Chapter 1--Sorrow In My Soul

Story of my life
Searching for the right
But it keeps avoiding me
Sorrow in my soul
Cause it seems that wrong
Really loves my company

Hermione sat in her apartment staring out the window at the setting sun. Her thoughts ran through her mind rapidly, some making her flush with excitement, but also close her eyes in guilt.

She was so wrapped up in her latest excursion that she never noticed her boyfriend of three years Floo into her apartment.

He wrapped his arms silently around her body, placing a small kiss on her neck, holding her close and possessively.

"Huh...oh Ron, hello," she said plastering a fake smile on her face, trying to hide the guilt which she was sure emanated from her body.

"Hi, Hermione, where were you?" he asked with a smile on his face as he ran his fingers through her long curly golden brown hair, which in her seventh year had tamed considerably.

"Oh, just thinking," she replied standing and removing herself from his arms.

"Of?" he asked getting slightly annoyed with her cool demeanor.

"Nothing that you need to concern yourself with," she said defensively, "I was just thinking about a book I've been reading," she said playing with the hem of her shirt as the lie flowed from her mouth.

"Yeah, okay," he said coldly moving towards the fireplace, "I just wanted to see if you wanted to go out tonight?" he asked his tone not warming.

"No, I don't, I have plans," she said a small smile threatening to slide onto her mouth, but she had learned long ago how to control it.

"What plans?" he asked through clenched teeth, anger evident in his body language and tone.

"It's not important, really it isn't," she said her tone softening as she thought of the things she was going to be doing and how she was completely in the wrong. "I'm going to be alone, I just have to handle some business," she said taking a deep breathe as another lie fell from her mouth.

"Oh, well, if you change your mind, Harry, Fred, George, Luna, Ginny, and I will be at the Three Broomsticks. What time will you be back?" he asked.

"Late," she said not elaborating on any specific time period.

"Okay," he said placing a quick kiss on her lips before disappearing through the fireplace.

Hermione felt the tears springing to her eyes and she knew that she needed to make a decision and soon, but she couldn't bring herself to.

Her mind drifted once more to her love and she knew she couldn't live without him, but she couldn't bring herself to hurt the other.

His name flew softly from her mouth and she smiled, he made her happy, he gave her fire, spirit, spunk, love, he was her lifeline, he taught her so much more than her books would, and she knew that no matter what happen she would never give him up.

Hermione's attention was called to a familiar owl dropping a letter into her hands, she quickly opened the letter and her heart skipped a beat at the familiar handwriting:


Meet me at 8 o'clock. I have something for you. Ciao Bella.


Hermione's eyes immediately flew to the clock, which currently read 6:30. She quickly moved to the bathroom to shower. Once she was done showering, she moved to dry and style her hair exactly the way he liked it, in long, soft curls.

Once her hair was styled to perfection she lightly applied her make-up, because they both preferred the natural look.

She then moved into her bedroom and pulled out the sexy black dress he bought her while they were together in France; she drifted away in her thoughts once more, remembering how hard it had been for her to get away.

'Honestly, Ronald, I don't see what the big deal is," she said exasperated, 'I just need some time to myself, I've been so busy at work," she said placing a hint of weariness in her voice.

'But, why do you have to leave Britain? And why won't you tell me where you're going?' he asked eyeing her suspiciously.

'Because, I want to be alone, and I know if I tell you, you'll follow me," she replied clearly annoyed by his questioning.

'Is that such a bad thing?' he spat.

'Yes, seeing as I want to be alone," she said putting emphasis on the word alone.

'Fine, if you want to go, then go, but don't expect me to sit at home waiting for you!' he shouted before Apparating away.

She shook the memory from her head and continued to get ready. At 7:50 she examined herself in the mirror, making sure every inch of her body was flawless, once satisfied, she grabbed her satchel and Apparated to a small bistro in Italy.


She looked around for the only man she truly loved with all of her heart. A smile slid onto her mouth when she saw him walking towards her with a swagger that made her want to snatch him and Apparate straight back to their apartment, which they rented jointly under aliases so no one would be able to trace it back to them.

Their eyes met and she was instantly plunged into a sea of gray, but before she could speak, he pulled her body close to his and kissed her lips passionately.

Hermione was breathless when the kiss ended and she silently cursed him for pulling away, "Come on," he paused here to place a soft, loving kiss on her lips, "our table is waiting," he said softly, his eyes traveling the length of her body heatedly.

Hermione sat across the table gazing lovingly at the man talking secretly to the waiter who kept shooting flirtatious glances at her, which made her beau growl threateningly.

Once the waiter was gone, he shifted his attention immediately back to Hermione and began tracing soft circles on the palm of her outstretched hand.

Dinner passed perfectly and the two made their way back to their secret home.


Hermione felt her back hit the cool wall and a soft moan escape her lips as his hands slowly moved down her sides, wandering along her breast and the naked skin of her neck, making her head lean back against the hard wall.

Her hands traveled up his back and into his silky black tresses, she massaged his head softly earning many low growls from her frisky companion.

They slowly moved into the bedroom and fell heavily onto the bed. Quickly shedding the unwanted clothes, the two fell into a familiar rhythm all their own. The bed groaned loudly as the two made passionate love, forgetting everything except each other.


Hermione lost all sense of time as she drifted into a deep and peaceful sleep in her lover's arms.



Ron sat silently in Hermione's apartment silently nursing his fifth glass of Firewhiskey; he glanced drunkenly at the clock, which read 1:58 a.m.

He swore loudly, sloppily lifting his body from the couch and drunkenly making his way over to the fireplace. He pulled his wand out and muttered a spell, which made fire appear instantly in the fireplace.

Grabbing a fistful of Floo-powder, he watched as the fire went from a brilliant red to a brilliant green; he stepped lazily in and shouted the location of his apartment.