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"...normal talk..."

'...Bijuu thoughts...'

"...Bijuu Speaking..."

&&&&&&&&&&&...Scene Change...&&&&&&&&&&&&

Living Behind a Mask:

Chapter 10:

Strike Three:


That Evening:

Naruto & Sasuke had found an inn for their day off fairly quickly. After they had paid for two rooms, they walked up the stairs and separated. Naruto put a double strength sound and chakra barrier over the room, so that no one would know what he was doing. He felt Kyuubi whining to be let out, which he obliged. Once he had summoned her, he stiffened slightly. Kyuubi normally released copious amounts of pheromones during their 'private time', but this was insane. He could already feel himself becoming aroused. He released his partial cursed seal, pulling Kyuubi to him, and pressing his body full against hers before she could even say anything. Both of them mashed their lips together, getting involved in a large scale tongue war. Finally, Naruto pulled back for air and looked at her with a mixture of feral anticipation and worry crossing his face.

"Kyuu-Chan, is something wrong?"

Kyuubi pushed him back onto the futon and began rubbing her rather ample chest over his kimono, using her voice that was husky with lust to further 'seduce' him.

"No, Naru-Chan. There's absolutely nothing wrong. I said I was going to give you something special tonight, and that's what I'm going to give you."

Naruto nodded and kissed her again.


Almost an Hour Later:

Finally, they let their tails go and they dropped to the ground, completely content. It was then that Naruto remembered the burning sensation he had felt on his left hand. He lifted it to see the Kitsune tattoo was now surrounded by spiralling tails. Apart from the physical changes, he felt his personality start making subtle twists. His darker emotions came to the front, while he felt the slight hunger for food he had replaced by a hunger for something else, which he could not place. He also felt the part of his insides that was reserved for the Kusanagi pulse once before dying down. Kyuubi saw this and smiled at him.

"Congratulations on your new rank, Naru-Chan."

Naruto smiled as he tried to release his withdraw his partial cursed seal, only to find that he couldn't. Kyuubi smiled.

"You are the king of Kitsune. Those are your nine tails, signifying you as the new Kyuubi."

Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"And what would that make you?"

Kyuubi snorted.

"Your completely devoted and loyal lap dog of a wife."

Naruto could hear the sarcasm dripping off her voice and chuckled, hugging her.

"You know I wouldn't stay with you if you were."

Kyuubi snickered and hugged him.

"I know."

Both of them were aware that the barrier surrounding the room was beginning to undo itself. It was not Sasuke, that was for sure. Finally, it came completely undone and there was a knock at the door.

"Uzumaki-San, are you decent?"

Naruto snorted and pulled on his kimono, while Kyuubi made some clothes appear out of thin air for herself.

"Now we are."

"Would you mind if we had a word with you?"

Naruto sighed and shrugged, leaning back against the wall, Kyuubi doing the same.


Naruto smirked as the door opened partially and froze, the reek of their activities hitting the ANBU at the door. He called in to them.

"Would you mind if we discussed this downstairs?"

Naruto shrugged as he looked to Kyuubi, who nodded and reappeared back in the seal. Naruto called out to them.

"I don't smell much better than this room, so I'll be several moments."

The ANBU shut the door and they began walking up the corridor to the next room, obviously getting Sasuke as well. Naruto threw his kimono off and walked into the bathroom, taking a very quick shower before getting out and using chakra to dry himself perfectly before putting his kimono back on. Luckily, it didn't smell whatsoever, so he opened the door and stepped outside to see a single ANBU waiting at the stairs. The ANBU looked at him and nodded.

"Glad you decided to join us."

Naruto waved it off.

"As if I was going to run."

Naruto let the unsaid 'I could have killed you with no problems' hang as they both walked down the stairs to see Sasuke already at a table with the other three Konoha ANBU members standing around the room, or in the case of the squad captain, sitting at the table. Naruto took a seat next to Sasuke who raised an eyebrow at him.

"What's with the seal?"

Naruto showed him his tattooed palm, which made Sasuke's eyes widen considerably. They both turned back to the ANBU captain.

"I have been asked to come here directly by Hokage-Sama himself to ask for both of you to talk to him. It seems that the two chances that have been used were used directly against Hokage-Sama's explicit orders. After the bounty trade for Orochimaru and Kabuto-s heads, Han ordered all people of Konoha to leave you alone unless attacked first. We cannot confirm who did what, so we would like your side of the events in an attempt to clear this up."

Naruto cocked his head to the side, trying to think of what brought this up. Obviously, the Godaime Hokage was pulling at straws.

"I'll say this. Regardless of defied orders or not, an attack is still an attack. I've wanted to meet this 'Han' for a while now."

Sasuke nodded in agreement.

"We'll go, but remember, one more chance and that's it. No compromises."

The ANBU nodded and stood up.

"Do you have any pressing issues to attend to before we leave?"

Naruto nodded.

"I need to talk to the Yondaime."

Everyone was silent as they tried to process this. Sasuke sighed and shook his head, explaining Naruto's apparently strange request.

"The seal that holds the Kyuubi at bay is guarded by Yondaime's Soul. Until earlier today, the soul manifested as a piece of paper. Naruto did a little… Interior decorating, making the Yondaime into a guard instead of a piece of paper. He hasn't had the chance to talk to him yet."

