The Perfect Date
By Amphitrite

During the meal, they had a great time. Lighting prompted Doc to tell him any stories he had to tell, and Doc complied, happy to have someone to share his experiences with.

"Thank you for the meal," Doc said, after Lightning had insisted on paying the bill. "And you made a wise choice in the restaurant, too. Sally's really worked her magic here."

"Why thank you, Doc!" Sally burst in suddenly, smiling. "Lightning deserves the credit, though. He really planned this stuff out, fighting tooth and nail for some of the arrangements. In the end, he won, of course." She rolled her eyes. "Hey Stickers, why don't you tell Doc what we argued over?"

Lightning flushed, his hood turning an even darker shade of red. He mumbled something incoherent under his breath that sounded remotely like, "I wish my ex-girlfriend wasn't such a bitch."

Sally narrowed her eyes at the red racecar. "What did you just say?"

Lightning gave her his most angelic face. "Umm, I wish my enemy Chick Hicks would fall into a ditch?"

Doc chuckled. "Spit it out, boy."

Lightning glanced at him and turned a shade darker. "Sally wanted to make it a romantic candlelight dinner, but I said I wanted to keep all the lights on so that I could look at you."

Doc was touched, but he had to laugh.

"Oh-ho-ho! Who knew that Radiator Springs's very own racecar star was nothing but a hopeless romantic?"

Sally laughed. "That's what I said. Then I got dumped for a car twice my age." She shot a grin at Doc to let him know that she was kidding.

Lightning nodded solemnly. "That's me, Lightning McQueen, player extraordinaire. I'm sorry, Doc. What we had was great, but I think we should move onto bigger, better, older things. I should have been more honest with you. I'm in love with Lizzie." There was a moment of silence before all three burst out in laughter.

Lightning peeked at Doc out of the corner of his eye. The sight of the older car so relaxed and happy warmed him from hood to spoiler. The smile upon his face grew bigger. He wanted to make Doc laugh like that all the time.

He knew then, that he had made the right decision—in breaking up with Sally, in telling Mater and everybody else, in going through the trouble of gathering advice from everybody, in asking Doc despite his doubts and fears…

Because it really was going to be worth it.

Doc would make it worth it.

"What are we doing here, hot shot?"

Lighting had led them to a high ridge that overlooked some beautiful rock formations. The new neon lights of Radiator Springs could be seen in the distance. The stars in the skies glittered above them.

"We, Doc, are going to watch the stars." He flashed a grin at his date. Doc shook his front end, chuckling. He nuzzled Lightning, closing his eyes and relishing in the warmth of being so close to someone. He felt like the luckiest car in the world, being pampered by someone so sweet, thoughtful, and attractive. Three weeks ago—the week Lightning had first arrived in Radiator Springs—if someone had told him that he would be here now, on a date with a secretly romantic Lightning McQueen, watching the stars for Chrysler's sake, he would've accused them of being a complete lunatic who needed to get his engine checked. But now that he was here (and Lightning was looking at him like that… Like he was something special…), he couldn't think of anywhere he'd rather be. Somehow, here, at Lightning's side, he felt more at home than he had ever felt anywhere else.

Thank you, he thought, sending a prayer of thanks to whatever deity above that had sent him such a wonderful gift.

"Hey, Lightning."

Lightning looked over at Doc, a questioning expression on his face. His heart thumped as he realized that it was the first time Doc had ever called him by his name.



Lightning frowned at him, confused. "What about him?"

Doc chuckled quietly, shaking his front end. "No, no. Red. That's my favorite color."

Lightning was confused about the randomness of Doc's sudden revelation until he remembered what he had said when he had asked him out. A content smile rose to his face, and he boldly planted a kiss on the other's fender before settling down to watching the stars.


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