Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! © Kazuki Takahashi
If you know of the web series called RedvsBlue, this will make a great deal of sense. If not, it's just pure crack anyway.

"It's an abomination."

"It's pink."

"It's the only one I have, Yuu-chan. If you had wanted another color, you shouldn't have waited until the day of your cooking class to ask me for an apron. I could have gone out and bought one."

"I am not letting you out of the house with that on our body."

"My body, other me, my body — Mom, you have to something else besides a pink apron! Doesn't Dad have a striped one he uses when he barbecues?"

"Mm, no. And isn't so much as pink. More…More of a lightish red."

"It has frills."

"I know — Mother, they have a color for that. It's called pink."

"It has sashes."

"I know!"


"Eh? Oh, oh, sorry, Mom. Talking to myself, but you have to have another color besides this! What about that blue one you were wearing the other day?"


"It's not here. Really, Yuu-chan, all the aprons I own are in this drawer, and as you can see, the only one I have is the red one."

"It's pink."

"It's pink, Mom! I cannot be seen in this! Jounouch-kun and Honda-kun, plus my entire class! They would all make fun of me!"

"I could make it so everyone goes blind for the day."

"I would be labeled as Mutou Yuugi, the boy who wore the pink apron to cooking class! What happens if the press catches me in this?"

"We could play a dark game with Udo-sensei. If we win, he'll have to cancel cooking class!"

"Gah, and Anzu…oh, what will she think when she sees me in this?"

"We'll see who can cook — whoa, whoa, wait. Anzu?"

"I'm sorry, Yuu-chan—"

"On second thought, I like sashes."

"It's pink."

"And I could deal with frills."

"It's pink."

"Yuu-chan, I know—"

"Aibou, my track record has it that I can look good in anything."

"It's pink!"

"Yuugi, I know! But, it's all I have, so you'll have to wear it!"

"Huh? Oh, wait, Mom, I wasn't talking to you! Wait, come…back…"

"I wouldn't call it pink anyway. Maybe a lightish red."

"…I hate you, the other me."