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'Lucky' Number Seven

Evelyn gazed down at Sophia, admiring her work. After several moments, Evelyn finally decided that she was done.

"Sophia, you look absolutely wonderful, considering how you looked," said Evy without much thought, causing Sophia to raise both eyebrows.

"I'm rather much confused," began Sophia, forcing herself not to smile, "was that meant to be a compliment," Sophia took a small pause, and slowly added, "or an insult?"

"I wasn't implying that you were unattractive," said Evelyn, frowning, "just that you were a bit of a… mess…" Sophia let out a short laugh, and at that very moment, Rick entered.

"You two do realize that it's after 2:00 P.M., right?" Rick smiled, "thought you were supposed to be out of here by one??"

Sophia stood, wearing one of Evelyn's 'fancy' dresses. It was a beautiful dark red and there was a thick, black belt that went around her waist. Evelyn had placed so much makeup on Sophia's face, that she wondered if people would think of her a sleazy prostitute. Her dark brown hair, which a lot mistake for black, now had a few curls in it. She looked towards Rick, giving him a forced smile. She had told him to tell them when it was one. She wondered how Evelyn could live with him.

"My sister, she is seriously going to kill me, Rick. Because of you," began Sophia, obviously not too happy, staying as calm as she possibly could, "you said you'd tell us at one that it was, well, one."

Rick merely shrugged, "I lost track of time," Evy lowered her eyebrows at Rick,

and he continued, "I fell asleep…" Evy sighed and shook her head.

Sophia shook her head a bit, "come on, we've got to get going. It isn't as if my sister wont leave without me, if she has not already!" She grabbed her stuff, her weapons that had been located beside the door and set them, placing a pistol on her right leg, a pistol on her left leg, and as for her sword, she slipped it inside of her sash and covered it up with on of Evelyn's coats.

Rick raised an eyebrow, "you surely are a 'proper' lady with all of those weapons…"

Sophia slipped her hand inside of the coat, placing her hand on the sword's handle, "watch it, Rick." Rick smirked, knowing she wasn't really going to hurt him. Sophia walked out of the room, entering the living room, where Ardeth and Jonathan both sat on the sofa, talking. They both turned their heads to look at Sophia. She gave a glare at Jonathan when he tried to resist a laugh, and ignored Ardeth, who had been trying hard not to smile at Sophia's 'Before and After.'

"Ardeth, get up. It is time for us to leave," she turned around to look at Rick, who had just entered the room with Evelyn short behind, "it has been for an hour! Thank you, Rick." She gave Rick a forced smile. Rick was enjoying it. Smiling and giving a little wave with him hand as he leaned against the wall, he gave a "you're welcome" as a reply.

Slowly, Ardeth stood up, and without much more then a farewell to Jonathan, he, Sophia, Evy and Rick headed out the door.

As they were about to enter the car, Ardeth couldn't help but smile. He looked straight towards Rick and asked, "new car?"

Rick let out a small grunt at the memory of their last adventure together, when Jonathan broke his key, stole a bus with Alex, and a mummy wrecked his car, "you know it."

Not knowing what they were talking about, Sophia gave a confused expression, but thought it best not to ask.

Rick sat at the driver's seat, while Evy let Ardeth sit next to him, in the passenger's seat. Both Sophia and Evy sat in back, having small talk.

Ardeth muttered a couple words about the car being more comfortable then Rick's last one, while Rick muttered back something incomprehensible about camels and horses. Other than that, they had been quite silent.

Somewhere during the ride, Sophia broke her conversation with Evy off to speak a few words to Ardeth.

"Ardeth," she began, once he looked back towards her, she froze a couple moments before she continued, "a quick warning about my sister is to be given. She has… trust issues. Basically, if I make friends with someone she has never spoken to, she'll act rather… unfriendly. Seeing as you are a medjai and we know what medjai are, she will probably be less… less of herself, thankfully."

Ardeth gave a slight hard stare as he asked, "how do you two know the identities of the medjai people?"