The ANBU nodded slowly and the three others began walking out the door. The captain looked specifically at Naruto.

"Please let us know when you're finished."

Naruto nodded and formed several hand seals, before slumping forward. Sasuke sat back, carefully watching the ANBU out of the corner of his eyes as the masked man walked out the door to wait with his team.


Naruto's Mindscape:

Naruto walked through the several corridors he had memorised until he found himself in front of the door, seeing the Yondaime staring at the wall in front of him. Yondaime turned to look at Naruto with a small smile.

"Hey, Naru-"

"Get to the point. I'm very, very pissed off at you right now."

The Yondaime sighed, lowering and shaking his head.

"I really can't say I blame you. Naruto, do you know why I chose you as the one to bare this burden?"

Naruto scowled and took a seat on the opposite side of the hallway, while Yondaime sat down on his side. Quite frankly, Naruto didn't know or care.

"Amuse me."

The Yondaime nodded slowly.

"You were the only child born that day, and the only one capable of holding it in. If I had the option, I would have placed the burden on another without second thought. Naruto, my final wish which the old fart, Sensei as well as Kakashi were witness to was that you were to be treated and hailed as the saviour of mankind."

Naruto scoffed and held up his tattooed hand.

"They turned me into a self fulfilling prophecy. I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune."

The Yondaime sighed and sat back.

"Which brings me to the next point."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at this.

"After watching the treatment you were given, I'm abandoning my position of the Yondaime Hokage and will support you in whatever action you chose to use against Konoha. Frankly, after what I thought I taught them, I'm appalled I ever took the position. That's a promise."

Naruto practically had a heart attack at this, but was not prepared for what came next.

"Naruto, my soul has been continuously draining ever since this seal was put in place. As it is, the double four element seal won't last more than another fortnight. The reason I chose a slip of paper was because this form used more of my soul to maintain."

Naruto was unsure of what to say. He fully intended to come down here and give him a verbal cussing that would have made Tayuya blush, remembering what little he did of her. However, all that showed in the Yondaime's eyes was regret, pain, sorrow and a begging for forgiveness so desperate Naruto had never seen anything like it before. Naruto was unsure of what to do. As the King of Demons, should he 'put him to death', or maybe torture him? Yondaime snickered, making Naruto look at him.

"Don't forget, I can read your mind too."

Naruto growled.

"I'd prefer you don't."

Yondaime shrugged.

"I don't have a choice in the matter. Whether I want to or not, your thoughts are passed through me to reach her."

Yondaime jerked a thumb back at the doorway next to him. Naruto looked at the Yondaime.

"What would happen if we brought Kyuu-Chan out here or you stepped inside and we sorted this out?"

Yondaime looked stumped for a moment.

"I'm really not sure. When I created this seal, I had no idea this is how it would turn out."

Naruto really couldn't fault him there. This was designed after all to let Naruto take the Kyuubi with him to the afterlife when he died. Naruto got up and pushed open the gold rimmed oak doors and stepped inside. Kyuubi immediately glomped him, making Naruto stumble back several steps. Kyuubi's hand passed through the doorway, which made the doors slam shut, knocking both of them inside. They heard the door handles turning before they opened to reveal Yondaime, who looked very hesitant before he finally stepped inside. Kyuubi was fighting her internal anger and hared for her 'killer' that was in front of her. Yondaime stayed at the doorway, staring at the Kyuubi who glared back at him. Naruto sighed, trying to break the tension by kissing her on the cheek.

"We don't have much time. We have to sort this out."

Both of them nodded slowly in agreement. Finally, Yondaime sighed.

"You can probably tell the seal's been weakening right?"

Kyuubi nodded, but smiled sadistically.

"And I know just how to fix it."

Both boys looked at her expectantly, watching her smile widen. Naruto spoke first.


Kyuubi kept smiling at the Yondaime, making him shudder.

"I'll tell you on one condition. Tell Naru-Chan who his father was."

Kyuubi was laughing up a storm mentally, while the colour drained from Yondaime's face. Naruto turned slowly to Yondaime. Yondaime's eyes locked with Naruto's, and Naruto saw something he'd rather not. The striking resemblance he used to have to the Yondaime.

"Oh you've got to be fucking kidding me…"

Kyuubi smiled widely while the Yondaime fell to his knees and touched his head to the floor.

"I'm so sorry, Naruto… I wanted to tell you, but-"


Both of them looked at Naruto who's normally blue eyes were turning blood red. His tails were placing slash marks into the floor as they flew around, showing his absolute anger and hatred that was directed at just about everyone and everything. Naruto stormed up to the Yondaime and pulled him by his collar upwards, dragging the full grown man up to face level. Yondaime was actually crying silently seeing his son so angry at him. He hung his head and whispered just loud enough for Naruto to hear.

"Please kill me."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the request.

"If it makes you feel even the slightest bit better, by all means do so. It's the least I deserve…"

Naruto's eyes softened slightly, before hardening again. This changeover happened several more times before Naruto dropped him, much to the Kyuubi's amusement and the Yondaime's relief.

"You're not even worth killing. However, what will me worth it is having you manifest when we go back to Konoha and chew them out. And by god you had better."

