Full summery: One night, a terrible accident occurs and it leaves Sora in a complete mental shock. For the next 60 days, he goes through severe stages of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This story is about his battle with not the Heartless but his own inner demon, namely a certain vengeful blonde Nobody.

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Psychology disclaimer: I am not a psychologist. I have never taken any psychology courses. I in no way claim to know without a doubt how one would react in a situation such as this, nor do I claim to know how to treat PTSD. Some of the methods explored in this story are bound to be incorrect. I would prefer if psychology majors and people who have experienced PTSD first hand didn't rag on me for inconsistencies. My knowledge stems from Wikipedia and no further. Anyone who flames me for getting certain symptoms or psychiatric methods wrong will be referred to this disclaimer. The same can be said about medical methods, CSI investigation, police line of questioning, and funeral proceedings. I have limited knowledge on those topics, so some of the things I write in this story will be incorrect. However, since this is a work of fiction, I'd appreciate if you, the readers, didn't point out these factual errors. Thank you for your time in reading this and enjoy the story.


Chapter 1: The Accident

It was not a dark and stormy night. In fact, it was rather pleasant outside if Kairi did say so herself. She had been sitting on the dock pier for hours, watching the sunset and the stars rise one by one. She liked to be reminded that the universe was safe, all thanks to Sora and Riku. Kairi looked at her lap as a feeling of nostalgia washed over her. Sora and Riku. She had thought for the longest while that she'd never see them again.

They had been out earlier with her, watching the stars until they got tired, so they had gone back to the two-story flat where the three lived. It had been three years since they had made it back to the Destiny Islands. At first, everything had been so dreamlike. It was unreal seeing the home that Sora thought was gone and Riku thought he'd never go back to. But they soon settled back in and life returned to normal. Well, about as normal as life can get for three Keyblade-wielding teenagers. They completed school and went on to college. Since none of them really knew what they were good at besides battling darkness, as a joke, they all took business and social studies because apparently, those were ideal courses for people with no ambition in life. Kairi laughed out loud at that memory. Riku had been the one who suggested it and Sora had no idea if it was true.

"But my parents took business and they turned out fine!" Sora had said, scratching his head. Riku laughed at him.

Either way, the three ended up in all the same classes, studying something none of them had a passion for but they didn't mind, so long as they got to hang out together. Kairi smiled wistfully. If there was one thing that rang true, they were all very close friends after everything that happened while they were gone. They had all saved each other's lives at least once during their adventures. They had all fought along side each other at least once. They would all gladly give up their lives for each other, only once of course.

Kairi got to her feet and dusted the back of her skirt off. Her mind traveled over to her odd relationship with Sora. Ever since he had gotten back, he seemed shy. It was adorable in a weird sort of way, but Kairi really wanted to talk about where they were heading. Sora had admitted one afternoon in the secret spot that he really liked her, but Kairi said she already knew.

"You think ordinary friendship would drive a man to sacrifice his heart to revive any ol' girl?" she had joked.

"So then you already know I love you?" Sora had asked shyly. Kairi had winked and walked out of the secret spot with an air of mystery.

Kairi mentally kicked herself now. What she really wanted to do was run up and kiss him, but somehow she had lost her nerve and the moment passed too quickly for her likely. Ever since then, they had been skirting around the issue of love.

Kairi's thoughts traveled over to Riku as she walked along the dock in the general direction of home. Before they had left Destiny Island, he always seemed kind of distant. Sure, he and Sora got along fine, but it was like there was a barrier that Kairi couldn't get past. When he saved her life in The World that Never Was, it was like that barrier all but vanished. He wasn't this idol that every girl swooned over, he was more like a highly protective brother. Kairi smiled, stringing her hands together behind her back. Riku was the closet to family she had.

Lastly, Kairi's mind assessed the friendship between Sora and Riku. Something had definitely transpired while they were trapped in the realm of darkness. She had gotten a brief story from Sora that they had fought Xemnas side by side, like brothers, and Sora had carried Riku to safety (of course, the first thing Kairi had pictured was Sora holding Riku bridal style and she had burst out laughing, much to Sora's confusion). But the part that was unexplainable and difficult to recount was the words spoken between the two. Whatever was said, Kairi was happy to see they weren't being so competitive and there were no more secrets or thoughts of jealousy.

As Kairi approached the front door of their flat, she stopped and looked back towards to the beach. Across the bay was the little island they used play on a few years ago. That's where it had all began. Shaking her head, she turned back to the front door and unlocked it with her keys. Once inside, she noticed all the lights were out and everyone seemed to be asleep upstairs. Kairi tiptoed her way up the stairs and crept down the hall towards Riku's room. For some reason, she had fallen into the habit of checking on her two boys while they were sleeping every night. Subconsciously she wanted to make sure they were all right and still actually there. For the first few weeks after they had returned, she was so sure they'd disappear again.

Kairi quietly opened Riku's door with a slight creak. She didn't cringe because she had done this so many times before that she now knew Riku could sleep through a hurricane. She walked across the space separating herself from Riku and kneeled before his face. She smiled faintly as she examined his sleeping form. He seemed so much more peaceful and worry-free when he was asleep. In a motherly sort of way, she brushed a few of his long silver locks out of his face and stood up straight.

The next visit she made was to Sora's room. As soon as she opened the door, though, she instantly knew something was wrong. Sora was practically radiating stress and panic, even in his sleeping form. Kairi cautiously approached his bedside. He was tossing and turning, as if in the middle of a bad dream. Kairi furrowed her brow in confusion. Of all times she's visited, Sora had never had severe nightmares. She watched for a few more seconds, trying to decide what to do. When Sora made a quiet desperate noise, Kairi made up her mind to wake him from whatever troubles were plaguing him.

"Sora?" she whispered quietly at first. She grasped his shoulders lightly. "Sora, wake up, it's just a dream." Sora clenched his eyes tightly. He would not wake. "Sora." Kairi was firmer with her voice. She gave his shoulders a small shake. "Sora, wake up!" His thrashing steadily increased. "Sora!"

Suddenly, his eyes flew open. He screamed and threw his arm off to the side. In a flash of light, he summoned his Keyblade, the Oathkeeper, and struck forward, plunging the pointed edge into Kairi's chest. Kairi let out a shocked scream but went silent. Sora's eyes focused in on reality and he realized who the girl in front of him was. His eyes dropped to the Keyblade, which was in so far that there was only an inch space between the hilt and Kairi's skin. Sora's eyes flickered back up to her face.

"…Kairi?" he whispered in fear.


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