A/N: I now realize how ambiguous my ending really was, therefore I've decided to put a decent ending. This should make it less retarded. A little.

The Many Mini-Misadventures of Stan and Spooky

Plot Three - A Band Reunited

by Syrenia

Epilogue - Aftermath

Fast-forward three months and Stan was still effectively ruling the Shadowlands and the rest of his world, heroes a dying breed and monsters multiplying in population.

Ironically, the monster's population increasing only aided the human economy for the fact that more monsters equaled more to defeat and steal sukel from. The reason for why monsters carried currency was debatable, Kisling then tasked into research of the matter by town officials.

Hero's Clubs were also a thing of the past; Stan had decreed the establishments to be revamped and turned into Villain's Clubs. Thus resulted in an increase of humans with "villain" as their occupation, all of them pledging undying allegiance to Stan.

As by suggestion of Spooky, Stan then had various prison facilities built in which he would detain anyone who defied his laws. This development saw the birth of lawyers in the world, lawyers soon being classed as villains for their hard-nosed, money-grubbing ways. And this job boost proved beneficial for the humans and demons alike, making the lawyers rich and leading Stan to tax them, bringing currency into the Shadowlands.

Soon, Stan became rich from his taxation of the wealthy. He then decided that he and Spooky should have a base of operations in the world outside of the Shadowlands. Spooky chose the Sealed Cave and it was renovated in a large project which put money into the pockets of builders and architects.

As for Spooky, the newly titled Evil Queen, she was officially Stan's slave, mate, friend and girlfriend, and fiancée, the pair engaged to be wed on her choice date of Halloween.

Stan said it was the perfect date for a spooky little girl like her.

As for Ari, he was still friends with the Evil Queen, no longer acting on any deeper feelings he had for the demoness. In light of his acceptance, both the Great Hero Rosalyn and Evil Queen Spooky formed a truce begrudgingly and set to the task of putting the shy boy on the market, setting him up on dates.

Participants ranged from a spurned Linda, her affections refused by her beloved Eppy-chan, and a reluctant Julia who gave him another chance. However, Ari found that every time he visited the returned fortune tellers, they would read his love fortune as having the best chemistry with Spooky. Therefore, he turned down any further dating offers and decided to attempt to enjoy the single life until he was a bit older.

Linda and Epros eventually got into an on-again, off-again relationship. Big Bull was always there for the songstress every time they broke up. Eventually, Linda began to recognized the brawny bull and she gathered up her courage, leaving the phantom Epros to be with the muscular Big Bull. Even so, she continued her work in the circus along-side the unfazed phantom.

Later on, people were surprised to find that Annie, Ari's little sister, had grown out of her boy-crazed faze and began dating Epros. Ari was shocked, their parents questioning the relationship, but being told by Annie that she truly loved the ex-Evil King. Epros even assured her family that his intentions were good and he honestly had feelings for the girl, shocking as it may be.

As for Kisling, when he wasn't out researching monsters' habits of carrying sukel, he was working on a comprehensive guide to the world of ghosts. Most of the time, he was holed up in his home when he wasn't out actively researching.

Rosalyn? Well, she was a fugitive from Stan's law and general persecution, but Spooky took pity on the heroine and had Stan issue the humans orders to no longer chase her away or attempt to kill her. Spooky brokered a peace treaty of sorts between the Great Hero and villains everywhere, Rosalyn succumbing to the fact that the times, they were a-changin'. Essentially, she was granted amnesty that would last until she broke the terms issued in the peace treaty.

And as to the ex-princess Marlene, it was said that she found her once lost father, reuniting with him and then taking off to create a new world for unknown purposes. What they were doing was unknown to all, the entrance to that new world concealed.

But as Classification had been destroyed, the punch-line to a certain joke had been remembered...

Those who knew its ending rumored that nothing good would come of the ex-princess forming her own world.

And eventually, those would no longer be mere rumors...

But that's a story for another time.