Kyuubi smiled as she thought about the possibilities of what to do with herself and the Yondaime as well as Naruto and Sasuke to the villager's minds. All they needed was Uchiha Itachi and Orochimaru and it would bee fun for all the family…

"You would make a fine king of hell, I must say. I feel sorry for the demons when we get back there. Would that be the third strike?"

Naruto looked at her, trying to decide. He was obviously very, very tempted to say yes it was, but he shook his head.

"No, but I'm willing to bet it will lead to it."

Both boys now turned to Kyuubi, who they were expecting to fulfil her part of the deal, which she did.

"Well, if Naru-Chan was to summon both of our souls, we could go on a killing spree in Konoha. I'm sure that Hokage's body would be rather fitting for you. I'd rather take several others, such as that white haired old king of perverts as well as several others… Fitting people."

Yondaime nodded. He didn't exactly like the idea, but he had promised Naruto he would support him in any of his action, and he never broke a promise. Yondaime reached into his cloak and pulled out an original Hiraishin kunai suited to him, which he chucked at Naruto.

"Good luck, Naruto. All me when you're ready."

Kyuubi smiled as Naruto gave her a last kiss and ejected himself from the mindscape. When he snapped open his eyes, Sasuke was staring at him, while the four ANBU were watching him cautiously. Naruto felt the weight of the Yondaime's Hiraishin Kunai, which he kept hidden in his sleave. Naruto smiled toothily at the ANBU.

"Well, that talk was refreshing. Let's go."

The ANBU nodded and left the room. Naruto immediately turned to Sasuke.

"They are screwed. He was my dad."

Sasuke almost choked, but managed to nod as they both got up and walked outside. The ANBU began leading the way. Naruto was practically bursting with anticipation of burning the village to the ground.


A Week Later:

Over the past week, everyone noticed Naruto's demeanor darkening and the ANBU got a terrible sense of foreboding from him. Naruto had assured Sasuke that he was fine, telling him it was due to the events that took place on the afternoon after they had met Tsunade. After a week, they had finally made it. Before them down the road were the gates of Konoha. Once they reached it, the Chuunin guards gasped when they saw Naruto at Sasuke, but said nothing as they let them pass seeing the ANBU with them. Naruto was acutely aware of every single person stopping what they were doing, many dropping what they were doing to run away in fear. Sasuke snorted as they were led to the Hokage Tower seeing people whispering things like 'it's the Uchiha!' and 'He's come back to us!' Frankly, Sasuke was more than fed up with them. The ANBU ignored the villagers and led them into the Hokage's office. It was then that they got the first view of the Godaime Hokage, Han. He was a rather tall 20 something well built male who had an incredible amount of wisdom in his golden brown eyes, as well as the kind of experience gained only from a life on the edge. Unfortunately, the majority of his physical features were hidden by the Hokage Robes. Han stood to greet them.

"Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke, I presume?"

Sasuke shrugged, while Naruto shook his head.

"To you, it's the Kyuubi no Kitsune."

Han raised an eyebrow as he offered them the seats in front of his desk, which they took.

"Really? And why is that? Last I was informed, the Kyuubi was sealed inside you."

Naruto sighed and sat back.

"As of one week ago, I gained the title of King of Demons. After I finish here, I'm going to Hell and sorting them out."

Han said nothing to that.

"Well, I suppose we should get straight to the point. There is a small extremist faction within the ANBU. Since we shut Root down with the help of one of its members who I believe you have had the pleasure of meeting almost a year ago, they have sprung up, identifying themselves as Yondaime's Wish."

Naruto scoffed, making the other occupants of the room look at him.

"You want to know what 'Yondaime's Wish' was and still is? From the man's mouth himself just before we left the Earth Country, his final wish was that I be seen as a hero, the jailor of the Kyuubi no Kitsune and saviour of all living things who held it back through sheer force of will alone. I would have thought you would have respected the final wish of the man that most in my position would call a father instead of turning me into a self fulfilling prophecy."

Han sat there trying to take in what Naruto had just said while Sasuke snorted.

"Oh, and if you feel that it is absolutely necessary to have witnesses in this room as well as four squads of ANBU right outside the door, then bring them inside and into plain sight or we will consider this your third strike."

Han sighed and nodded. A section of the wall warped, revealing their former team mate, Haruno Sakura, their former Sensei, Hatake Kakashi as well as Jiraiya of the Sanin. The door opened, and all 16 ANBU walked into the room, shutting the door behind them. Naruto smirked.

"20 in all… You know, you picked a very unlucky number to defend yourself with."

Sasuke smiled and caught on.

"One tail for each of the ANBU and below, while leaving two for the rest of us. What I want to know is why, in a meeting with the rank of the… Beings present, she-"

Sasuke indicated Sakura with scorn.

"-Is here. Somewhat out of place, I would think."

Sakura stiffened and looked on the verge of tears but said nothing. Han was starting to get worried. Naruto and Sasuke had obviously come here for a reason, and to talk things over wasn't it.

"She is here because she was your former team mate."

Both boys' bodies showed they clearly disagreed. Naruto looked at her out of the corner of his eye.

"No, she was never a part of Team Seven, considering how many times she practically tried to kill herself, having to get us to pull her out of the line of fire. Kakashi was also a failure of a Sensei, preaching everything was about team work when he showed favouritism towards Sasuke, which I personally had no problems with. Do you recall the last time that happened with a Genin Team and their Sensei? For those of you who can't, let me refresh your memory. Sandaime's prize student, Orochimaru went 'rogue'. Team Seven only ever consisted of Sasuke, Kyuubi and I. Sakura and Kakashi were never a part of it, purely a means to an end."

