Secrets and Shinobi

Due to a jutsu, developed accidentally by Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, men were able to bear children. Sasuke, in a secret love affair with Naruto, conceived two boys. After the boys were born, Naruto and Sasuke had to separate due to other responsibilities. Naruto got one boy and Sasuke took the other. 15 years later, their sons have grown up living like friends. They are on the same genin team; they stay at each other's houses. The even consider others fathers as their own. Naruto and Sasuke had kept Hikaru Uchiha's and Hisoka Uzumaki's real parentage a secret for 15 years. Now due to events beyond their control, Naruto and Sasuke's big secret is about to come out in a painful and most dangerous way. How will they cope?

Warnings: yaoi (m/m), mpreg (nothing to explicit), lots of OCs (not Mary Sues, or anything tragic), and that's all for now.

Pairings: Naruto/Sasuke, Lee/Gaara, Shika/Neji, Shino/Kiba, Ino/Sakura, TenTen/Hinata, Hana/ Temari, OC/OC


Neji- Hikaru, Mikoto, Hisoka

Shino-Jaden, Yuki, Shikane

Sakura-Setsuna, Orihime, Kotaru

Sasuke (an older year from the others)-Akira, Mika, Ichigo.

You will find out whose kid is whose in the story.