Sophia was about to lie, and she knew it. She was to speak as little of her current situation as possible. Knowing she was to lie, she unknowingly broke eye contact, which she usually made sure not to do, and replied, "I had a brother who has gone to try to find Humumaptra, came back and said some men tried to kill him, but he barely escaped. After that, we had done research. Lots of research on who and why."

After that, there was few words spoken out of any of them, including Evy and Sophia.

Eventually, Rick announced that they had finally arrived at the café. Rick said a farewell as Evelyn asked them to come visit again some day.

Sophia nodded, but give a couple quick glances towards Ardeth before giving a reply. "I promise you that I shall come see you again, some day," said Sophia, "but it may not be for a long time."

Slowly, both Ardeth and Sophia stepped out of the vehicle. Ardeth nodded a farewell to the O'Connell's as they drove away. The café was really rather cheap looking, which shocked Sophia as she expected it to look fancy as her sister liked to think herself rich, where she wasn't.

Sophia and Ardeth took a seat at the table the sister was seated, which was way in back of the café. The table was round and unstable, painted in a deep black.

Sophia's sister looked completely different compared to Sophia. Sophia, who's looks came from her neither one of her parents, her sister's came from her father. She had light, blue eyes and light brown hair. She had skin of which was not nearly as tan as Sophia, and wore a blue dress that matched with her eyes. Her fairly long hair was tied back.

Sophia was the one to speak first, "Raine, I am sorry," began Sophia, noticing that her sister's stare was stuck on Ardeth, "Rick… lost track of time… he let me stay at his house with his wife and kid, good man."

Ardeth gave a smile, remembering how much she seemed to hate him back at Rick's house.

Raine had not been looking for excuses, she didn't care much. All she had wanted to know was who her sister had brought along. Long, black hair and a tattooed face on a man who looked just like a warrior was not a good sign. She had warned Sophia too many times to trust no one, and hoped that she had told this man nothing about their business. "Who is this man?"

"I am Ardeth Bey," he answered for Sophia, taking his hand out to shake hands, but Raine refused to, ignoring him.

"There is more to this man than a mere simple name," added Sophia, "he is a medjai warrior. The chief of all the medjai. He has agreed to protect us."

Hearing that of which Sophia said did not make Raine feel more comfortable with the situation, she only grew more weary. What if he was a spy in disguised? They couldn't take the risk! Raine stood up and spoke with a whisper that could almost be considered a scream, "how do you know this man is not a spy? How do you know that he is trustworthy to us? That he will stay loyal? How do you know his markings are real, and not just the mark of pen?"

With both hands behind her head, and her feet rising to the table, Sophia didn't hesitate to reply, "Raine, you surely are stupid, aren't you?" With that said, Raine sat back down, though she did it slowly with a bitter face. "He is a friend of the O'Connell's, the people that have kept me. Ardeth here is the medjai leader. His tattoos aren't fake. A Militis would never disguise themselves as a medjai. You know that."

Ardeth cut in, "who are the Militis?" Sophia lowered her feet from the table as she saw a waitress give her a threat full expression to do so.

Raine decided to reply before Sophia had a chance to speak, "Ardeth, you say your name is?" she paused a moment, but soon continued, "after many events, I have trouble with strangers. Surely, a medjai not knowing of Militis, are you putting on an act?"

"Raine, if he's a Militis, then you have the right to kill me. He isn't, so keep your goddamn mouth shut and your weapons away!"

"Oh, like you could protect youself even if I did take my weapons away," retorted Raine.

Grabbing the handle of sword, but keeping it in place, Sophia stood, causing a scene in the small café, but not wanting to put up with her sister's shit, she also didn't give a damn. "I don't need to protect myself," she turned to look towards Ardeth, "he could do a fine job. It's why he's here. Plus, I am what I consider a fine fighter. What of you? Seriously? You think yourself good? Best? Great? Queen fighter, Goddess of the family? Spoiled brat!"

Ardeth stood up after Sophia, pushing her back down on her seat. "Causing a scene such as this will cause trouble," Ardeth had whispered inside of her ear.

"Sophia, carefully chose your friends, you never know when-"

"Oh! Surely you think yourself wise? Have no friends, trust no one. T'is the signs of the unmarried old woman, who dies lonely at 69."