Kakashi winced at the verbal berating of his absolute failure, while Sakura slumped to the floor. While they were on the subject of the Kyuubi, Han wanted to verify a previous statement they had made.

"Kyuubi has nine tails, correct?"

Naruto nodded.

"I do indeed. However, my tenant has another nine, leaving Sasuke and Arashi to deal with the last two."

Most of the people froze at the last name. Naruto looked casually at Jiraiya.

"Yes, your former student-"

Naruto turned to Kakashi.

"You former Sensei-"

Naruto turned back to the front.

"And the person most would call my father."

Naruto smirked and slowly pulled out Yondaime's Hiraishin kunai.

"If it wasn't for this, I'd have no chance of summoning him. I have my own which works only for me, but I can't remember his version of the seal."

Naruto dropped the Kunai, and as soon as it hit the ground, a streak of yellow shot out of Naruto's stomach and appeared in the middle of the room. When the streak returned to normal, everyone's jaw apart from Naruto, Sasuke and the Yondaime's hit the floor. Jiraiya spoke first.

"Arashi… It really is you… I'd recognise that chakra anywhere, even with so little of it present…"

Arashi's wavering, ghostly spirit looked at his former Sensei and student.

"Jiraiya, Kakashi, why did you ignore my final wish? You do realise I've seen every single thing that has happened to Naruto, right?"

Jiraiya was unable to talk until his eyes widened.

"But… If you're here, then what's stopping Kyuubi from getting out?"

Everyone stepped back from Naruto, except Naruto, Sasuke and Arashi.

"Absolutely nothing is stopping her from killing me and taking over my body."

There were far too many revelations coming here at once. Not only did Naruto refer to the Kyuubi as a female, but said she did not want the chance of freedom? Sasuke sighed and sat back.

"Not surprising really. After all, Kyuubi and Naruto are mates… I would know. They're loud enough for me to have to learn the forced sleep technique to the point I can do it without hand seals, regardless of whether or not they use a sound barrier during one of their all night 'sessions'."

Naruto smirked while practically everyone blushed at the rather crude hint. Naruto closed his eyes momentarily. When he opened them, he smiled.

"Kyuu-Chan want's to meet some of you."

One of the ANBU snorted.


Naruto smile widened as he closed his eyes.

"Only I, her mate and companion of the past seventeen years, has earnt the right to address her with such affection and familiarity. Not even Sasuke, my brother has earnt that. Watch what you say, human."

Everyone decided it was better not to tempt him again and kept quiet. Naruto looked at Han.

"I'm going to give you a choice. I can summon her in her full demonic glory, or her humanoid form. Which do you want?"

Summoning the Kyuubi again as a towering nine tailed fox was an incredibly bad idea. People would cause a riot at the very least.

"Humanoid, please."

Naruto nodded and bit his thumb, forming the hand seals before placing his hand on his leg.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu."

A cloud of human sized smoke covered Naruto. Everyone who wasn't used to the massive amount of chakra used to summon her with such ease had varying ways of reacting, from shock to slight admiration. When the smoke cleared, Naruto was still there, but a humanoid fox in a very modest black kimono that hid her body well was sitting on his lap. Naruto placed his hands around her stomach and nuzzled his face into her back, making her purr. The strange thing most people noticed that while both Arashi and Kyuubi were both souls only, Yondaime's soul seemed somehow much weaker than Kyuubi's, as if he was about to die. Sasuke sighed, bringing everyone back to the conversation.

"Could you two please wait until after this to start that again?"

Both of them shrugged, but not before Naruto whispered just loud enough for everyone in the room to hear, rubbing her stomach gently. The people at the front noticed a slight bulge in her stomach area.

"How are they?"

Kyuubi snorted.

"At the moment, fine. Another six weeks."

Kyuubi got off Naruto and used several of her tails as a makeshift seat. Han's eyes narrowed.

"Based on the week it took you to get here and the information you've given to us, would I be correct in guessing you are pregnant?"

Kyuubi smiled triumphantly.

"Indeed I am. That is partly why Naruto is the new king of hell. Demons do not need to throw away large sums of money to exchange a few meaningless words and give each other a gold band just to get a piece of paper saying they are bound until death. A demon may mate with whoever they chose, but once they mate with another and produce heirs, they have entered a permanent relationship with the other that lasts beyond death. Naruto is the first one that I have offered the right to, which he has accepted, meaning he has taken the position of lord of demons and also my breeding partner."

Han sighed and sat back, trying to think about how to make this work when an ANBU behind Kyuubi lost his self control, unsheathing his Katana and charged forward, aiming for Kyuubi's stomach from behind.

"Demon scum! Shi-ne!"

The ANBU tried to hold him back, but Kyuubi grabbed his throat with a tail. Naruto smiled and stood up.

"Three strikes. Konoha is out. As the new king of demons, I declare a war on Konoha, starting-"

Everyone froze for a moment as the full implication of this washed over them. Naruto and Kyuubi did not give them the chance to recover and impaled all sixteen ANBU members through various vital parts of their bodies.


