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Summary: A woman steals a necklace with the help of her sister, a necklace that had belonged to Cleopatra herself. She ends up accidently unleashing a curse. A curse that has nothing to do with our dear friend Imhoptep. A new curse. ► Ardeth/OC.

►Sharm el-Sheikh – 1935

A woman, fairly tall with long, dark brown hair that you could easily mistake for black, ran upon the long streets of Sharm el-Sheikh, a city of Egypt. She turned her head to look at the people short behind with her dark brown eyes. Her clothes were old and rather used. The sleeves of her plain red shirt were torn.

She allowed her mouth to drop open, but only to start panting as she tried to escape from what seemed to be certain death. Time felt as if it was passing by too slowly, which for her, was bad, because she felt as if her energy was being sucked right out of her even faster because of it.

'Finally,' she thought as she saw her sister's car. Never had she remembered running that quick, or fast in her entire life. Her sister had all ready started the car, and had the door open, waiting for escape.

She hopped into the car. Both the beat of her heart and breathing going as fast as lightning itself. The car began moving away from the angry crown of people. Once she was well seated, she gently grabbed the door's handle, but slammed it shut violently.

"Next time," she began, needing to take a long pause before continuing because she had been panting so hard and also to turn her head to look towards her sister, "you're running."

"You're the one cursed with the fast legs, my dear sister," replied the other woman, grinning as she said so.

"Yes," she panted, "but if I recall," she took a small pause again, due to still panting violently, "you're the one who needs the exercise." With that, the sister's grin faded away as she pulled her hand from the wheel for a mere second to punch the other woman's arm.

"Ouch!" The panting woman exclaimed with a gasp as she still panted, "if that causes a contusion, I'm cursing your soul to hell!" Her panting finally began slowing.

"I do believe that we've both all ready earned ourselves a spot to the underworld, so cursing my soul to hell would be vain, wouldn't it?" Stated her sister. Changing the subject, she added, "did you get it?"

"Of course I for it! Why else would everyone be chasing… well, I got it," she took a short pause, "It's in my pocket… here, let me take it out to show you." As she spoke, her hand slid inside of her pocket and slowly slid out again right after, only this time she held it.

It was a little golden ball. In the center was placed a large diamond, a many smaller ones along side. There was some sort of writing, most likely egyptian writing all over it. It was attached to a beautiful golden chain.

"Next time," the woman who had been panting began, "we form a better plan. They'll follow us to our destination, so we'll need to hide the necklace somewhere we can remember before we surrender. Possibly in the grass, somewhere, would do. Then, they'll either send us to prison, or sell us to slavery. We'll need to form a plan. If prisoned, or sent to the gallows, we shall escape together, we will find ourselves a way. If sent to slavery, we'll need to escape by ourselves, and meet somewhere," she paused for a moment to think of an area, "we shall go to the hotel in Cairo, you know of which one I speak. We shall go there every third of each month at three o'clock, until both of us, we are both there. We shall use our fake names, our fake identities. I, as Sophia Taimes, you, as Candra Smalles, as you remember. We will then continue our quest."

There was a long pause between the two woman as they reached what seemed to be an old abandoned house.

"Well, we're here," said the woman with the fake name of Candra, or in other words, the driver, the sister. The girl who had named herself Sophia immediately jumped out of the car and ran towards some bushes, quickly hiding the necklace underneath them. Once she finished, she quickly returned back towards the car, where her sister waited and gazed out at the cars who were short behind begin to come closer, and too soon, stop.

There must have been at least fifteen cars. Both Candra and Sophia raised their hands, slowly and willingly taking small steps forward towards the car.Somethought they surrendered, but it was only the beginning. They would escape, they would leave no plans unfinished. They were simply taking a small, unwanted break.