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Bend and Snap

By: hiki-chan

"Bend and what? Mai, I don't think it's a good idea…" Jou trailed off, horrible mental images clouding his head.

"Bend and snap," Mai informed him. "If you want to attract his attention. This is the best way."

"B-but," Jou stuttered on his words, "it's so humiliating Mai!"

"It's easy Jou!" The blond girl winked at her friend, "And it works great for us blonds."

Chocolate brown eyes blinked, "Why is that?"

She smirked, "We've got looks Jou," she then laughed evilly at Jou's blank expression, "Just watch me and copy Jou."

Jou gave Mai a look before he sighed, "And this, 'bend and snap' will help me get Seto's attention how?"

Mai turned to Jou and gave him a sweet look. Too sweet.


"Bend and what!" The hikaris chorused simultaneously.

Jou shrugged, "She called it the bend and snap."

The hikaris blinked before Jou shrugged again, "It's like this, she said, that you pretend to drop something and then you bend, like so," Jou bent, "butt in the air, and then you,"

Yugi jumped when Jou suddenly snapped back. Malik blinked, shock clear in his violet eyes. Ryou mouth was hung open, did Jou actually do that?

Jou laughed nervously at their reaction, "Yeah well. It's a bit different from Mai's cause well, she has, eh," Jou scratched his head thinking of the proper word to use, "assets."

Ryou was the first to speak up, "And this will attract our yamis attention how?"

Jou smirked and gave them the reply that Mai told him when he asked her the same question, "You won't know until you try."


Next Day

"How did it go you guys?" Jou asked cheerfully as his friends walked in.

"Yami fainted." Yugiinformed his best friendbluntly with a small red hue present on his cheeks. "And I think there was drool coming from his mouth…"

"Bakura had a nose bleed…" Ryou blushed hotly, "My pen rolled somewhere and I couldn't find it so I think my butt was in the air a little longer."

Jou laughed, "Awesome huh? So what about you Malik? What did Marik do?"

The sandy blonded Egyptian laughed nervously, "Mariks reaction was a little different, he smacked me on the butt once I bent down and then he took things into his own hands from there."

Jou blushed lightly, "I think I understand what you mean by that…"

Ryou nodded in agreement, his yami also had an appetite… for him.

Yugi smiled in understanding. Mariks yami was well known to have quite the stamina. "So Jou, what about you? What did Kaiba do?"

The blond grinned and gave his friends a thumbs up, "He pounced."


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