quick swipe of his hand, still grinning. "Sorry." He grinned again. "She's so beautiful. Both of them are."

"When can we see the baby?" Zach asked.

"Soon, I think. They're just letting Angela rest a little bit." He grinned again. "I can't believe I have a baby girl!"

Eventually, Zach, Booth, and Temperance were allowed into Angela's room to meet the new baby at to see their friends. They walked in and found a still beaming Hodgins beside a tired looking Angela, who had a pink bundle tucked carefully in her arms. Both she and Hodgins were staring at the baby, and when the three entered the room, only Angela looked up to acknowledge them.

"Hey, guys," she said, her voice quiet.

"Hey," they answered in equally quiet voices.

Angela shifted and handed the baby to Hodgins, who walked closer to the three so they could have a better look. "I'd like you to meet Emily," he said, proudly. The baby had a shock of black hair on the top of her head, her skin a reddish pink color. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, and one tiny hand was curled tightly in a fist, the other slightly open.

"Hi, Emily," Booth said softly, reaching out to squeeze a tiny finger.

"She's so tiny," Zach commented, staring at the baby.

"Oh, really?" Angela said in a sarcastic voice, causing everyone to laugh.

"Do you want to hold her?" Hodgins asked, looking at Temperance.

"Sure," Temperance said as Hodgins handed her the baby.

Emily, who was sleeping, squirmed slightly as she was passed and yawned broadly as she nestled into Temperance's arms. Temperance walked over and sat on the side of Angela's bed.

"Emily, this is Aunt Temperance," Angela said softly.

Emily yawned again.

"This is way better than the last time when were all at the hospital together," Booth commented. Everyone in the room had to laugh slightly in agreement.

Angela and Temperance stared down at the baby as Booth, Zach, and Hodgins looked on.

"So," Booth said, looking at Angela. "How does it feel?"

Angela looked up. "Terrifying."

Booth smiled slightly and nodded.

"But," Angela added, "it's a wonderful kind of terror."

Booth smiled, recognizing the words he had used when they had had dinner together.

"So, when are you two going to have one?" Hodgins asked, looking at Temperance and Booth.

"I think we'll just take yours," Temperance answered with a smile.

Angela laughed. "I don't think that's possible. Jack's getting overprotective already."

"I am not overprotective."

"Oh, yeah? What about when that nurse came in earlier and you refused to give her the baby?"

"That wasn't overprotective, that was smart. That nurse had a weird look."

Angela rolled her eyes.

Booth laughed. "Man, I can't wait to see you when she starts dating."

Some of the color went from Hodgins' face. "Dating?"

"Hey, maybe one day she can date Parker," Temperance commented with a smirk, watching Hodgins, waiting for his reaction.

"NO! No way!" Hodgins point at Booth. "Your son is to come nowhere near my baby girl!"

"Hey, what's wrong with my son?" Booth asked, trying to look offended.

"I know what boys are after! No boys around Emily!"

"Hodgins," Angela said, trying to calm him down, "I think you're getting a little excited…"

"Boys are trouble! Emily is never to be alone with a boy! Never!"

Angela sighed. "Thanks for that, Brennan."

Temperance smiled. "Hey, what are aunts for?"

Emily stretched slightly, waking up Temperance's arms. Her eyes slowly came open, and Zach, Hodgins, and Booth leaned over to look at her.

Booth patted Hodgins on the shoulder again. "Good luck keeping the guys away from her, Hodgins. She looks like she's going to be a heartbreaker."

Angela smiled. "Thanks, Booth."

And with that, Temperance, Booth, Angela, Hodgins, and Zach set about talking to the baby, introducing themselves and making silly faces and nonsense noises. And from where she lay, cuddled in her Aunt Temperance's arms, Emily stared back at her new family.


Yes, I couldn't think of a name for the baby, so I just named her after Emily Deschanel. So sue me. :-) Review if you want, after all, this is the last chapter :-)