Authors Note: OMG IT ANOTHER ONE! Haha, I love you guys. Anyways, here's another story about a forbidden love…First her teacher now her stepdad? Geezzzz Kags gets around! Okay, for some of you who find this WRONG I want to say that IT DOESN'T MATTER what you think because you are not being FORCED to read this and I wrote it. I'll actually explain why it's NOT WRONG AT THE END OF THE CHAPTER! Okay? Now this is a prologue, muwahahahahahaha….enjoy!

This Story is rated M for Mature Audiences for extremely Sexual Situations, Mild Language, and some disturbing situations (Tee-hee)

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Step-Daddy To Hold Me



"Father! I am ten now! Why can't I stay up longer with Kikyou and Souta? It's not fair papa!" A little girl with wet black hair said while shaking her head.

"But Kagome, Kikyou is sixteen already…and Souta is a fine young man of fifteen! You still have a lot of growing up to do. And you only grow in your sleep! So if you go to bed early for a long time you will grow big and strong. Strong enough to stay up later! I promise!" A man with long black hair replied grinning, his eyes sparkling.

"Okay then papa! I believe you! But then could you please tell me a story before I got to bed?" The little girl said happily.

"Now which story would you like to hear Kagome-Chan!"

"The one about the dog demons! Please Daddy?"

"Oh okay…"

" Long ago, well it must be 30 years ago actually, your granddad on your mothers side fell in love with a human. His name was Inutaisho, and the human woman's name was Izayoi. At the time, Inutaisho was the great Dog Demon of the west. He was extremely strong and respected by all. Of course he was mated to Miyako at the time. But still, this did not deter the great Lord's affections for the human Princess.

Izayoi was a beautiful young woman at the time, a princess no less. Her hair was as long as night, and as black as it was. Her skin was paler then the moon. And her beauty was as ageless as the phases of the moon itself.

Upon a raid of the village Izayoi had by chance met Inutaisho who protected her from an on coming demon. Slowly, the two began to meet up with each other. It wasn't long before Inutaisho marked her as one of his mates.

Miyako, the mother of Sesshomaru-san, was heart broken. She soon grew ill and died of what people call a broken heart.

Soon after, Izayoi became the Lady of the West. Not too long afterwards Inutaisho's second son was born, Inu-Yasha. Inu-Yasha was a half demon who was spurned by his mothers side for his demon side, and spurned by his fathers side for being part human.

No one despised Inu-Yasha more then his older brother Sesshomaru. This was because Sesshomaru thought it Inu-Yasha's fault his mother died.

But alas, true love cannot last forever, as Inutaisho soon died at the hands of a formidable foe. Sesshomaru was enraged to find out that the lands had not been left to him, the eldest son, but his step-mother Izayoi the human.

A few years after Izayoi reined the lands she married a friendly Lord by the name of Kyo. Izayoi and Kyo were happy together, having borne a daughter by the name of Yume. –that's your mother Kagome!-

You know the rest don't you Kagome?"

"Oh yes father! Then the beautiful Yume inherited the kingdom when her parents died. Then she fell in love with a elegant and graceful Bat demon. They had three kids together, Kikyou, Souta, and Kagome. Kikyou and Souta were half demons, but Kagome was special…She was a full demon! One day Souta would inherit the Lands just as our mother before us!" Kagome recited from memory.

"Of course, I guess you should sleep now young lady?" The man said as he ruffled her hair and got up.

"Oh wait Papa!...Could you please tell me more about Sesshomaru-Sama? Oh please Papa?" Kagome pleaded, nearly willing tears into her eyes.

"Well, yes, then you must sleep! Your mother will have my head!"

Kagome giggled.

"Now, Sesshomaru-San, the eldest son of Inutaisho and the son of Miyako, was thought up as the strongest and handsomest of all the demons." The man started, he laughed as Kagome mouthed along with him eagerly. "He had golden eyes, the colour of the sun. His silvery tresses seemed to be dyed with the essence of the moon. He was even fairer then the purest white! But not only that, he was strong! The strongest in the land!"

"Of course!" Kagome reassured him.

The man laughed and cocked his head. "You really are my special little girl Kagome!"


"Mmm hmmm?"

"One day, I will mate with Sesshomaru and we will run these lands together, side by side!" Kagome said with such sureness in her voice, it nearly broke her fathers heart that she would never attain such a wish.

"Yes Kagome, one day, when you grow big. One day you will marry. But you will not run the lands, and you will not mate with Sesshomaru."

"But Papa! I promise you I will! He is still alive is he not?"

"Well, he is…but he is traveling! And no one knows of his location. He has seemed to have disappeared." He sighed.

"Whats wrong Papa?"

"Until now Sesshomaru has been changing locations haphazardly, and tracking him has become impossible."

"Why are you following him father?" Kagome asked cocking her head to the side.

"It's grown up business, just grownup business. Oyasumi Kagome-Chan! I'm leaving early this morning on business and will be back in a week."

Kagome smiled and nodded. "I'll wait for you Papa!"

…The next day, he left…and he never came back…


Okay if you understand it RIGHT, Kagome is about 10 and she is talking to her REAL FATHER….ohhh put two and two together and you realize that Kagome: A) obviously already knew about Sesshy before her mom and him shacked up. And B) Kagome even had a crush on Sesshy when she was 10….before she'd even met the man! So it makes it kinda better….I guess….sigh….give me your impute please?