It's been almost a year since we left for college, and we're all coming home for the summer. Now, I know you're wondering who "we" are. We are the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. You may have heard about us, if you have, you can go ahead and skip ahead a little bit.

There are four girls, each completely different from the others that composes us. We were all born around the beginning of September, big deal, right? Well, yeah. You see, our common due date is what united our mothers, who spent the summer prior to our births taking a prenatal aerobics class. Embarrassing, perhaps, but it was the 80's. They deserve some slack. I mean, we did do the Macarena back in 1997. Anyway, while most of the mothers were due in winter, our mothers were given a break in fear of overstressing themselves. They bonded during this sweaty summer, and after we were all born, all the new mothers used their group to collectively raise us.

More specifically us is Lena, Carmen, Tibby, and me, Bridget. Though when we were raised, my twin brother Perry was part of the mix, though that quickly ended. After a few years things changed and our mothers grew apart. They adapted different things and lifestyles, though our bond as daughters strengthened. After many summers (by which the years of our lives are marked, mainly because school is boring and summer is not) we grew up into separate girls, though it seemed together, we were one whole person.

You see, I am the athlete. I am daring and bold and can run for miles. Nothing will stop me. Unfortunately, this has gotten me into trouble a few times. Luckily we have Lena. She is cautious, caring, and deep. She sees and understands things no one else does. She sympathizes and nurtures us when neccessary. Carmen is sassy and passionate. She does as she feels, for example, if she is angry, she'll do something about it. Tibby is rebellious and tentative. It takes a while for her to register things, though her grades don't suck, if you get what I mean.

After a year apart in 4 completely different environments, we've changed. Carmen went up to Boston with her beau, Win. Tibby went to New York to study filmmaking. Lena and I went to Rhode Island. Her to Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) to paint, and I went to Brown to continue my soccer career.

We all come home at separate times, except for Lena and me, but we'll be meeting the others when we do. Thanks to a rule established during spring break, we will not be officially kicking off our summer as custom dictates. It doesn't feel right to have our ceremony smelling like other people, not to mention us having really bad travel hair. However, what makes this summer different from those past, we're all staying home this summer.