"Ugh… that had to be one of the most tiring days of my life." Hikaru moaned. "Neji-sensei is ruthless."

"Whatever. You guys are weak," Mikoto said as they all walked home. She was referring to the occurrence at the training grounds earlier that day.

"What do you mean 'weak'? Neji-sensei just comes out of nowhere and starts attacking us with high level justu and some cool as hell Taijutsu and he has the nerve to say that we should be 'so much stronger at this point'." Hisoka scowled at the thought. "I heard he almost killed Hinata Hyuuga during his match with her in his first try at the Chuunin exam and that Naruto kicked his ass so bad when they fought. And Naruto was the dead last then too.

"So, when you really think about it, I don't want to be at the same level he was at this stage."

"And then he had to embarrass me by saying ' Sasuke sucked back then too, so you should shouldn't feel too bad, it's probably hereditary'! Do you not see the cruelty of that?!"

Hisoka spoke up, " He dissed me also. I didn't get embarrassed."

"That's because you're shameless!" Hikaru retorted. Hisoka just looked away and walked faster.

"Please," Mikoto jumped in. " I say the only bad thing that happened was the fact that Neji insulted you. I mean, he knows you all your weaknesses!"

"That's what I'm talking about! Hisoka, back me up here."

"Whatever. I have to get home. Plus Dad wants me to pick up some ramen for dinner," Said Hisoka.

Mikoto smiled at him and bid him farewell while Hikaru just smiled at him and waved.

As soon as Hisoka was out of sigh, his grin dropped and he scowled. Mikoto noticed and questioned, "What's wrong?"

"There's something wrong with Hisoka," he answered. Mikoto's eyebrows rose.

"What makes you say that? I don't see anything different with him. Other than what you pointed out yesterday." She said sarcastically, looking at the path Hisoka just took.

"Well, earlier during training today, he kept flinching, and then moving really fast. It's that weirdest thing. Like when Dad was about to use that lame-ass justu on him, he flinched and covered his eyes. After that though, when Dad tried to get him again, he suddenly evaded him, like he knew what was gonna happen." Hikaru explained. "There's something wrong with his eyes, I'm sure of it." Mikoto mulled over it as they continued to walk.

"Well, lets see. You know that we'll stop having team meetings soon so we can train for the Chuunin exams with a one on one instructor. If we don't figure out what's wrong with him by then, then we'll leave it up for his Jounin instructor." Mikoto sighed. "By the way, who's training you?"


"Really? Mom told me not to spend too much time with him. Said something about him being a pervert. But she did give me permission to baby-sit cute little Kimori-Chan. He is just the most precious little thing. Too bad he is related to Kakashi. Any ways, Mama is training me. She was disappointed that I ended up with you guys. She doesn't really trust your Dad. Every time I ask her about it, she gets really angry and sends me up to my room, mumbling something about a traitor and a skank whore. It's actually really funny. Anyways, with Kakashi as your teacher, he's going to go hard on you. Mom says he is a really tough teacher and likes to teach through experience. He's probably gonna through you off a cliff of something, or take you on a B ranked mission that will probably get you killed. I wish you luck."

"I wish you'd shut up. I've already talked to Kakashi. He said I was close to Chuunin level anyways. I just need to work on my speed.

"Hisoka! Come in here real quick!"

Hisoka looked up from the book he had been reading about the History of Suna. To go see what his dad, Naruto, wanted.

As he walked into the room, he was picked up from behind and placed on broad shoulders. He sighed as looked down at a head full of blonde hair.

"Dad… I'm too old for this."

Naruto just smiled up at him and walked in front of one of the full-length mirrors that adorned to room. "I realized something Hisoka."

Hisoka leaned down at him, a curious expression on his face. "Hn?"

"I realize… that I have neglected you."

"No you haven't. You give me everything and anything I want or need. I don't see-"

"Of course you don't see it. Most people can never see the truly good or bad things about themselves. Now, before you protest to that, look in the mirror and tell me what you see." Naruto said somewhat sadly to his son.

Hisoka looked up at the mirror and explained what he saw to his Father. "I see me on your shoulders." He looked at his father throught the mirror. "What Am I supposed to looking at?" Naruto just sighed and picked him up from his shoulders and set him on the ground in front of him. Naruto was a full head and shoulders above him.

"You have to look underneath the underneath. Look, this is what I see. I see an under trained Genin, who most likely won't survive the Chuunin exam. I see someone who is not confident enough in what abilities he does have. I see potential that doesn't care to be tapped. I see… the Rokudaime's Son." Naruto said, hoping it would work to motivate his son.

To his surprise, when he looked down at his son, he saw tears leaking out of his eyes. To see his fifteen year old son, who was so stubborn, when he skinned his knee when he was eight, he wouldn't let anyone put any antiseptics on it because he insisted it would hurt more and then snuck the bottle into his room to treat himself; who was covered in baggy Shinobi clothing; who loved everyone; to see him crying, while vainly trying to hold his tears back, was more than enough to move Naruto.

He turned and squatted down in front of Hisoka, grabbing his shoulders. "I have decided that you will get special training." At this Hisoka looked up at his Father hopefully. "But not from me. I can't train you. You need the next six months for rigorous training in all fields and I just don't have the time. Forgive me Saiai, but I will have to leave your training to those of this village I trust most."

"Okay, Dad."

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