"Sophia, shut your gaddamn hole of a mouth!" Raine, herself, had enough. If ever you were to find sisters of which could not stand each others presence, these two would be the ones.

"If he betrays, you may kill me. I give you my permission. Because of you is the reason most of this happened. T'is because of you."

Ardeth let out sigh and gave the unsteady table a hard slap, catching the attention of the arguing sisters. "Honestly, time can be better spent?"

Raine gave a nod, changing the subject, "we must be at the docks within ten minutes. Chose this location due to knowing that you'd arrive late," she paused while giving a hard stare towards Sophia, "and it was a close meeting area."

"You'll be lucky if you reach the docks alive," replied Sophia as Raine gave a smirk.

Slowly, all three of them stood to leave the café.

"So, Raine, have you heard of Candra?" asked Sophia as they walked out, curious as to what happened to her closest sister.

Raine stopped walking and stood there, smiling, "I have spoken with Patrick. He said he had her with him and he would meet us at the hotel in Cairo in seventeen days, the third of august, at three o'clock."

"Ah, right," they continued to walk again, "I had forgotten about that. I told Candra that we were to try to go to a specific hotel, and 3:00 PM every third of the month until we both would eventually meet. I sometimes wonder if this had been worth it. I tried to protect Candra, but wound up here myself. Bloody bastard got what was coming, though."

Ardeth, who had been walking in back of the two, suddenly spoke up, "I thought you said you came to London to meet your brother?" Sophia just shrugged, haven forgotten about that completely, "I lied."

"Then how did you end up in London? What gave you the need to lie?" asked Ardeth, again, not quite knowing what was going on at the moment.

"What the hell was I to tell them?" Sophia stopped walking and turned towards Ardeth, "was I suppose to say, 'Oh hi, can I stay here? I escaped from the gallows which I was in, because I've stolen an artifact from a museum.' I will lie when I must, I will not hesitate. That would have made me look even worse then I already did, 'hi Rick, I put a sword to your wife's throat because I was trying to escape the law, because I beat the freaking shit out of this guy trying to cheat me out of money during a poker game while I was trying to cheat him out of his own.'" Sophia turned around again, and continued to walk forward.

"I do not remember you, nor Evy mentioning anything about you trying to cheat the man out of his money," Ardeth added, unknowingly lowering Sophia's patience which has not yet fully recovered from Rick.

This time, Sophia didn't turn around to look at him, she just kept walking forward, "what blasted fool would have? I merely added that that tiny bit more of information now because for one, Evy, nor Rick, Jonathan or Alex are around, and also because I'm trying make my point." By now, The trio began climbing aboard, and Raine decided to go between behind Sophia, but stayed in front of Ardeth.

"Why would you want to steal something from the museum?" asked Ardeth again. Before Sophia, Raine turned towards Ardeth and placed her finger towards her throat, pretending to slice it to try to get the message to Ardeth to stop asking so many of these questions to Sophia.

Sophia stood still for a moment before turning around to see Ardeth behind Raine, who had already been turned towards him, "because I bloody hell needed the money."

Raine gave a sigh of relief to Sophia's nice and quick answer, happy she didn't blow up, nor said something rather stupid. What had Raine been thinking? Sophia wouldn't say something stupid... well, at least not when it came to these kinds of situations.

-----------//3 hours later…

Sophia sat at the same table, sipping a glass of water that she ordered about an hour before. Really, she had just been thinking, clearing her mind. The boat was said to arrive around the end of the month, six days before meeting Candra and Patrick, her closest sister, and her closest brother. She had never been near as close as she was with them then with the rest of her siblings. Including Theodore, Eliza, Randy, Mike, Dave, Samuel, and, of course, Raine as well.

By now, Sophia decided that as soon she'd arrive, she get new clothes, then try to find Candra as soon as possible. Sophia thought the dress was impossible. She didn't hate it because it showed her feminine side, but simply because for one, it felt awkward do to the fact that her actions felt more limited, especially if she fought.

And finally, after picking out the pros and cons, she's decided to let Ardeth figure out what was going on on his own. If she told him everything now, she'd have no use for him, because he would most likely not help her. But, if they were in the middle of an adventure, right in the action, he'd probably help. Or even, if they were to become quite good friends, he'd probably keep helping her, but she couldn't just tell him everything at once.