Naruto roared, releasing his full stage two seal, making the majority of the people still standing shrink back as the black chakra exploded off him, shattering the glass of the office windows and hurling objects that weren't tied down away from him. Sasuke released his own level two seal and groaned as his wings ripped out of his back.

"It's been a while since I've used my true form…"

Sakura started backing away as Sasuke grabbed her throat. Kakashi was still horrified by everything happening around him, noticing too late as Sasuke chuckled darkly.

"I finally figured out why you're so stupid. Yes, you have an amazing amount of book smarts, but you have absolutely no common sense whatsoever."

Sakura managed to gasp and pull enough air into her lungs to speak.

"Sasuke-Kun… Why?"

Sasuke snarled and sent a focused Chidori Nagashi through her, electrocuting her. After a while, he dropped her smoking, lifeless body to the ground.

"Stupid until the very end…"

Kakashi was about to move into action when he felt Naruto let of a paralysing amount of killer intent.


Naruto was about to completely eradicate this side of Konoha when he felt Kyuubi wrap a tail around his wrist. Naruto turned around and grinned toothily at the remaining three people who were backed up against the wall. Naruto turned to Kyuubi and smiled.

"Ah yes, I have to preserve bodies for your resurrection..."

Kyuubi smiled sweetly.

"Indeed, Naru-Chan."

By now, they heard screams and yells as a mob was gathering outside with anything that could be used as a weapon in their hands. Naruto grabbed Kyuubi with his tails and pulled her close.

"Remember how we both wanted to try mating and killing at the same time? I think now's a good chance."

Kyuubi nodded and kissed Naruto quickly.

"Remember, I'm somewhat tender at the moment…"

Naruto nodded and took her out the door, leaving Sasuke and Arashi to deal with Kakashi, Jiraiya and Han. Sasuke sighed and bit his own thumb, forming the hand seals for a summoning.

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

The Hokage's Office exploded into smoke and then burst outwards. Once the cloud of smoke disappeared, everyone was paralysed by seeing Manda, king of the snakes in the middle of Konoha. Manda looked up at his summoner and smiled.

"Sasuke, is this an offering?"

Sasuke smirked and crossed his arms over his chest.


"Then I don't mind if I do!"

Manda smiled before he looked down, seeing Jiraiya stepping out of the rubble that was the Hokage Tower, and started forming hand seals. Manda lunged towards him, as Sasuke spoke.

"I don't care about the peasants, but please try and keep the bodies of those of Jounin and above in rank somewhat… Intact…"

Manda smiled, ignoring as Jiraiya managed to dodge, leaving Manda to smash his head into a nearby building, pulling its screaming denizens out and swallowing them whole.

"Considering how many that leaves… I think I can oblige this once."

Sasuke smiled, watching in pure, unbridled glee as the villagers saw their precious 'Uchiha-Sama' standing atop Manda, not bothering to lift a finger to stop it from ripping their corpses to pieces. However, their fun was soon cut short as another cloud of smoke came forth, revealing Gamabunta with Jiraiya and a badly injured Kakashi atop his head. Manda hissed in frustration.

"Oi, Sasuke! If you think I can kill certain targets while fighting him, then I'm voiding your contract with the snakes. I refuse to have a stupid summoner."

Sasuke sighed while Jiraiya yelled out to Sasuke.

"Sasuke! Do you know what you're doing?"

Sasuke struck a mock thinking pose for a second.

"Let's see… I'm standing on the head of Manda in the middle of a village full of people… Why don't you tell me, genius?"

Jiraiya ignored the insult to his title.

"Then why are you still wearing a Konoha Hitai-ate?"

Technically, it was true that Sasuke was wearing a Konoha Hitai-ate, but anyone with half a brain could tell there was something wrong with that.

"It seems that the 'genius' Sanin are all actually quite stupid. Orochimaru never realised I had my free will until I stabbed my sword through his right hand man's chest, Tsunade thought the world revolved around her, thinking she was far more important than we were, until we brought her down from cloud nine, and you didn't realise that this 'Konoha' Hitai-ate is really-"

Sasuke casually passed a finger over the metallic leaf symbol to reveal it was actually the kanji for 'demon'. Sasuke sighed and shook his head.

"I may have understood if the Genjutsu had been advanced, but it was barely above a single Henge. You really are an idiot, just like your team mates. And if you think I didn't notice you were buying time to hide the villagers, you just proved my point."

Just then, a huge cone of blood red and black chakra shot out from nearby and ripped through the Hokage Monument, destroying the shelters there and the people inside them. Gamabunta sighed and got ready for battle, unsheathing his knife and jumping at his long time enemy.


With Naruto & Kyuubi:

Both Naruto and Kyuubi were outside, rolling around in the street, their kimonos only pulled up enough to allow them to mate. The bodies of several villagers and ninja who had been stupid enough to attempt to kill them since they had started were lying around in a pool of their own blood. Most people were now rather wary of the mating demons as they rolled around, hissing moaning and growling at each other. Naruto smirked at Kyuubi, addressing her as much as the bystanders.

"You know, I would have thought this would be more fun. Everyone's favourite nine tailed demon is back with her mate. Considering how compromising out position is, you think they'd jump at the chance to stop us breeding…"

Kyuubi smirked as a rather obese man ran in with some sort of ornamental katana, swinging in a wild downward slash at them.

"Damn demons!"

