A/N: I thought I'd try my hand at a first-person narrative, so here it is! Besides, I wanted to do a fanfic about the origins of 419 and 426 anyway.
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Alpha and Omega
Chapter 1: Beginnings

Hey guys!
My name… er… number is 419. I'm a genetic experiment. Yes, that's right, you heard me… anyway, I'm here to tell you about… well… life.
Those who know me may have been wondering where I come from. This is the reason for this story's existence.

Bright light.
Bright green light surrounded me, even though all was darkness. (It's kinda like when you can see light through your eyelids.) I had the sensation of weightlessness, floating, terra-unbounded.
And then it stopped.
And I landed painfully on a flat plane of some kind.
I opened my eyes.
All around me were shapes of a world foreign to me, one that I had to explore.
A blurry purple splot plodded its way to me.
As it got closer, it came more into focus – it was a he, a large purple being wearing a white lab coat.
He looked kinda weird.
"Ah, hello. Welcome to the world."
I wondered how he made sounds with the opening in his head. I tried reproducing them.
"Vhelkom to da vheld," I repeated his pronunciation.
"Good, you are learning already! Now, I am Jumba Jookiba…"
Now, presently I noticed another greenish blob behind Jumba Jookiba, sitting on what could clearly be defined as a wooden plank.
I squinted. Twas a creature. He looked weird.
As I studied him, he waved. And two lights at the end of the… well, I suppose you could call them ears, but they didn't really look like them. Anyway, the two lights flashed.
Some type of spherical object with three holes poked in its side started to roll off the plank. It looked heavy in mass, so I tried to warn Jumba Jookiba about the impending threat to his cranium. I waved my appendages so the digits were sprayed out in a warning pose.
"…and you are… er… what is it?"
Too late.
Suffice to say, the object impacted on Jumba Jookiba's head, bounced off and rolled around on the flat plane that Jumba Jookiba was standing on. Jumba Jookiba stumbled and tripped around the enclosement, until finally landing with a plonk on some electronic device.
It started bleeping. The screen above it flashed red, and although I was too far away to read what it said, I knew it wasn't good.

Eventually it stopped flashing, and instead turned blue. Not that nice lightish blue it usually was, but a deep cold blue, almost black.
Jumba Jookiba moaned.
I looked up from what I was doing, which was pretty much limited to pacing 'round the transparent walls I was kept in.
He pulled himself up, using the electrical device as support. He turned around and read what was on the screen.
"Kernel panic? Sending TERM signal to all processes… done. Sending KILL signal to all processes…"
He hung his head.
"… done. System halted."
Unexpectedly, he hit the device's dashboard.
"No! This one was meant to be it!"
He sighed. And turned towards me.
"You are, what I do not know. I think I am suffering from a mild case of amnesia…"
"Amnesia?" I asked.
"Memory loss," he muttered. "Thanks to this… black screen of death, I have lost all which I have not saved, which includes you."
He wiped his brow.
"I swore I would not make another mistake, but… mistakes happen."
"Jumba Jookiba?"
"Your designation is 419. Now, I will initiate the charging process, and when that is done, you can go meet the other experiments in the galley."