As the Stars Sparkle

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It was a quiet night the stars sparkled brightly in the looking as if diamonds had been placed in the black of space. Shinji walked down one of the many deserted streets of Tokyo-3 with no particular destination in mind. Everything in his life had changed so quickly and he had no idea how to deal with it, his friends were leaving him one by one leaving him with nothing but the pain in his heart. The wind lightly ruffled his hair as it passed giving him slight comfort in the fact that he was indeed alive and that this was not just some awful nightmare.

Shinji slowly made his way toward the apartment he shared with his beautiful roommate Misato Katsuragi. The thought of her brought a small frown to his face.

Thinking back on all the experience's he had with Misato he couldn't help but feel sad. In the wake of recent events the vivacious woman's spirit had slowly started to fade. Shinji thought had something to do with Mr. Kaji's recent absence, but he really didn't want to ask Misato about it.

What Shinji really wanted was to see her smile again; everything seemed to be less stressful when she was smiling.

"I wonder if she'll ever smile again?" Shinji thought to himself.

Of course she still smiled on occasion, but he could see the emptiness in it. He could tell that each time it was forced and barely there at all, and when she did smile, it never lasted long.

With out knowing how much time had elapsed Shinji found himself in from of the giant apartment complex that he called home.

Making his way to the elevator he couldn't help but think about how pretty Misato's smile was. He knew he had feelings for her that reached far beyond the line of ward and guardian. Living with her for so long he had gotten used to her weird habits and unbecoming behavior. More then that actually he had come to love them because he knew that was a side of herself that she didn't show to anyone else. She had shown him more kindness than any other person since his mother died.

The bell on the elevator chimed signaling that he had reached his desired floor. Steeping out, he began the short track down the hall to the apartment.

Reaching the door he slid his key through the reader to allow him access. As soon as he was inside he took off his shoes as quietly as possible not wanting to wake the other resident who was bound to be in a drunken slumber by now. When he entered the kitchen his assumption was proven true as he saw the beautiful guardian sleeping soundly with her head resting on the table top, and a stack of beer cans surrounding her. As if she could sense that someone was staring at her Misato began to stir. Not wanting to get caught looking at her Shinji quickly walked into the living room and flipped on the T.V. and found a comfy spot on the couch.

Misato opened her eyes groggily and looked around; she could have sworn she saw someone standing in the kitchen maybe all that beer was getting to her. Getting up from her chair she gave a loud yawn as she scratched her stomach. Since it was still somewhat early why not a little T.V. Misato thought to her self, walking out to the living room she failed to notice that the T.V. was already on. Without looking Misato plopped down on the couch, right on to a very frightened Shinji.

Lying on the couch Shinji had nothing to do but ponder life and how much his sucked. His ponderings though were cut short when the object of his affection walked into the living room. He could tell that she was half asleep but that didn't put him any more at ease. Realizing that Misato was walking right towards him Shinji began to panic. Before he could move or even say anything Misato dropped like a rock right onto his stomach knocking the air out of his lungs. There are experiences in a boys life that teach him what it's like to be a man, and this was one of them. Fighting to stay still as not wake Misato up more than she already was Shinji did his best to stay calm.

Misato stretched out on the couch trying to find a comfortable position in which to sleep. Finally rolling over onto her stomach she quickly slipped into a peaceful abyss.

The rest of the night, to say the least did not go well for the young Ikari. The whole night was spent trying to stay as still as possible and get at least an ounce of sleep because he was really going to need the energy in the morning.

Morning came all to fast in Shinji's mind. And with said morning came the waking of one purple haired beauty.

Misato's eyes slowly opened and she was greeted by the sight of a very tired looking Shinji with bloodshot eyes. Yawning loudly Misato's mind still didn't comprehend the fact that her 15 year old charge was lying underneath of her with a very frightened yet tired look on his face.

Getting up off of the couch Misato stretched and scratched her stomach as she walked toward the bathroom to get her morning shower, leaving a very surprised Shinji in her wake.

Shinji to his merit did not pass out from lack of sleep, but managed to crawl his was to his bed and lay down. Many thoughts ran through the young mans head as he stared at the ceiling that was all too familiar to him now. Though the night previous was incredibly uncomfortable, it was also enlightening. Watching Misato as she slept was an enjoyable experience, hearing her talk in her sleep and the little faces she made as she dreamed, brought a smile to his face. With thoughts of Misato in his brain Shinji quickly fell asleep.

Misato scratched her head as she stared at the couch in front of her.

"Did I dream that or did it really happen?" Misato pondered to herself.

Deciding to leave the matter alone she walked to the kitchen for her traditional morning beer.

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