Naruto pierced a tail through his heart while Kyuubi his throat. The man dropped the Katana and fell to the ground, spraying blood from his wounds as he went. Both of them sighed and continued mating. The others stared in horror at their fallen comrade that was dispatched as if he was not even worth acknowledging. Both of them moaned, getting close to the edge.


"I know… So am I…"

Naruto kissed Kyuubi, curling the corner of his lips. If they were going to attack at all, they would do so while they were in the height of pleasure with everything they had. Both of them reached their orgasms simultaneously and cried out. Every single human around them charged in, thinking they would be far too weak from their orgasm to defend themselves. However, they still had enough control, even in the throes of pleasure to send chakra to their tails, making the hair stand out at a ninety degree angle from the skin and whipped them around, slicing people in half as they piled in for the kill. After over fifty villagers were killed, their orgasms died down and they slumped, while the villagers backed off, stopping their losses. Naruto recovered and laughed weakly.

"Who said you can't combine business with pleasure? I think we just did a fine job of it…"

Kyuubi nodded in agreement. Naruto kissed her blood splattered face and smiled.

"You look so beautiful like that…"

Kyuubi laughed while the villagers glared.

"You don't look to bad yourself, handsome."

Naruto wasn't much better than Kyuubi. Being on top, he tended to suffer most of the more meaty 'attacks' of the villagers. Naruto kissed her bloody lips with his. Once he pulled back, he smiled, going for the next procavation.

"I'm kind of disappointed with myself…"

Kyuubi raised an eyebrow.

"And why is that?"

Naruto sighed, shaking his head.

"When I was twelve, we committed a much greater massacre than this… I wanted something special for this occasion…"

Kyuubi smiled while the bystanders gasped. There hadn't been many massacres in recent times.

"Ah yes, the Massacre of the Wave… 256 humans killed… It was fun while it lasted…"

Naruto nodded in agreement.

"I'll never forget the feeling of them begging for mercy as I ripped them to pieces…"

Kyuubi laughed as the bystanders took the bait, charging in to their dooms. Both of them began impaling them, but they were coming too fast, until Naruto decided to step it up a notch. He summoned some chakra to his throat, which he could tell Kyuubi was doing as well. Both of their cheeks puffed out and they turned their heads away from each other, spitting the balls of high density chakra out in a blast of red and black intertwining chakra that obliterated a large portion of Konoha, including the Hokage Monument. Naruto looked around through his blood coated eyes and smiled. Luckily, there were a massive number of useable bodies behind them that were still intact to a degree. Kyuubi's eyes widened as she twitched several muscles in her lions, making Naruto orgasm straight away. He grunted several times, looking at her with interest.

"Think we've had enough fun here?"

Kyuubi nodded and pulled him out of herself slowly. Both of them got up, straightening their robes. Naruto tilted his head upwards and opened his mouth, revealing the hilt of the Kusanagi. However, there was no jet black blade for it. Instead, once Naruto grabbed the handle, a blade of blood red fire burst into existence. Naruto smiled at it and gave a few experimental slashes, making the flames roar and lengthen until the end of the swing's arc, when they returned to normal.

"I like it."

Kyuubi smiled sweetly at her breeding partner having fun with his new 'toy'. Kyuubi looked over to see Gamabunta disappear when Manda bit down on him.

"The summon battle is over. Let's go have some more fun."

Naruto nodded in agreement.


Both of them walked casually down the street, towards the sight where one of the other battles was taking place.


With Sasuke & Manda:

Since it was just Manda and Gamabunta fighting, also taking into account the fact that Gamabunta was required to watch out for bystanders, while Manda had no such restrictions, the summon battle was quickly ended in Manda's favour. From what they could tell, Arashi's soul was regain its strength rapidly now that it was no longer being drained by the seal, giving Han a harder time dealing with his predecessor. Sasuke and Jiraiya were now engaging in a Taijutsu match, when they saw Naruto and Kyuubi come around the corner, covered from head to toe in blood that wasn't theirs. Kyuubi also held a lot more form now, making Jiraiya wonder what had happened to her. Sasuke went to Naruto's side as he resealed his Heaven Seal, squatting down as the after effects began to take hold of his system. Naruto placed a hand on Sasuke's shoulder.

"Nice. Looks kind of like how we just left the northern section without the fires everywhere…"

Sasuke smirked and then gasped at the pain that wracked through his body. Naruto tightened his hold on Sasuke's shoulder, unable to heal him but letting him know he was there for him. Sasuke nodded in appreciation before Naruto returned to look at Jiraiya.

"I'm not willing to take the chance that you know Shiki Fuujin, so I'm just going to kill you."

Jiraiya's eyes widened as Naruto calmly talked about killing him. Right now, all that Konoha had left to defend them was himself and Han, but things were not looking good.

"Naruto, I was told you were dead… If I had known you were still alive, I would have made sure none of this had happened…"

Naruto laughed while Kyuubi snickered.

"What makes you think I wanted this to turn out differently? How many former humans do you know that get the chance to rise through the ranks of hell to third in charge?"

Jiraiya raised an eyebrow.


Kyuubi nodded as she explained the upper rankings of Hell.

"Being the Kyuubi means being third in charge of hell, lord of demons. Directly above that is the king of hell, who those fools in the organisation known as Akatsuki are trying to summon. Above that and being in the top position is Shinigami. Neither of those three have much to do with each other, so they're pretty much left to their own devices."

