Title: The Many Mini-Misadventures of Stan and Spooky
Subject: Okage: Shadow King/Boku to Maoh
Genres: Romance/General
Sub-genres: Drama

Main Pairings: Stan/Spooky, Derrick/Spooky, one-sided Ari/Spooky, one-sided Ari/Marlene
Other Pairings: One-sided Linda/Epros, one-sided Linda/Big Bull

Summary: Spooky and Stan and co. work on Stan's big takeover.

Disclaimer: I do not own Okage: Shadow King/Boku to Maoh or any of its characters. The game and its characters are copyright Zener Work and their respective owners. Any OCs you encounter are mine along with the plot. Thank you.

A/N: Omg, continuationishness...

Spooky has too many pairings, but it makes things funner to write.

And that's what this is all about for me. :3

The Many Mini-Misadventures of Stan and Spooky

Plot One - The Next Big Thing

by Syrenia

Prologue - Let The Music Begin

The curtain rose, the introduction blaring through the speakers, "Ladies and gents, please welcome the first musical band to ever grace the land - The Crushing Devils!"

It had all started when Spooky went on a scheming kick and threw an idea at the Evil King and Derrick, another demon to whom she was affianced.

Remembering Linda, Stan agreed that her plot would be worth a shot.

Then it was up to the others.

Convincing Linda to be a back up singer was easy, but Epros was wary of the whole idea. The only reason he agreed to join was the annoying begging from the former Teen Idol Evil King.

And then it was Big Bull they had to persuade, which took a bit longer. He didn't want to leave his fitness club, but finally decided to join them when Linda begged the bull mercilessly.

Then it was on to Ari's house, the group soon assimilating him as well. He had joined quite easily, knowing Spooky would be with them.

After that, they were set, but an unexpected volunteer thwarted any attempt Stan had made to avoid him.

Derrick insisted he join in on the act instead of just watching, Spooky merrily agreeing, though Stan continued to grumble about it.

The two hated each other, but neither would back out.

Now, after a year and a half of learning to play their instruments - including many sleepless nights of sore fingers - they were all gathered at their first performance as a band, which hadn't been done in their world.

Amazingly, no one had ever thought of it.

But regardless of that, there were ulterior motives to this band's formation.

The idea was simple enough; Stan would use his power to hypnotize the crowd and the group would slowly gather the masses of the world under the Evil King's dictatorship.

Today was the first of their performances; phase one of their plan...