Second Opinions

Chapter 19: Wrapping Up

Cameron woke up to House shifting in bed. She glanced at the clock with sleep filled eyes. It wasn't even 5 am. He must be in pain.

She heard him hiss a sigh as he turned over. Silently, she slipped out of bed, her modesty no longer an issue, and found his pants. She pulled out the pill bottle, strode to his side of the bed and wordlessly handed him his pills.

He dry swallowed them and rolled back over. "Now if only I could get you to give me my pills naked all the timeā€¦" He muttered, pulling the covers back as she slipped into bed.

"In your dreams." She replied easily as she pulled covers over her naked body.

He grabbed ahold of one of her legs and hauled it over his midsection, letting her feel just how, um, 'grateful' he was.

"Every night." He shot back, releasing her leg, which she left laying loosely over his good leg. No more words were spoken and soon they were both drifting back to sleep.

He woke before she did. He hadn't planned it that way but turns out, watching a naked woman sleep had its advantages.

He slowly slipped out of bed, his leg not killing him so much due to his 3 AM dosage. He turned to watch her. She was on her back now, her breathing deep and even, her chest rising and falling softly. Her hair was every which way. Sex with me looks good on her.

He glanced at the clock, he had to wake her if they were going to catch their flight.

He leaned over and pulled her hair back from her face. "Allison." He called, trying hard to make it sound kind rather than demanding.

She stirred and opened her eyes. He braced himself for the sunny, chipper attitude he was sure she was going to wake up with after a night with him.

Instead she blinked a few times and yawned. Then she raised her hands above her head, the tops of her breasts exposed slightly as she did so. He watched her moves intently, like a cougar stalking its prey.

He turned his attention to grabbing his stuff off the floor, feeling like he shouldn't stare so much. He glanced up at just the right moment as she threw back the covers and slipped out of bed. Completely naked, she strode right by him to the shower. His jaw dropped at the sight of her naked body in the bright sunlight. He heard the door click and the shower come on.

"There is a god." He muttered to himself as he pulled on his pants and slipped out of the room.

Luckily for him, Chase and Foreman were still out cold. He managed to sneak into his own suite and made it to the bathroom.

An hour later, everyone except Cameron was in the living room. House and Wilson were both showered and ready to go. Foreman was on the phone with the hospital, confirming Clark's conditions were improving and Chase was online checking them all in for the flight home.

Cameron emerged from her room a moment later, pulling her luggage behind her. So far, Wilson was the only one who knew House hadn't slept in his bed and one deadly look from House before they'd left the suite had zipped Wilson's lips.

House let his eyes quickly travel the length of her body. Faded jeans, tight black long sleeve top, black and white Converse and a black Yankees cap completed her look, her long brown hair cascading down her back.

"Morning everyone." She said through a yawn, stepping into the kitchen to order up breakfast.

By 9 am they were all pre-boarding, once again thanks to House's leg.

House situated himself in the aisle seat same as he did last time. Wilson walked up behind him a moment later. "Izzie's catching a flight out next week." He told House as he went to sit next to him but House slapped his cane down over it.

"Saved." He informed Wilson.

The blonde man rolled his eyes and nodded, taking the seat in front of him. Cameron came up next and saw House's cane laying over the seat next to him. Not that she'd expected to sit next to him, she knew he used that seat for all his stuff. She was about to sit down one row ahead of him, next to Wilson but felt a poke in her side. It was House's cane.

"What are you doing?" He asked, as if she'd just pulled a gun out of her purse.

"Sitting down." She replied slowly, as if speaking to a child.

"Up there?" He questioned, his look intentionally confused.

"Where else am I going to sit?" She returned, her eyebrows raised in question.

Wilson said nothing. He knew what House was doing. And he knew when to keep quiet.

She watched as he lifted his cane from the seat next to his. "You can sit here. I need someone to hold my stuff." He told her tartly.

She kept her expression neutral and rolled her eyes skyward. She sighed and grabbed her stuff and sitting down next to him. He handed her his gameboy and kept his iPod, slipping the buds in his ears.

"Waitress!" He called out, waving at the flight attendants in the front of the plane with his right hand.

And he took her hand in his left and squeezed.