Kyuubi took this opportunity in the minute lull in Jiraiya's actions to grab Kakashi with her tails and began to drain his remaining life into her, leaving nothing but a pile of clothing. Jiraiya stared in horror as more of Kyuubi became living flesh and not just spirit. Jiraiya put his head in his hands, disbelief and sorrow evident on his face when he brought his face back up.

"Naruto… You could have had so much more…"

Naruto fell to the ground laughing, rolling around and slamming his fist on the ground. Kyuubi laughed as well, and even Sasuke in his state managed a snort. Naruto finally recovered enough to speak.

"You're getting senile in your old age. What more could I possibly have gotten by staying in this village? At best, I could have gotten the position of Hokage and any woman from Konoha I wanted. Compared to what I have now and what I will gain in the near future, it's not even remotely considerable. No human woman could give me the amount of pleasure I get from mating with Kyuu-Chan, no position on this planet could give me the power, the numbers of minions and fame being king of demons could. In short, I have never made a single mistake I regret. No, I made one. That was not realising earlier that this was destined to happen earlier."

"It is also destined you will die!"

Naruto groaned. There was only one man who would say such a corny thing.

"I can't and I won't die. Sure, I'm not as strong as she is yet, but that will come with time. As for you, Neji, would you like to try for round two?"

In reply, Neji and several other Hyuugas charged in, while Naruto and Kyuubi paid absolutely no attention to them. Neji aimed a strike at the Kyuubi's stomach, attempting to destroy her unborn young, but was repelled by a wall of red chakra. The Hyuuga continued to attack, only to be repelled. After the last attack, both Kyuubi and Naruto turned around to see them on the floor, some of them beginning to recover from the demonic Kaiten used against them. Kyuubi immediately grabbed several of the stronger ones closer to her with her tails and pulled them up, absorbing them. The Hyuugas looked on in horror as their clansmen were assimilated by the Kyuubi, letting nothing but their clothing fall to the ground. Both of them saw a large group of Jounin level Ninja and above approaching. They were led by the three main Hyuuga, Hiashi, Hinata and Hanabi. Behind them were many of their old 'friends'. Kyuubi smirked as they practically lined up to die. Naruto felt Jiraiya's chakra source increase behind him, and whipped two of his tails out to pull his hands apart, stoping him doing whatever jutsu he was about to do.

"Your turn will come. Be patient."

Jiraiya struggled in vain against Naruto's tails. He was amazed at how much strength they had in them to be able to stop him from moving at all. Hiashi glared at Naruto.

"I will not forgive you for what you did to my clan, or what you accused us of during the Chuunin Exams years ago."

Naruto looked at Hiashi dead panned, and then at Kyuubi.

"Kyuu-Chan, why do humans think I care about whether or not they will forgive me for what I do?"

Kyuubi shrugged, looking back at him.

"Even being sealed inside you for 17 years, I still don't understand. Humans are stupid, plain and simple."

She got a mock glare from Sasuke who had recovered enough to stand. Kyuubi smiled at him.

"You stopped being a human the second you died. I don't classify you as one of these things over there-"

She indicated the group of Konoha Shinobi with a sweep of her hand.

"-And more one of us; A demon."

Sasuke sighed and looked over the crowd, spotting a face he'd rather not see.

"Oh god, not another damn fan girl… And they wondered why I left Konoha…"

Ino fumed at the insult directed at her.

"Who do you think you are? You're not the Sasuke I knew!"

Kyuubi slapped her head with a paw.

"By god, how much stupider are they going to get? Isn't the idea to become smarter with age, not the opposite?"

Naruto and Sasuke agreed when they felt a massive blast of Han's chakra from nearby, turning to see a rather large cloud of smoke raising from an area several streets away. Jiraiya used this momentary distraction to free himself and begin forming hand seals that led to a jutsu Naruto would never let complete. He shot his tails out and pierced both of Jiraiya's arms before he could complete the last hand seal for the Shiki Fuujin, making his arms drop to his sides, completely useless. Naruto growled at Jiraiya.

"Were you planning on making the same mistake your student did? We can all see just how that turned out."

Jiraiya glared at Naruto. There was nothing he could do now. No jutsus and no Taijutsu. Jiraiya grunted in pain as he fell to his knees, only to be dragged up into the air by one of Kyuubi's tails lifting him off the ground. She smiled sweetly at him.

"Don't worry; part of you will live on in my new body for all eternity."

Jiraiya gasped as his body began disintegrating. He looked at Naruto as his legs finished disappearing.

"Naruto… I'm sorry…"

Naruto scoffed at the last words spoken before Jiraiya's body disappeared. Kyuubi sighed contently as Naruto saw the last parts of her body become real. Naruto smiled.

"Welcome back to the world of the living."

Kyuubi flexed her joints before closing her eyes. Her body disappeared, only to be replaced with her true demonic form. Her nine tails swung around, flattening houses and she lifted her head to the air and howled in victory. She looked back down at the group of ninjas in front of her, many of who had soiled their clothes. Naruto walked up to her lowered head and gently stroked her fur, making Kyuubi lean her head to Naruto and close her eyes in pleasure from the scratch. Sasuke could see the reactions of the people and sighed.