Happy with her decisions, she got up from the table and decided to go relax in her cabin.


A woman, no older then 27, walked through the empty night's streets. She wore a simple pair of black pants with a dirty yellow shirt, but you didn't see much of it, due to the fact that she wore a brown jacket, most likely made out of leather. Her red hair almost reached the mid-point of her back, but not quite. Her eyes were of a green that would remind people of the colors of trees in the forests.

Beside her, a man ran along side. He was not much older than the woman, one, two years tops. The white shirt on his back was actually clean, though it was not in that great of a condition. The pants he wore were quite simply black. Short hair the color of a dark brown, though lighter than Sophia's, and his eyes a dark brown, you'd of never guessed that they were brother and sister.

"Pat, we there yet? My bloody legs bloody 'urt enough as it were, but now this," complained the woman to her brother. He began to start walking, instead of running, and his sister ran right into his back. He let out a small chuckle as he panted to make fun of her.

"Oh, Candra, do shut up already. It's only a few houses away. You've turned as bad as Eliza." Not long after his reply, he received a punch from Candra on his upper arm, and it had not been a very light one, either. She always punched hard. Placing a hand on what would most likely soon become a bruise, he spoke again, "god damn it, Candra! Can't you go more than a mere couple of hours without hurting someone, who is usually me?"

Raising an eyebrow, she replied, "can't ya' go more than a few hours without getting yourself to deserve getting hurt, by me?"

He shook his head in annoyance, "considering what you consider 'deserving', obviously not."

Now, finally, Candra stopped instantly after Patrick had, and stood in front of a big house, most likely owned by a person with a large sum of money. Patrick smirked towards Candra, "ladies first."

She spat on the ground and turned her head to face his wide smirk, showing him her grin, "I ain't no lady," she paused, "I'm a bitch."

"Fine, women and children first," his smirk, though still brightly showing, began fading.

"But it's a man's job to take care of such business, making sure the women and children make it out without a scratch."

"Well then, I ain't man enough…" he made a face after realizing what he said, then shook his head, "fine."

-----------Back to Sophia…

The hallway leading to the cabins were dark, for the fact that there were no lights, no candles, and no windows. She couldn't tell if it was well decorated or not, but it didn't bother her much.

It was when Sophia was about to open her cabins door it swung open, and catching her in complete surprise she spent the time she could have ran away to stand still in shock.

Within seconds, she was pulled into the room with a gun pressed against her temple and an arm keeping her in place wrapped around her waist.

The voice behind her, that of a male's, spoke. "You can't hide. If you tells us where it is, and you hand it over, then keep your mouth shut, you'll never have to see any of us again."

Sophia scanned as much of the cabin as possible, to see if anyone else could be spotted, and she spotted an other human shape from the corner of her eye. She smiled as she gave her own reply, "Oh, really? Are you so sure I'll never get to see you people again? It would be such a shame, our little rendezvous to an end."

-----------A few moments later.

Raine was watching out at the silent sea, and unlike Sophia, she had not been deep into her thoughts. She just admired the calm and beauty of said sea, just wanting to relax before everything would go to hell.

She had been distracted and pulled out of her strong daze as she noticed that Ardeth was suddenly standing beside her, though, she only noticed him from the corner of her eyes.

"The sea, t'is beautiful. I have always favored traveling by boat or ship, merely to see such beauty," said Raine, her head facing the sea and not him. They stood there, the both of them, for a few moments in complete silence, until Ardeth spoke up.

"Have you seen Sophia, she is not sitting where she had been a while ago," Ardeth asked Raine, who still had not turned her head. For some reason, he sensed trouble.

Raine chuckled a little, "why would you care where she'd be located?"

Ardeth turned his head to the sea, "after she called you, she asked me, since I'd be going back to Egypt either way, if I'd come and protect her."

