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"I need one steak, medium rare and chicken quesadillas!" Gabriella Montez yelled over the sound of sizzling food in the kitchens.

"You got it! Here are the cheeseburgers table two ordered," Frank, the chef shouted back, handing Gabriella two plates of burgers.

"Oh, and Gabi, don't forget to put your name in for the raffle!" he added.

"Okay, I won't! Thanks, Frank!" she hollered back. Gabi walked out of the kitchens and into the main room where all the tables were. Yes, Gabriella Montez is a waitress. She worked at an Applebee's,only part-time, just for extra money while she attended college. She arrived smoothly at table two, and handed the cheeseburgers down to the guests.

"There you go. Would you like another coke, sir?" she asked the man.

"Yes, please," he answered, handing her the glass.

Gabriella smiled and took the glass and headed over to the bar. On her way there, she slipped in her raffle ticket into the box with her name on it. It was some stupid basket thing they were giving away, while the money went to underprivileged children; in fact the only reason she even put participated in it was for the children, she could care less about the basket. When she was filling up the glass at the bar, she heard someone sit down at the bar. She looked up and saw her best friend, Taylor sitting there.

"Hey girl!" she exclaimed cheerfully.

"Hey!" Gabi answered.

After high school, Taylor and Gabi attended the same college, and were even roommates. Gabi had lost touch with everyone, including Troy. They dated in high school, all the way up to the last day they had together before she left for college. They said they'd write, call and try to see each other often, but they never got around doing it. 'Well that idea worked out well,' she thought. She had no idea what he was doing, because they haven't talked in three years. Well, no actually that was lie. Gabi knew perfectly well that he was on the Duke College basketball team along with Chad, and that their team was playing her and Taylor's college team this week. Gabi had butterflies just thinking about it, wondering if he would remember her, or if he wanted to see her. Taylor wasn't excited or happy about it, because Chad and her had a huge fight about colleges, so before senior year ended, she broke it off.

As for Ryan and Sharpay, well, rumors are that Ryan became a big-shot director, and Sharpay was on her way to stardom. She was on covers of magazines, tabloids and newspapers, but Gabi never paid attention or even glanced through them. Kelsi and Jason were still going strong, and Jason wrote to Gabi that he was planning on asking her to marry him once the college semester ended.

"So, how's work been going?" she asked.

Gabi sighed. "It's been okay, but the drunk guy over at table fifteen keeps trying to hit on me."

Taylor laughed. "Gabi, you really need to start dating again."

"I know," Gabi whined. "It's getting sadly pathetic, isn't it?"

Taylor chuckled. "Yes, it is. The 'I miss Troy' routine is getting old really fast."

Gabi smiled. "Hang on, I'll be right back, I need togive this to table two."

Taylor nodded and Gabi walked over to the table and handed the coke to the man. He thanked her and Gabi started to retreat back to the bar where Taylor was waiting. She walked around the bar and went back to bartending regular guests while chatting with Taylor.

"So, is this drunk guy attractive?" Taylor asked.

"Excuse me?" Gabi asked confused.

"You know,-the one who was trying to hit on you," she said.

Gabi started to laugh while she prepared a pina colda. "Oh, no he wasn't. But did you really expect me to hit it off with a drunk guy?" Gabi asked.

"Well, no. But, really, Gabi, so many decent guys have asked you out! And you say no! Why?" Taylor asked earnestly.

Gabi sighed and gave the pina colda to the customer. "Because," she paused.

"Because…?" Taylor mocked.

"Because…they're not Troy." Gabi finished, looking down.

Taylor frowned. "Gabi, I know you're still in love with him, but you haven't talked to him in three years."

Gabi looked up. She was about to say something, but she was distracted by a group of college guys coming in the restaurant. And they weren't just any group of college guys; they were the Duke College Basketball team. Gabi's eyes widened as she saw the one person she wasthinking about; Troy.

She gasped and said, "Speaking of him, he just walked in the restaurant!" she exclaimed.

Taylor whipped her head around and gasped too.

"Well, he certainly has changed for the better," Taylor said looking him up and down.

Gabi swatted her on the arm. "Very funny."

Taylor was about to retort back, but then the owner of the restaurant came onto the 'stage' and started to speak. The thing he was standing on was barley a stage; it was more like a little platform where bands would play, etc.

"Well, tonight we have very special guests, the Duke College Basketball team!" he started. The surrounding people erupted into cheers and applause.

"As well, we have the 'Baskets of Cheer', which most of you have participated into tonight. As for you who just walked in, 'Baskets of Cheer' is a program where five baskets get raffled off to people of have paid for raffle tickets, and the money goes to underprivileged children," he boomed. "And now, we will read off the winners! The first basket goes to…Jesse Caliger! The second basket…Riley Johnson! Third basket…Lisa Tucker! Fourth basket…Kevin Listery! And last but not least…the last basket goes to…our very own Gabriella Montez! In fact, Bob, let's show where she is. Gabi, where are you? Oh, there she is, over at the bar. Wave Gabi!" he shouted as a spotlight was shined onto her.

Gabi smiled and waved hesitantly while Taylor was cracking up laughing.

"Okay, winners, come up and get your baskets!" he boomed.

"Taylor, honestly, it's not that funny!" Gabi exclaimed as she walked up to the 'stage'.

And by the entrance still waiting with his team, Troy Bolton's head snapped up when the announcer said the name "Gabriella Montez."

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