"You really are idiots… This whole time, you really didn't believe that she was the Kyuubi?"

Sasuke walked up to the other side of Kyuubi from Naruto when they heard Han scream and his chakra signature fade rapidly, while the Yondaime's took form and strengthened. He reappeared beside them in the flesh and glaring at the villagers.

"I guess I should be apologising for killing him, but a promise is a promise."

Naruto felt a gust of wind blow by and saw the Hokage's hat fly by. He had an idea, grabbing it and placing it on his head, speaking with mock seriousness.

"I now proclaim myself the Rokudaime Hokage."

The Ninja froze and then those who could let their killer intent flare. Naruto took the hat off and burnt it to ashes, laughing the whole time.

"As if I'd want to be the Rokudaime Hokage. Being Hokage is a piece of crap! Only an idiot becomes one!"

Kyuubi smiled as Yondaime took off his own cloak and threw it into the wind. He looked at the villager's surprised reactions and shook his head.

"I realised long ago that this wasn't the village I loved enough to die for, a village I asked to treat my son as a hero yet they went out of their way to kill him. It was when I made that realisation that I renounced my position as the Yondaime Hokage."

Kyuubi looked over their handy work, seeing that the majority of Konoha was now completely in ruins as well as most of its inhabitants were now dead and being processed in hell. She looked to the remaining villagers and snorted.

"I would love to kill the rest of you humans; however, I am allowed to take a certain number of lives only as dictated. I have reached that limit. After all, I need enough left alive to come and claim some other time."

Kyuubi looked at Naruto, who looked at her.

"Shall we go?"

Kyuubi nodded, but turned to Yondaime.

"They will not accept a human taking such a position in hell, no matter what we say."

Yondaime nodded slowly before turning to Naruto.

"I guess this is it…"

Naruto shrugged and looked away, not trusting his emotions.

"Yeah. I might come back here before you keel over."

Yondaime nodded and moved closer to Naruto who held up his hand.

"You haven't earnt the right to hug me. I still haven't forgiven you."

Yondaime nodded and backed away.

"I see… Well, good luck…"

Naruto nodded and closed his eyes, as did Kyuubi. The ground underneath them began cracking before splitting open. People covered their ears as they heard blood chilling screams and wails coming from the hole. Naruto spoke without opening his eyes.

"Please tell me I don't have to listen to that for the next ten thousand years… I love the sound, but not for that long…"

Kyuubi's lips curved upwards, revealing razor-sharp fangs.

"Only when going to and from hell."

Naruto nodded as hands shot out and grabbed them, pulling them into the crack in the ground which sealed back over them. Everyone left on the surface tried to regain their bearings. They looked to find that the only trace of the Yondaime was his cloak and Konoha Hitai-ate. They could do nothing now but try and slowly rebuild after mourning for the loss of those close to them that had been killed.


In the Demon's Throne Room:

As usual, the upper demons were arguing about who should take the Kitsune's place as the clan in charge when the heavy iron doors flew open, revealing what looked disturbingly like a human child with nine tails who walked passed them up the crimson carpet, straight up to the throne and turned to face them.

"Are you talking about who is going to take my place?"

To emphasise his point, Naruto sat on the throne, making the demons glare at him. A four tailed demon spoke.

"Who do you think you are, human, to walk in here and take the throne?"

The answer came from behind them, in the doorway.

"My breeding partner and the new king of demons; that is who."

Everyone turned to see the Kyuubi of old walk in passed them and take the throne to Naruto's left. The demons smirked, obviously having an idea. One of them spoke up, a one tailed cat.

"But you failed in your mission, meaning you no longer have the right to remain as head of the Kitsune."

Kyuubi looked at the female cat in mild amusement.

"The time limit for my original mission was 10 human days, correct?"

Every demon nodded as Kyuubi continued.

"Also taking into account the time I am allotted to find a breeding partner, meaning 10 human years."

Again they nodded. The head of a clan was allowed to take up to 10 human years off to find a suitable breeding partner without notice.

"That still only covers 10 years and 10 days."

Kyuubi nodded. Naruto wanted to but in, but knew that this was not his argument.

"Coupled with the fact that we are required every nine human years to commit a small culling, and was it not the Kitsune's turn today to commit the culling?"

The demons were stumped. Kyuubi had all bases covered. They could do nothing but acknowledge the fact that Kyuubi had not broken any demonic laws herself, and so was able to maintain her role as queen of demons, except for one small fact.

"You still require an Advisor."

An Advisor was not just that. He was also the third voice in opinions made. Apart from their positions, the position of Advisor was next in rank. Only the king and queen of demons were permitted to have one. Naruto looked passed them and smiled toothily.

"We have one. Sasuke."

They turned around and saw one who was most definitely a human. The room went into uproar. Until Naruto laughed, causing everyone to look at him expectantly.

"I guess you could call Sasuke a Human, that is, until you see his real self."

Naruto nodded to Sasuke who activated his full level two cursed seal, making the demons regard him warily. Sasuke returned to normal and walked straight up, in between Naruto and Kyuubi where a smaller throne was. Naruto smiled as the demons said nothing.

"Good, it's settled then. I now proclaim myself King of Demons, third in command of hell. Are there any objections?"

There were no spoken objections, so Naruto smiled and sat back.

"Mission accomplished."


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