Finally, Raine turned her head towards Ardeth, letting out a little laugh as she did so, "is that what she told you?" Noticing her mistake when she saw Ardeth's confused expression, she knew she had to make something up and quickly corrected herself. She chuckled just before speaking again, "she came by earlier, I had asked her how exactly she convinced a medjai to come. She told me nothing much, only words she spoke were that she made some sort of deal with you. She said she had persuaded you with words, somehow, with her charm or something. She can get full of herself, at times. After that, she only asked which cabin was ours, I told her t'was a lucky number 7, she said she'd wanted to sleep." With that, Raine slowly moved her head so it would now be, again, facing the whist sea.

Slowly, Ardeth turned away from Raine and headed towards where the cabins had been located, searching for the cabin number seven, or as Raine had named it, 'lucky number seven.'

When he found the cabin, he knocked on the door several times, but he got no response. Instead of trying again in vain, he grabbed the handle of his scimitar and pushed the door wide open.

The cabin, if described in one word, would be cozy. It had simple, old fashioned furniture with a couple small windows for daylight. The fanciness and coziness was the least of Ardeth's worries, as the first thing he caught sight of when entering the room was a man, whose back was right against the wall, holding down Sophia with a weapon.

"Ardeth, leave, before-" Sophia didn't continue, due to it haven been too late. A man just showed up, out of nowhere and held a gun against his temple. Ardeth had just been caught off guard, which really, wasn't something that would happen too often. But this man, he was a fast sneak. The man who caught Ardeth out of guard closed the cabin's door, then pulled Ardeth more towards the center of the room.

"Where is it?" asked the man holding Sophia, shouting.

"He doesn't know anything of this, he has nothing to do with this!" replied Sophia, obviously angered..

"Then you answer us, and spare your friend," the man whispered in her ear.

Sophia sighed, then spoke "he is not a friend of mine, but a friend of my sister's. I couldn't give a shit whether or not you'd kill him, honestly, I'd of done it myself a long time ago, if it weren't for my sister…"

"You claim you would have killed him, yet you tried to warn him, to protect him," the man's tone was serious. Before thinking up a reply, she looked towards Ardeth He still stood, obviously waiting until the right moment to do something, though, his face showed no expression.

"He's important to my sister, and my sister is important to me," she rolled her eyes, "I'd hate to see her hurt. Now let 'im go!" She seen the man holding the gun to Ardeth's temple shake his head "no".

"Yet, you tell us to go ahead and just kill him. You will be the one responsible to have killed him…" Sophia's captor whispered the last few words in her ear.

"I'm not the one who holds the weapons," snapped Sophia.

Sophia's captor tightened his grip on her, making her gasp, and replied "You're the one who holds the information to save him. You'll live your life with the guilt of being capable of saving his soul, but not having done the right thing. Tell us where the necklace is, we will spare you both."

Sophia lifted her right foot and stomped it back on the floor, then spoke, "god damn it! I don't have it! As we were driving back, I tossed it out the window at some random house!"

As the man had been about to reply, suddenly a knocking could be heard at the door. Everyone, the two strange men, Sophia and Ardeth kept silent, not wanting more to get involved in such situation. But, unfortunately, it didn't work. Slowly and silently, Raine entered, having thought that her sister was merely sleeping. She shut her eyes and silently muttered two simple words, "oh, shit. They're here!"

The man beside Ardeth, the man that held the gun to his head, unknowingly lowered his weapon, haven been distracted by Raine. This was a big mistake. A mistake that caused the unnamed, and undescribed man his place. Ardeth instantly raised his scimitar and swung it twice before his own captor took out his own sword.

And then, that is when all hell broke loose. The blondish man, the one who had been holding Sophia, stupidly let her go to chase after Ardeth, but Raine caught up with him before he arrived to his destination.

Sophia knew that she had to hide herself for the remaining of the fight. She couldn't fight. She watched as both Raine and Ardeth took on the men, though she feared an other would come out of his hiding place. She backed away until her back had finally hit the wall. Shit.

She began glancing to her left and then to her right, watching to make sure no one would get her.

But she didn't realize she had been standing next to the closet door. She realized when it was only too late. When the door opened and a hand reached out and pulled her in, she let out a short, silent scream.


Note: Militis, which is short for Miles Militis, is latin for warrior.