It's a quiet Monday morning at G-Major. Its no different from any other day. Tommy and Kwest sit in Studio A, mixing a beat for Jude's 3rd album, talking about last nights football game as they wait for her to arrive to start production on the album.

"Did you see that amazing pass at the end of the 4th quarter?" Kwest says enthusiastically to Tommy, who was sitting there drinking his coffee.

"Yeah! I couldn't believe the ref said it was off-sides. I replayed it on my tivo four times!".

The two were so into their shared hatred of the ref that they hadn't noticed Jude come in. Both guys were busy setting up and adjusting the soundboard. Jude, who had been drinking an iced latte, took a few pieces of ice out of the cup and quietly snuck up behind Tommy. She had to bite her lip to keep herself from laughing. Quickly, Jude slipped them down his shirt and jumped backwards and hid behind a file cabinet just in time before Tommy yelled.

"AHHH! It's cold!" Tommy screamed. Kwest had started to laugh when he realized Jude was in the room. "What are you laughing at?" he asked Kwest. Tommy heard a snicker coming from the door.

"Haha, very funny Jude." It went silent for about three seconds until Jude couldn't hold it in any longer. She started laughing so hard that she fell over from behind the file cabinet. Kwest and Jude shared their hard laughter while Tommy got the ice out of his shirt, and stifled a small chuckle.

"You should have seen your face, Quincy. Priceless!" Jude said after catching her breath. Her face was still red as she looked at Tommy.

"Harrison, you have a five second lead. Start running." Tommy said. Jude immediately knew what he was talking about. She grabbed her keys and took off out through the studio doors. Tommy counted to five. "Watch this", he said to Kwest with a smirk, and off he went to fetch Jude.

Jude heard the doors open behind her as Tommy yelled out that time was up. She ran out of G-Major and into the parking lot when she saw Tommy was starting to pick up his speed after her. Remembering she had her keys, she unlocked her car with the clicker and climbed in.

"Jude!" Tommy yelled at her as she closed the door and locked her car.